!The court is in session!




After weeks of discussion in court, Zoe Parker was found guilty for the murders of Maxine Perez, Miguel Rivilla, Patricia Herce, and even Matthew Weimer. It took a while to discover how he died, but Zoe had given up and openly admitted the events that led to his death. Bianca added a few more significant details to the tale.


Matthew Weimer had sent her a letter; it was basically a love letter. A few months passed and he finally arrived in the Philippines, hoping to enjoy his stay while dating Zoe. That did not happen; he was able to overhear information he shouldn't have. Despite the feelings Zoe harbored for the young man, she decided to kill him, so that her plans would not be foiled. It took her a while to do so. She had asks him out on a date and had placed poison in his drink, which would slowly kill him. During their date, however, Matthew had confronted Zoe about what he had discovered. They shouted and got mad at each other. Zoe's plan of poisoning did work though, but he had stormed out of the place after taking a sip of his drink.


He was furious and he wasn't thinking straight. He was heading to the authorities to report the ratchet woman, but as he was going there, he bumped into Zoe's dear sister. He was too engulfed in anger to do anything right, and he saw this as an opportunity to get revenge on Zoe, even if he wasn't directly involved in her plans to begin with. He grabs the petite girl and drags her towards an alley that no one really goes to since it leads to a dark, dead end. He pins Bianca to the wall and begins to plant kisses on her neck, Bianca tries to scream in protest to his actions, but he covered her mouth shut with his free hand. He touches her in places her only her lover should be allowed to touch. He felt guilty yet so delighted at the same time. After a while, Matthew finally feels the effects of the poison and weakens. Bianca finally gets loose and attempts to escape his grasp, but fails to do so. As soon as Bianca began to give in to Matthew's harassment, Blake arrived to and had smacked his face, making him even weaker. He falls to the ground and eventually dies, his body could no longer take the poison.


This made Bianca innocent and free to go, while her sister received a long sentence. Considering Zoe's age, it's pretty much a lifetime sentence. Jamie would've also ended up with the same punishment, maybe even shorter since Zoe had murdered a lot more than the her, if she had come out alive. After everything in the court was sorted out, Bianca could no longer bring herself to even face her friends, or should she say former friends. She felt disgusted with herself and regretted her actions of speaking the truth. She wanted to be with Zoe in jail. She felt responsible for the chaos that happened as well since she did cooperate with them to a degree. Zoe protested, telling her younger sibling that it was all her fault since she had basically forced her into helping them.


Discovering how far Jamie's so-called 'love' for Marc was unfathomable. Her jealousy towards Nikki and Marc was the core reason for all of this to happen. Zoe's cooperation happened because of the fact that Nikki had become Maxine's and Nathan's matchmaker, making her extremely mad at Nikki for dragging away the man she loved with all her heart to another woman just because Nikki 'shipped them more.' Bianca was forced to cooperate by Zoe. The younger sister only wanted to help as much as she could; though she had no idea this much trouble would happen.


Everyone was stunned by the turn of recent events and had a difficulty composing themselves. After all was said and done, the only thing left to end this was the most painful part… The burial of those who had recently died and seeing the graves of those already dead.



Maxine Perez- The broken gas pistons of a computer chair had caused a large injury, which resulted in complications, which ultimately led to her death. Zoe had somehow managed to tweak Angeliz's computer chair, in hopes of murdering her. Body found by Nikki.


Nathan Wolfe- Suicide by jumping off his old school's roof due to despair over his long-time girlfriend's death. Death broadcasted by the media.


Miguel Rivilla- Shot in the head from a distance in the dark, foggy night as he was singing. Killed by Zoe, body found by Blake.


Patricia Herce- Shot in the neck with tranquilizers as she was drawing and was hung behind the door of her house. Killed by Zoe, body found by Arissa.


Patricia Obordo (Takamina)- A chandelier in her mansion was shot down by Jamie. It fell on her, causing her death. Body found by Angeliz.


Matthew Weimer- Killed with poison by Zoe.


Albert Manuzon- Shot in the head with a gun after throwing himself in front of Nikki to save her and admit his undying love for her. Killed by Marc.


Angeliz Reyes- Shot down by Jamie.


Jamie Briones- Suffocated by Angeliz. Though Angeliz did release her, she had weak lungs to begin with and as a result, they could no longer hold out.


Marc Diamond- Shot in the head by Blake and then fell off a building.