July 31, 2020

6:00 AM


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Maxine shouts at Angeliz's ear while she was sleeping. Angeliz falls off her bed and once she got up she slaps Maxine's face.


"Why the hell are you here?" Angeliz asks.


"To greet you, what else?" Maxine says.


"How'd you get here so early?"


"Got up early, got Nathan to bring me here."


"You'd even bother Nathan for this? The fudge man."


"He was the one who woke me up."




"Yeah, he was like, Max get up! It's your best friend's birthday!"


"Well, thanks I guess."


After that, Angeliz walks toward the exit of the room, until…




"PIECE OF SHIT!" Angeliz shouts.


"Hey, happy birthday." Zoe says in a softer tone and smiles.


"Yeah, great way to greet me." Angeliz replies.


"I can't believe you didn't even bother fixing yourself. You're still in pajamas and your hair is a mess." Zoe replies.


"Hey guys, breakfast ready." Blake says.


"Alright." Angeliz says and walks toward the dining room.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Bianca, Zoe, Maxine, Patricia, Mij, Arissa, Jamie, Nathan and Blake shout.


"Yeah, thanks. Can we eat now?" Angeliz says and sits down.


"Why the hell are you thinking about food? We have other things to do today." Zoe says and laughs.


"Dude, it's not often Blake cooks." Angeliz replies.


"What's so special about that?" Maxine asks.


"His cooking is freaking great." Angeliz replies.


"I'll be the judge of that." Zoe says, sits down and takes a bite of bacon. She chews her food and finally swallows.




"See, it does taste awesome."Angeliz replies.




"Sad, you just ate the bacon, it's all gone now. What a sad world."


Everyone then sits down and eats breakfast.


"So, how the hell did Blake learn how to cook this well?" Zoe asks.


"He took the course for it, and then he stopped because he wanted to become a pilot instead." Angeliz replies.


"You're dumb, Blake." Zoe says.


"What? I found cooking quite repetitive, I wanted something different." Blake replies.


"So, what do we do today? After all its Angeliz's birthday." Arissa says.


"Lazer tag?" Jamie suggests.


"Dude, I think we're too old for that." Maxine replies.


Jamie frowns and continues eating.


"I honestly don't care on what you guys plan today. Just choose something to do and go." Angeliz says.


"Hunger Games?" Blake suggests.


"What's that?" Bianca, Jamie, Mij, and Zoe ask in unison.


"Oh, it's like a friendly game where the goal is to "kill" each other. If you're armor loses health, you ‘die.’ It's like lazer tag but with a bigger play area and it won't be dark, unless you go at night." Blake says.


"Oh yeah, I won that versus your team." Angeliz says.


"Yeah, and Arissa was beast. She killed me." Nathan says.


"ARISSA?!" Mij shouts.


"Yeah, she's pretty badass." Nathan says and laughs.


"Since when would she even try to play such game?" Mij asks.


"We talked her into it. It was me versus Maxine and Nathan versus Blake and Arissa." Angeliz says.


"Why not have boys versus girls?" Bianca asks.


"Well that's becau-" Angeliz interrupts Nathan.


"We wanted to make the teams even." Angeliz says.


"That hurts." Blake says jokingly.


"What was Nathan supposed to say?" Bianca asks.


Arissa and Angeliz gave him a "DON'T SAY ANYTHING." Stare.


"T'was nothing, nothing important." Nathan says.


"What the hell are you guys waiting for? Let's go! I wanna try the Hunger Games." Zoe says.


"Alright, fine. But we can't get there. We'll need a plane." Blake says.


"We can." Arissa says.


"Yeah, she has a jet." Angeliz says.


"Since when did you get as rich as shit?" Blake asks jokingly.


"I use it for business trips, but my pilot is on vacation. You can pilot it." Arissa replies.


"Alright." Blake replies.


"Well, what are you waiting for? Get in the car, and let's go!" Angeliz shouts.


Everyone gets in the car and they drive off to Arissa's mansion. Once they arrived, everyone's eyes widened. Arissa's mansion was huge. They all get out of the car and Arissa guides them into her mansion and shows them her private jet. "Woah." They say in unison. "What are you guys waiting for? Get in." Arissa says. One by one they get in the plane.


"I may need a co-pilot." Blake says.


"Arissa, you partially took the course for pilots, right?" Maxine asks.


"Yeah." Arissa answers.


"Great, you can help me." Blake says and smiles.


Arissa walks over to sit on the co-pilot's seat beside Blake.


"Well, I guess we're ready for take-off." Blake says.


The plane engines start. Everyone started to buckle their seatbelts. After a while, they finally take-off.

"Just so you guys know, there are bedrooms here; it's near the back of the plane, food's in the bedrooms as well. Oh right, one room can fit two people, so find a partner." Arissa says.


"Okay." Everyone says in unison.


"So, Jamie with Zoe, Blake with Bianca, Nathan with Max, Mij with Pat, and Me and Arissa." Angeliz says.


"Since when did you decide our partners? I DO NOT trust Blake with Bianca." Zoe says.


"Oh come on, you can trust him. They're in a relationship for a reason." Angeliz says.


"Fine, but if your cousin dares to do ANYTHING dumb." Zoe says.


"Oh yeah, Blake there's an auto-pilot button that works for eight hours, you can use that when you're tired." Arissa says.


"How about you?" Blake asks.


