August 1, 2020

10:00 AM


They all went out of the plane, carrying their things.


"So where will we all stay and where are we?" Zoe asks.


"Don't worry about where we're going to stay, I've got that covered. Anyway, we're in Capitol. The place's name is literally Capitol. It's an artificial island made just to replicate the Hunger Games. My friend owns this island." Blake replies.


"Heyo! Blake, Angeliz! Long time no see." Someone shouts and approaches them. He beams at them and looks around.


"Great to see you too, Mademoiselle." He says.


"MADEMOISELLE?! WHO ARE YOU REFERRING TO!?" Mij says and laughs her ass off.


"He's referring to Arissa." Angeliz says casually.


"How can you say that so normally?" Zoe says and giggles.


"Well, Arissa here is kind of looked at as an elegant and charming person here, so all the guys end up calling her by that." Blake replies.


"Well, anyway I won't steal her if she's with anyone." The man says and coughs.


"I'm not with anyone, but that doesn't mean I'll automatically like you." Arissa replies in a snobbish way while flipping her hair.


"Hm? You're not with him any-"The man pauses and stares at Arissa.


"I can explain everything later." Angeliz says.


"Anyway, that guy right there is the owner of this place, my friend Jason." Blake says.

Then, Blake started to introduce Jason to everyone.


"Okay, so I'll lead you guys to mansion, you all can stay there." Jason says and starts signaling everyone to follow him. They all follow. A few minutes later, they arrive at Jason's mansion. Jason gives all of them a small guidebook about the place and about the hunger games. "Each room here can fit two people, each room has a bathroom, TV, bed, kitchen and fridge. Like a small condo. Anyway, at 3pm meet me at the ground floor, so I can teach you guys how to fight and survive, and then test how well you would survive. The next day will be the games. Don't worry though, only you guys will play in the field, no outsiders will join your game." Jason says.


"Anyway, the partners in the plane will be the partners in the rooms and in te games so we won't have a hard time." Angeliz says.


"So, I'll lead you all to your rooms. Blake and Angeliz, just guide your partners to the rooms, here's the keycards." Jason says and tosses the keycards to them. He leaves and leads the others to their rooms.


"See you both later." Angeliz says and leaves with Arissa.


"Let's go." Blake says looking at Bianca with a smile. She smiles back and he leads her to their room.

They finally arrive at their room.

"It's big." Bianca says.


"That's what she said." Blake replies and chuckles.


"What?" Bianca asks, confused.


"N-nothing, let's fix our stuff and get some rest, we have a lot to do later." Blake says and walks in the room to fix his things. He later goes in the bathroom to change his clothes. Bianca starts fixing her things as well, and sees a camera near Blake's bag. "What's in here?" Bianca says and wonders. She sits on the bed, turns it on and sees a few pictures of herself, a few pictures of some of Blake's friends or maybe family, and then a lot of pictures of Blake wearing different clothes. "Is he a model?" Bianca mumbles in curiosity. Blake comes out of the bathroom and sees Bianca holding the camera.


(POV: Bianca)


What was I going to say? I'm so screwed. I turn my back to see Blake, and when I finally saw him, I turned red. He simply wore jeans and a sleeveless white shirt, but he looked really good in it. Now, he really looked like a model. "It's alright, really. I don't really care if you saw my pictures. Now you know." Blake says.


"Huh? What?" I say confused, I was too busy thinking about what he was wearing to listen to him.

He smiles at me, walks toward me and takes the camera from me. "You see, the only reason why I moved back to the Philippines with Angeliz was because I had no other family left, so I moved there, but pilots had really low pay. So I have this friend, she told me to be a model for the time being. It had really high pay, but I really didn't like to model. I look really awkward in these pictures, don't I?" He says.

Awkward? He looks like a freaking prince charming to me. I thought to myself. "I don't think so." I say to him. He smiles and says, "That's what they all say. But, if you say so. Then I'll believe it." I can't believe he trusts me so much. I felt happy to know that. I take a good look at him again. He's so muscular; I never noticed that until now. But, Angeliz is stronger than him. Does she have a hidden six pack or something? I thought to myself and let out a giggle."Why are you laughing? Do I look funny in this?" Blake asks.


"No I just thought of something."


"Alright, I won't ask. But you should change clothes already."


I nod, get a new change of clothes and go in the bathroom.


(POV: Maxine)


"Jason's a really nice guy." I say.


"Yeah. Well, anyway I'm going to get some sleep. You should too." Nathan says, walks towards me and drags me to the bed. He pushes me so I lie down. He walks closer to the bed and lies down as well. He didn't have to do that.


"Why?" I ask.


"Just so you could get some sleep.  I know how stubborn you are." He says. Suddenly, he grabs me from behind, pulls me close to him, hugs me and whispers in my ear. "Let's get married after this."


"Finally." I say, turn around and I kiss his lips.