(POV: Nikki)


                I arrive at the meeting place that this “invitation” told me to go to. I know that this was a stupid idea, but I followed anyway. I’m tired of this game of hide and seek. I want to know the truth. It’s me they want, right? They can have me. I don’t want anyone else to die. I arrive ten minutes earlier than expected so I could hide. I’m actually inside a trash can right now. How I got in? Please don’t ask. Though ever since I got here, I could already sense that someone was watching me. I’m scared, but I have to do this.


(POV: Angeliz)


                I arrived with Albert an hour early. We both already spotted Nikki. I’m still in disbelief on how she didn’t notice us as she was trying to fit herself in a trash can. But why a trash can? Of all places, a FUCKING trash can. Albert and I wore the most striking animal costumes. You could say that we look like new characters from “Five Nights at Freddy’s” or “Dangan Ronpa” but whatever. They were costumes worn from head to toe, so I guess that’s why she didn’t really notice us. The initial objective was supposed to catch attention, but no one really seems to be bothered. I guess that failed.


(POV: Albert)


                Angeliz and I were sitting in a nearby café called Sudoh-bucks. Man, what a rip off. Anyway, we were sitting on the seats outside of the store, right beside the trash can Nikki was ‘hiding’ in. Angeliz decides to send a little message to her by throwing a plastic cup of coffee and paper in the trash can. As soon as she drops them into the trash can you could hear a banshee and horse-like squeal. Nikki had a moment of anger and confusion, but a few moments later she seemed to be enlightened. This was evident by the loud “Oh.” She uttered. She’s just being too obvious now.


(POV: Blake)


                I get to the meeting place with Arissa five minutes before the set time. Though we were still in my car, just in case something happens. Judging from what happened this morning, I’m sure Arissa misunderstood what was happening the whole time. It seems that she has a crush on me… Well isn’t that great. But… That’s too bad. I’m currently with someone already and I wouldn’t change her for the world.


(POV: Mij)


                In the corner of the street, I try to conceal myself (and this large motorcycle I was on) from the ‘killers’. Apparently, they invited me so that we all may be enlightened with the ‘truth.’ But I’m sure they’ll all just be spewing out fabricated, sugar-coated and despicable lies, like “Oh no, I wouldn’t want to kill her! She’s my best friend!” or something similar. Right now, I’m not trusting anyone. I’m fully armed and ready to battle in this black suit. I feel like Black Widow now, but with a cool-ass motor. Though, I do feel fabulous, I kind of regret my fashion choice since I’m sitting here in broad daylight. But the ‘event’ occurs during sunset so I guess this is okay.


(POV: Marc)


                I arrive at the meeting place, a minute before everything. But, I did ask my dearest to set it all up three hours before, so there’s nothing to worry about. I stand on the roof top area of the Sudoh-bucks building. With my binoculars, I could see my angels in place. I could also spot my invited guests as well… Except for one…. Where is the star of the show? Don’t tell me she chickened out.


ANYWAY, I’m sure she’s here. She’s not that much of a coward. In fact she’s pretty courageous, I must say. I walk towards the microphone stand and mic in front of me. I get ready as I wait for the sun to set. I had this place cleared out with my money and intelligence of course, so that no one will interfere.


                I’m not stupid, so obviously all my weapons have very good silencers. Also, to make sure I don’t get caught, I already hired some of the policemen to back us up. I also got that inspector to frame them for the crime if it gets to that. Hmmmm.. I have so many countermeasures, there’s no way this could fail! Ah, people are so easily swayed with money…


And my charm, of course.


(POV: Jamie)


                Today’s the day… I think to myself as I prepare my gun, ready to shoot one of those retarded animal cosplayers conveniently sitting right in front of Sudoh-bucks. I sometimes think if what I’m doing is right or not, but then again, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been doing this for so long, it’s starting to take less of a toll on me. And if it’s for him, then what I’m doing is perfectly fine. Yeah.. that right. I take a look back into the gun’s scope to check on my target…


“What the -!?” They were gone. How did they get here so fast?


“Oops I did it again!” The back of my head gets smacked. Since I was already in a lying-down position to begin with, my head hits the gun and my nose starts to bleed. I roll over to avoid the next attacks. Even without a clear vision of my opponent (thanks to my bangs and long hair) I could already tell;


it was her. Again.


(POV: Marc)


“That was a beautiful sunset! Ahahahaha!” I shout into the microphone as it makes a loud screech.

“My bad, I must’ve moved the mic too much. Anyway, welcome to my little party! I call it the ‘Full Games.’ Why full? Because the whole fambam is complete! And because we are all a family, we will all die together! Erm, except for me. I am the immortal controller of this game. Anyway, have fun being killed by my little ‘angels’ as I give you random facts about the deaths of people from our family tree!”


(POV: Nikki)


                Marc.. is absolutely despicable! I have absolutely NO idea how I fell for him in the first place. I am so pissed off right now. I get out of my trash can and I try to throw the lid towards Marc like a Frisbee. It hits the microphone stand and it catches his attention. Wait, that wasn’t…


I’m an idiot!


