August 1, 2020



"AHH!" Zoe screams. "What the hell was that?" Nathan says while approaching Zoe. "Oh, sorry. I accidentally broke the glass." She replies. "I can help you clean up." Nathan says and starts helping out. "Guys, it's time to eat breakfast." Blake says over the plane's microphone. Nathan stands up and throws away the pieces of shattered glass. He offers his hand to Zoe. He grins and says, "Stand up and let's go!"


(POV: Zoe)


Why is my heart beating rapidly? Damn. I do NOT like him. I am over him, besides I like someone else now. Also, Nathan's with Max, I'm supposed to be supporting them, right? Ugh, stop thinking of fantasies, Zoe. This is the real world, he won't fall for me, and I will NOT fall for him. He's weak, ugly. He was my worst enemy, but he was also my best friend…






"Hey, Zoe!"


"Wha..!? What?!" I mumble.


"You zoned out for a while there. You okay?" Nathan asks with a concerned face.


"Yeah, I'm alright." I say while trying to stand up. I felt shaky and weak.


"Need help?" Nathan asks and offers his hand.


"I know how to stand up, you know." I say in an annoyed tone.


"Alright then. Later." Nathan says and walks away.


I finally got back to my senses. What the hell was I thinking?! I finally stood up and I started walking to the dining area. I took a look around the jet. This jet seems like a house, it has everything, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, dining room. Everything a house needs. How much did this thing cost? I wondered. I got to the dining area and I took a seat. Bianca sat right next to me. We all started eating.


(No POV)


"Pass the waffles please." Mij says.


"Pass the maple syrup." Jamie shouts.


"Tastes great, who made these waffles?" Maxine asks.


"I did." Blake says.


"You should be my chef." Mij says jokingly.


They all ate happily. The day seemed perfect for all of them.


"Remember the time when Zoe and Bianca looked alike?" Angeliz says.


"Yeah. What happened to them?" Maxine asks.


"Oh, so Zoe was once pretty? Interesting." Blake says and chuckles.


Zoe throws her waffle at Blake but misses. Bianca immediately starts to settle them down.


"Good job, mom." Jamie says and laughs.


Bianca punches Jamie's shoulder.


"On a serious note, what happened to them? Why don't they look alike?" Blake asks.


"Well, when they graduated high school, Bianca was given a scholarship at a literary arts university near a beach, so I guess she enjoyed herself so much that her skin got darker. While Zoe was given a scholarship at a very rich university in the US. Eventually, she got her hair curled and colored to fit in." Angeliz answers.


"You're a stalker." Zoe says and laughs.


"Well, at least I got my guess right, because when both of you guys told me about that, I could already guess what was going to happen next." Angeliz says.


"And this is why you are a great help to Nikki's case, Angeliz the stalker." Mij replies and giggles.


"Yeah, yeah very funny." Angeliz says and steps on Mij's foot.


"OUCH, MY FOOT!" Mij yells in pain.


"Hey guys, we're going to land in a few minutes. Clean the place up and pack the leftovers so that they won't fall or spill. Also, fasten your seatbelts." Arissa says.


"Alright." Zoe, Nathan, Max, and Jamie say in unison.