July 10, 2020



Angeliz arrives at Maxine's house. She runs towards the entrance and knocks on the door. A few minutes pass, she knocks again. No one was opening the door. "What the hell!? Why isn't anyone opening the door?" Angeliz says, pissed. She had soon become impatient and kicks the door open. She walks  inside of Maxine's house. "OW!” Angeliz shouts. "These doors are too small." Angeliz says to herself. She gets inside, but there was no sign of Maxine nearby. "Where the hell?" Angeliz mumbles to herself. She takes a look around the room. The only mess that was visible was the small pieces of wood from Maxine's door that Angeliz had destroyed. Angeliz dashes upstairs, looking for Maxine. "I have a bad feeling about this." Angeliz tells to herself. She kicks down every door and checks if anyone is inside. She had finally finished kicking down all the doors, except for one. It led to Maxine's bedroom. "Oh well, sorry Max." Angeliz says. She kicks the door down. She sees a masked person, a girl, she thought. And Maxine sitting on a chair, tied.


"SHIT!" The masked person shouts.


 "Okay, who the heck are you? And uh, why is Max tied to a seat?" Angeliz says.


The masked person does a facepalm and says, "I thought you were smarter." Then, she looks back to where Angeliz stood, but she wasn't there.


"Wait, where'd she-"


"SURPRISE M***ERF**KER!" Angeliz shouts and delivers a kick to the back of the masked person's head. She falls to the ground because of the kick.


"Cool, cool. BUT GET ME OUT OF THIS FREAKING CHAIR!" Maxine shouts.


"Alright." Angeliz walks towards her, kneels down and starts untying the chair. The masked person struggles to get up, while Angeliz was busy untying Maxine. While she was still untying Maxine, the masked person got to her knees and stabs Angeliz's left shoulder.


"CRAP!"  Angeliz shouts and bends down in pain.


"ANGELIZ GET UP, NOW!" Maxine shouts while trying to untangle herself.


Angeliz was struggling to get up. Her vision was becoming fuzzy, her left arm couldn't move. The masked person then makes a run for it.


(POV: Angeliz)


"STOOPID, I'M STOOPID."  I think to myself. I hear Max's voice echoing, but it was starting to fade away. My vision was slowly becoming pitch-black as well. I was trying to force myself to get up, no use. This was hopeless. But, the good part is, that I don't sense that girl's presence here anymore, I still sense Max's presence though. But, I don't know if she's still alive, was she stabbed? Shot? Or drugged? I was so close to untying that chair, but I had to screw up. I don't know what's gonna happen next, but I hope that Max’s still alive, somehow.


(POV: Maxine)


My shouting was no use. She couldn't hear me, or move. But, I don't think a simple stab to her shoulder would kill her. Or could it? Shit, that's making me feel worse. I'm here like a freaking helpless princess, hoping that she'd still be alive, wonderful. I look around and check the clock; it was 9:00PM. That's it; I have to try to get myself out of here. Just a few more knots to untie and I'm free. I start moving about, until the chair tilts a bit too far and I fall down. "FUDGE! THAT HURT." I shout. But, it was becoming a bit easier to untie myself now. After a few minutes, I finally got out. I stand up and walk toward Angeliz's body. I slowly remove the knife from her shoulder. I finally realized how freaking bloody the floor was. I hope she was still alive; hopefully she still is alive, hopefully.


(POV: Angeliz)


"OUCH!" I shout. My left arm was able to move again, but just a bit. My vision and hearing was getting better as well, except I felt really dizzy. "YAY YOU'RE NOT DEAD YET!" Was that Maxine's voice? Am I hallucinating? I move my head around, and I see her. She was still alive, thank the Lord.


(No POV)


Angeliz slowly got up. "Max, come with me to my place so I can treat the wound, and so you can explain everything." Maxine didn't bother thinking, she just nodded and they walked out of Maxine's house and into Angeliz's car. Angeliz didn't really care if she was driving with a bloody arm; all she wanted to do is to get back home.