July 10, 2020



Angeliz finally arrives at her house. She slowly gets out of her car and walks toward the doorway. Maxine follows. Angeliz knocks on the door and immediately Blake opens the door. He looks at Angeliz and says, "What the hell happened to you?”


"I'll explain later, let me in." Angeliz answers.


"Alright, alright." Blake says.


Angeliz and Maxine get inside, Maxine sits down on the couch and Angeliz walks over to a room and gets bandages and water. She comes back, sits down on the couch and starts treating her wound. "So, what happened?" Blake asks.


"Well, Max said that she had something important to tell me, but when I get to her house someone just tied her onto a chair. It was like the person expected me to come. I was able to kick her, but I was so busy untying Max from the chair, so I got stabbed. No big deal though, there's worse." Angeliz says.


"Let me clarify. I found out some things about Nikki's case, so I told you to go to my place so you could help me in investigating, but then someone put a handkerchief around my face, and I blacked out. Then suddenly I was tied to a chair, and Angeliz kicked the crap out of the girl who tied me there. It was as if she was using me as some sort of hostage." Maxine says.


"I don't know how I suddenly blacked out for a while there. But, I think the knife used to stab me had some sort of poison or chemical in it which made me feel sick. Luckily, I have the knife. I can scan it and see the content of the knife."  Angeliz says.


"Since when were you some sort of scientist?" Maxine says and laughs.


"Uh, I'm not, but I know there's some sort of scanner device that can scan the liquid content, DNA, fingerprints and all that. I just don't have enough money to get it." Angeliz answers.


"That's what I was supposed to tell you, Mij gave me 10 million to spend for Nikki's case. I was going to give it to you because I don't really know what you could use it for." Maxine says.


"Wait, was the money stolen?" Blake says.


"Nope. It's in the bank." Maxine replies.


"Alright. Maybe we could talk more about this tomorrow, its 12 AM." Angeliz says.


"Alright, can I sleep over here today? I mean, you broke ALL the doors in my house." Maxine replies.


"Alright. By the way, Blake where's Bianca?" Angeliz says.


" What do you mean by that? Neko-chan’s here?” Maxine asks.


"She's in my room; I can sleep in the attic." Blake says.


" WHY IS SHE HERE?!" Maxine shouts.


"She's Blake's girlfriend."  Angeliz says.


"Really?”  Maxine says.


"Yeah. Anyway, you can sleep in my room. Blake you can just sleep in the same room as Bianca, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. And I guess I'll sleep in the attic." Angeliz says.


"WHA- " Blake says but Angeliz interrupts.


"No worries, I don't think she'll kill you, besides you guys are in a relationship. Anyway, good night." Angeliz says and leaves.


"Blake, just don't do anything stupid, okay?" Maxine says jokingly and goes to Angeliz's room.

Blake slowly walks to the room where Bianca was. He slowly opens the door and sees her, sleeping there.


(POV: Blake)


Well, this is awkward. I hope she doesn't get mad. I slowly start to lie down on the bed beside her. I tried to sleep but couldn't. It was about 2 AM already, but I couldn't sleep. I'm not comfortable staying with Bianca. But I don't hate her or anything; it's just awkward for me. I slowly close my eyes and I fall asleep.


I woke up after a while, so much for sleep. It was 4 AM. The sun was shining a bit from the curtains. I turn my head and I see her. She looks really cute when she sleeps. For some reason she really looks like a cat now. I feel like a weirdo staring at her now, but I don't want to look away. She's beautiful. Without thinking, I stroke her hair gently. What the fuck am I doing? I try to move my hand away, but her hair was so smooth and soft. As long as she doesn't wake up, that should be fine. I think to myself. Suddenly my eyelids start to feel heavier, I fall asleep again.


(POV: Bianca)


I slowly open my eyes. Right in front of my face was Blake's. And I felt his arm around my waist. I felt warmth throughout my whole body. I was blushing. At some point, I'd love to just move Blake away and call him an idiot for this, but at the same time I didn't want him to let go of me. I look at the clock, it was 6 AM. I look at Blake. I wanted to kiss him, but I stopped myself. I was so near his face that I could feel the warmth from his breath. Amazingly he doesn't smell, unlike other guys. A few minutes pass. Suddenly, I see Blake's eyes slowly opening, he was waking up. Oh, what do I do? This is going to be awkward.


(POV: Blake)


I woke up; Bianca was looking at me, shocked and red. I immediately move my face and arms away from her. "I'm sorry. Angeliz forced me to sleep here." I say to Bianca. Bianca didn't reply, she smiled and hugged me. Behind Bianca, a black butterfly got in the room through the window. It's not every day you see butterflies around. I guess this could be a wonderful day. Except, I totally forgot to tell Zoe that Bianca was staying here, I'm screwed.


(POV: Angeliz)


It's 6 AM. Time to wake up. Oh yeah, better ask Blake to wake up as well, I still have no idea how to cook. I walk down from the attic and I go to Blake's room. I slowly open the door and see Bianca and Blake hugging. Shit, this was the worst time to open the door. Blake sees me and immediately lets go of Bianca and stands up. Bianca stands up as well. Both of them were red. Ugh, this is like some sort of cliché romance anime I've watched. I immediately close the door and go to my room to wake up Max instead.


(POV: Bianca)


She saw us, hugging. Damn. I hope that she doesn't think of the wrong thing. I have to explain, and hopefully she'll understand, right? I mean she's an understanding person, right?


 "I'll explain to her, I'm pretty sure she'll understand and not tell anything to anyone." Blake says.


“Oh yeah, bathroom's that way, just so you know." Blake says and leaves the room. I brush my hair and leave the room as well. This is going to be a long day.