July 12, 2020

9:00 AM


"Hm... Its July 12 today... July... OHSHT, ARISSA'S MESSAGE." Angeliz shouts. She gets out of bed and rushes to eat breakfast and change clothes. "Wait... She never said where we'd meet. Wait... Is she coming HERE!?" Angeliz freaks out. "If, if she sees... I guess I have to think of a distraction for them." Angeliz mumbles to herself. Suddenly the door bell rings, Angeliz dashes to the door, hoping that she'd be ahead of Blake and Bianca to open the door.


(POV: Arissa)


I rang the doorbell, and immediately Angeliz opens the door, goes out of her house and closes the door.


"Hey, why'd you message me about Nikki's case? Did something happen?" Angeliz asks.


"I have some information, but can you let me in first?" I say.


"Why can't we stay here, it's a wonderful day." Angeliz replies.


"Is there something you're hiding?" I ask, a bit pissed.


"Okay, okay. You're good at noticing. But can you cooperate for the sake of your life, and Blake's?"


"What do you mean?"


"Well, you see, Blake's gotta girlfriend, and uh she's a yandere. She may kill you if she discovers your pa-"


Angeliz stops talking, someone had opened the door, it was Maxine.


"What the heck are you guys doing out here, get inside, it's a heat wave."


"Alright." Angeliz says and signals me to follow.


I get inside and sit on the couch. Besides Maxine, Bianca and Blake were here too. I greet them and they greet me back.


"By the way this is-" I interrupt Blake.


"Oh, Bianca's your girlfriend? That's great."


"Wait, Arissa how do you know Bianca?" Blake asks.


"Oh, that's because she's one of my good friends. By the way, if you dare hurt her, I will k-" Blake interrupts me.


"Yeah, I get it. You'll kill me along with Zoe and Angeliz."


"How do you guys know each other?" Bianca asks.


"Oh that's because we're good friends. I met him a few years back when I visited Angeliz's house."  I say.


After that, I start to tell Angeliz what I found out about Nikki's case.


(No POV)


"So anyway, Angeliz you go investigate the building. As I told you, I got permission to get inside and investigate. Oh, and use your other car because I told them you were going using that car." Arissa says.


"Why me? And why that car?!" Angeliz answers.


Arissa stares at her looking pissed. After a while Angeliz agrees and says, "Let's go then."


"Me? You're doing that on your own while I watch you from there, just set up this camera to your glasses and I'll be able to see what you look at  and what you hear and say from this laptop." Arissa replies.


"Fine." Angeliz says and stands up, ready to leave.


"Woah, she's gonna use the yellow Camaro you got her. But why that car?" Blake says.


"So that the culprit won't be able to get the same car to get in the building. It's too expensive for them to buy." Arissa replies.


"Hm... Pretty smart." Blake says.


"Wait, whoa, whoa, YOU GAVE ANGELIZ A NEW CAR!?" Maxine shouts.


"She's a really good person and-" Maxine interrupts Arissa.




"Well, I didn't have all the money in the world to buy that, Blake, Mij, Nikki and I got it for her together." Arissa replies.


"Oh, I see now, I'm pretty sure Mij paid for most of it. Anyway, why give her such gift?" Maxine asks.


"We were just returning the favor. Actually that was her birthday gift last year." Blake says.


"OMG AMALAYER!" Angeliz says and laughs.


"That's old." Arissa says.


"Well, I'm going." Angeliz says.


"Need a gun?" Blake asks.


"You know I can't aim." Angeliz says.


"Anyway, I have a device that works like Skype. I installed it on my glasses and on my laptop. So, I can talk to you guys while I'm there and you guys would be able to see everything my glasses point at. Anyway, I'll get going." Angeliz says and leaves.


"Aright. See you." Blake says.


"Don't get yourself killed." Maxine says and laughs.


(POV: Angeliz)


This is weird. I'm just some person driving a car, not just any car, a yellow Chevrolet. Yeah, I like the car, but it looks like freaking bumblebee. I know that Arissa, Nikki, Mij and Blake worked hard to get me it, but it's just that, I don't like it when I become the center of attention. Every other driver nearby is staring at my car. Dammit.


I finally arrive at Treasure Chest. Marc is firetrucking rich. I look around the building. There wasn't much damage that I could see from the outside, except for shattered glass from the top floor, and glass punctured with bullet holes. I walk toward the entrance and the guard immediately lets me in. I get in and say, "Arissa, can you hear me, and can you see this?"


