Just a random short story I made beforeee. (Yay because it got a high grade :)))

“Where am I, what is this place, why am I here, have I done something wrong?” Those were the questions that swirled around your head. You stood up and started walking around, observing the gray, empty and lifeless room. You found a door and opened it. As you were going into the next room, you saw a sign that said “DANGER.” And beside the sign was another door. You didn't want to open the door, but you don’t know where you were and you have absolutely no idea how you got here. You walked back into the first room and sat on the floor. You couldn't find any way to get out of the place. After a while of thinking, you suddenly hear a voice yelling. You ran to follow the noise, and it led to the door with the danger sign beside it. You wanted to know where the scream came from, and if there was any way to get out of this place, so you carefully twist the door knob with your sweaty hands. You took a small peek at the room. It looked the same as the other rooms. Grey, empty and lifeless, you were afraid for the dangers that could happen, but at the same time you were thinking, “Why not?” After a while, you decided to just go into the next room. This room was black, and at the corner of the room there was an old book. You approach the book and open it. The book’s writing was not in English, nor in any language you were familiar with. You flipped the old and wrinkled pages of the small book. Every page contained a different language, but none of them were in English. You closed the book and returned it to where you found it and walked around the enormous room. Walking, you stepped on an old wooden plank. You lifted the plank and found a big hole on the ground,. You took a closer look and found a ladder going down. It looked dark and deep, but you had to give it a try. Slowly, you climb down the ladder. When you got to the bottom, you felt water. You ignored the water and started walking to wherever direction you thought of. After miles of walking, you started to feel dizzy. You tried to keep walking, but you fell down on the damp and rough cement. You were struggling to get up, but couldn't. A dark figure was approaching you, you wanted to get up and run away, or at least crawl away, but it was too late. The dark figure was already bending down, coming closer, and closer to you. Your sight turned pitch black, your whole body looked numb. The only thing you knew right now is that its over, there’s no more escape. You gained consciousness again, you were exhausted, your face was sweaty and red, but you didn’t get any injuries. You looked around and slowly discovered that you’re back in that same room again. You immediately stood up and walked towards the door and rushed to the next door. When you finally got into the third room, you were shocked to see that the room was no longer black, it was now in a shade of crimson red, a fully furnished room, complete with a dining table and seats. The wooden plank was still in the same place, and you also found a door near the edge of the dining table. You cautiously approach the door and slowly turn the knob. You take a peek into the room and see a masked man. The man saw you and you ran back as fast as you could. You went to the first room, but the masked man was inside the first room, you turn back to get back to the other room, but it was too late, he was right in front of you.