"There are two buttons, one for pilot and the other for co-pilot." Arissa replies.


"Oh, I see. At least we'll get some sleep." Blake replies and smiles.


"Hm, is that jealously I see?" Angeliz says while observing Bianca's face.


"O-of course not!" Bianca says while her face turns red.


"Aw, how sweet." Maxine says and holds Nathan's hand.


"Yeah. She really likes you, Blake." Nathan agrees with Maxine and smiles.


"I must be lucky." Blake says and smiles at Bianca.


"Hey, you alright Bianca?" Angeliz asks. "You look sick."


Bianca punches Angeliz's shoulder and goes into one of the bedrooms.


"You really make her happy." Zoe says and smiles.


"Duh, we're her friends." Maxine says and laughs.


"No, I was talking to Blake." Zoe answers.


"So, do you finally accept me as Bianca's boyfriend?" Blake asks.


"Yeah, but don't cheat on her or don't ever make her cry." Zoe answers.


"I promise." Blake says.


"Hey, don't keep promises you can't keep." Arissa says and smiles.


"Oh come on, I can keep this one." Blake says and grins.


"You guys are really close, aren't you?" Zoe says and smiles.


"Yeah." They say in unison.


"I'm bored, you are all boring. Good night." Jamie says and goes to the bedroom.


"Oh well, that's Jamie." Maxine and Angeliz say in unison.


"So, where are we going?" Mij asks.


"Capitol” Arissa answers.


"What?” Mij asks.


"You all should get to bed. It's 11:00 already." Maxine says.


"Alright." Patricia, Mij and Zoe say in unison and they all go to their bedrooms.


"How about you Angeliz? I know Arissa and Blake can't sleep just yet." Maxine says.


"I'll stay up a bit more. No worries, I'll ignore you both." Angeliz replies.


"HEY, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT WE'RE GOING TO DO THAT?!" Maxine shouts and turns red.


"That's the only reason you told them to sleep. To have some time with him." Angeliz says and grins.


"W-well yeah, but not what you're thinking of." Maxine says with her voice shaking.


"I promise not to tell anyone." Angeliz says and smiles.


"SHUT UP!" Maxine says while her face turns red and hits Angeliz's head.


"OW, OW, OWW!" Angeliz shouts.


"Hey, calm down Max." Nathan says and embraces her from behind.


"Sorry." Maxine says and becomes calm.


"Ugh, I think I'll need Nathan around to calm you down every time I say that." Angeliz says while rubbing her head.


"Well, sorry Angeliz. That's Max." Nathan says and smiles.


"Yeah, yeah. I get it. By the way, when will you guys get married?" Angeliz asks.


Maxine and Nathan both turn red. Nathan lets go of Maxine. She grabs his hand and says, "Good night!" She drags Nathan and goes to the bedroom.


"Cute couple." Arissa says and smiles.


 "I wanted to ask you this for quite a while, Why are you trying to hide our pa-" Arissa interrupts Blake.


"Bianca, she's a yandere."


"That's cute. She doesn't want me to have anyone else but her." Blake says and smiles.


"She's serious. I think it would be too dangerous to tell her about that." Angeliz says.


"But anyway, I told you! You did find someone who deserves you." Arissa says to Blake and smiles.


"Yeah, I guess so." Blake replies.


"Well, I'll be sleeping. Good night guys." Arissa says and leaves.


"Yeah, I'm tired as well." Blake says.


"Alright, good night." Angeliz answers.


(POV: Angeliz)


August 1, 2020



They're all asleep. Alright, I need to check their things. They could be hiding something, especially her. Angeliz thinks to herself. I take trackers out of my pocket, and I start attaching them to everyone. Just in case. I tell myself, just in case. After that, I inspect the bags. I found a knife and a gun in two bags. I also find a stick, some weird chemicals and a tracker in another bag; I hide all of them around the plane. After that, I go to the bedroom and I turn on my laptop. I log in to my bank account and I start using Mij's money to buy some things for the investigation. For now I buy scanners that can scan identities of a person by scanning their blood, fingerprints anything. It also saves a copy of the DNA to the laptop. I also buy a new hard drive to store the data. I'll receive all the packages when I get back home. I don't think I'll sleep tonight though, just in case something happens.


(POV: ?????)


August 1, 2020

1:00 AM


I hate her, she knows. But, but why did she let me be? I ponder on and on. She could have just taken me, or killed me. "Hey, why are you up? Thinking of something?" Zoe asks. "It's nothing, shut up." I tell her. "If it's about that, I know how bad you screwed up, be lucky she actually cares and didn't attempt to take you, or kill you." Zoe answers. "Just shut up!" I got pissed, "I know I screwed up big time there, okay!?" I shout. "Ugh, just saying. I can fix it. Just be ready for my signal. Oh and if I screw up, it's going to be all your fault for dragging me in this mess." Zoe replies and goes back to bed. 


(POV: Nathan)


August 1, 2020

3:00 AM


"OUCH!" I shout. My head hit the ground. Max unconsciously pushed me out of bed. Now she's taken up all the space. Sure it's cute, but how the hell will I sleep? I sit down on the ground and stare at her. Then, I poke her forehead. She slowly opens her eyes and sees me. "Oh sorry." Max says as she moves to give me space. I wasn't expecting her to wake up that fast. Was there something bothering her? I wonder.