"Yeah. Just get to the top floor and investigate." Arissa replies.


"Got it. Play some music from my flash drive if you can find it." I reply.


I keep walking around the ground floor. There wasn't any hidden things in the carpet or walls, no damage here. But, I'll check the elevator. I get inside and check. The floor of the elevator was clear glass, along with the ceiling and walls. I stood there for a while, thinking. After that, I pry open the elevator control and look at the wiring. There was some sort of tracker, but it tracks down every floor the elevator goes to. Unless it's set to only track floors at a specific time. I take the tracking device, destroy it and go out of the elevator. I climb up the stairs going up to the top floor.


"Man, you trying to exercise or something?" Blake asks and laughs.


"The elevator's gotta tracker, who knows if the thing still works." I reply.


"How do you know all this stuff?" Maxine asks.


"I make games; I look up the newest technology to get ideas." I reply.


"Well, I guess I'll start playing music. This one's by Miku-tan." Arissa says.


"For all the sentimental reasons reeling…"




"Why? It sounds pretty good so far." Maxine replies.




"Wait, is that…" Blake says.


"Yeah, it is. CHANGE SONG, NOOOWW!" I say.


"WHY THAT ONE ARISSA?!" Blake shouts.


"It's like a nightmare…"


"HOW WOULD I KNOW? BUT, I DON'T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH-" Arissa says, but the signal gets cut.


"Shit." I say to myself. I already knew what to expect.


I go up the stairs and look around with my fists clenched. The walls were embedded with pearls. One part of the wall stood out. The pearl wasn't as white as the others, it was bigger as well. I look closely, it's a security camera, but the security cameras here are on the ceilings, not on the wall. The other security cameras look different as well, they looked fancier than this one. I kick the camera until it shatters. I was ready to hear an emergency bell ringing, but nothing happened. I kept climbing up.

I finally arrive at the top floor. I was as tired as hell. I take the water from my backpack and drink. While I was drinking, I saw something from my peripheral vision. Someone was here too.

"Show yourself." I shout.


The signal came back. I hear someone shout."YOU IDIOT! DON'T DO THAT!"


"Shh." I reply.


A masked person comes out of where she was hiding. It was the same girl from yesterday, this time she was holding a sword. I should be careful, she's got some drug on the blade of the sword, but it was more obvious because the tip of the blade had some purple thing dripping from it. Okay, maybe I did need a gun.


"Just give me your things and get the fuck out of here if you want to live." She says.


"Rather not." I say.


"FUCKING IDIOT, GET OUT!" Bianca shouts.


I ignore Bianca.


"Do you want to die early?" The girl says.


"I don't have any problems if I die for a friend, but I won't die, not today." I reply.


"Oh really now, you fell down to your knees last time." She says.


I smile and say, "Caught you."


The girl finally realizes her mistake. She gets mad and runs toward me with her sword.

She must be stupid. I say to myself. I was standing behind the stairs, so I simply sidestepped and she falls down the stairs, hurting herself with the sword instead. I know who that one was now. The way she runs, and the way she gets mad, it's definitely her. I thought. I'd rather not tell Arissa yet. I don't want to jump into conclusions, and I'll still need Nikki's story. But if I do end up solving this case ahead of them, I'll keep it to myself. I have a feeling that they wouldn't be able to handle it.


I go downstairs to where the girl was lying down on. I remove my glasses and place them in my bag; I didn't want them to know, not yet. I slowly remove her mask. I was right, it was her. But why?


(No POV)




"It's like she's hiding something from us." Maxine says.


"I guess she'd rather know who the culprit is first, before we do." Blake says.


"Why would she do that?" Bianca asks.


"Maybe, to see if her guess was right. We can't do anything about it for now, let's ask later." Maxine says.


Everyone was sitting down, trying to think. Bianca was fiddling with her hands; it looked like she was trying to hide something as well. Blake was beside Bianca, but he soon stood up to cook lunch. Maxine was the most relaxed, lazily sitting down on the couch. She knew Angeliz, she wouldn't ever kill Nikki. She knew that Angeliz had some sort of plan up her sleeve. Arissa was staring at the laptop's screen, hoping that Angeliz would respond.


(POV: Angeliz)


Alright, she's still alive, just unconscious. I put a tracker on her to make sure that I don't lose her. I put her mask back on. Hopefully she doesn't notice. I run down stairs and out of the building. I wear my glasses and drive back home. I guess I have a lot of explaining to do.