(POV: Mij)


                What Nikki did just now proves that she is part of the slowly falling natural selection. She is not fit to survive in this kind of terrain due to her advanced stupidity, so I assume she’s going to die immediately after successfully getting the mastermind’s attention. Her reaction, I guess also proves that she’s one of the good guys…. But of all people, why her?! In a game, she would be the worst teammate. Oh well. I start my motorcycle engines and drive towards Nikki. I’ll help her out, I guess. I don’t know who else to trust right now.


(POV: Albert)


                I was astonished to see how aggressive Angeliz can become in a few moments. I also became an athlete for sprinting just now. It killed me just to chase her all the way here. She was basically beating the literal crap out of Jamie. Or at least I assume it’s her. Angeliz didn’t seem very happy, nor did she seem to want to hold back. Did something happen? Well alright I get it, she was trying to shoot us just a few moments ago, but still.


And with those thoughts circulating, Angeliz had already put Jamie in a citizens’ arrest. Was it a citizen’s arrest? Or did she just flatten her?


Why am I so neutral about this? Something must be wrong with me. Well, I guess it’s because I believe she’s doing something right, but whatever. I approach Angeliz to see if I can do anything else.


(POV: Blake)


                “Marc, you asshole!” I shout out loud. Though, I’m sure he wouldn’t hear me. Arissa tries to calm me down by holding my arm, but I’m afraid that won’t work. I will murder him, by any means necessary. And just when that thought popped up, something round rolled in between my feet..


“Oh, fuck my life.”


(POV: Nikki)


“You idiot!” I shout as I grab him out of harm’s way. This motorcycle wasn’t meant for three people, but at least he didn’t explode into millions of meat chunks.

“Shit, sorry. I spaced out…” Blake says in reply.

“Oh fuck, Arissa!” Blake suddenly snaps back into reality.

“She’ll be fine.” Mij replies.

“How are you so sure?” I ask.

“Didn’t you see her rolling just a while ago? Now shut up, I’m driving.” Mij answers.

“Alright, so I want to get to Marc real quick to shove a chair up his ass and to do everything else he did to the ones that died.” Blake says.

“I do too.” I say in agreement and anger.

“Honey, we all want to. But not now. He’s probably guarded. Let’s eliminate the rest of the policemen guarding in the corners of the street and then we go for the kill.”

“What if they kill us?” I ask.

“They had a set of rules in the invitation. I doubt they would.” Blake replies.

“They did?” I ask.

“Yeah, here.” Blake says as he hands me the invitation from his pocket. I read it.


“You are cordially invited to the ‘Full Games!’ tonight at 6 in the evening! Please be there, we know that you’d love to know the truth behind the death of all of your friends. Please do not bring anything else except for some snazzy clothing and yourself. Failure to do this will result in an execution. We will follow a set of rules in order to make this game more fun and exciting.


1. Only Marc can control the game flow.

2. Only the three angels can eliminate and execute.

3. Guards residing in corner posts shall not be bothered.

4. If they are hurt in any way, Marc will have your head butchered.

5. No killing each other before 6 PM.

6. Any item you find can be used to kill.

7. Teams are allowed, so is going solo.

8. Those who survive after 10 PM shall be free to go.

9. If survivors will try to tell this to the police, they will have no hope in finding ‘justice.’

10. Have fun!


-Xoxo Marc and his angels.-

See you there!”


“..My invitation didn’t have anything like that” I say and show him mine.


(POV: Blake)


I begin to read Nikki’s invitation. It was short, simple and direct to the point.


“Hello, we will kill you. Please go to the specified area and we will execute you in the best way possible! Please wear flashy clothing, stay in front of Sudoh-bucks by 5:30. Failure to comply will result to the deaths of ALL of your beloved friends! (Maybe even your family!) But, we promise to tell you the truth and THEN kill you.


Have a great day! Xoxo”


“That was.. disturbing.” I say.

“It’s obvious that you didn’t comply at all.” Mij tells Nikki.

“I did! Look I’m wearing neon shoes! And I got here at 5:20!”

“…And hid in the trash can.” Mij adds.

“Well okay fine, but I still was technically in front of Sudoh-bucks.” Nikki says.

“So, why didn’t you just show up?” I ask a rather insensitive question by accident.

“..I honestly didn’t know what to do. Sacrifice myself or you guys… Because if I were to die, that’s the end of me. If you all died, I’m sure Marc would explain everything to me..” Nikki says.

“And you were wrong. Very wrong, honey. But that’s love.” Mij replies, trying to comfort her.

“And that’s why we’re all gathered here today. To kick his ass.” I say.

“..Yeah, I guess so.” Nikki pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath. She suddenly raises her arm into the air as we were on the motorbike.

“EVERYONE, KICK MARC’S FUCKING ASS!” She shouts. Mij starts to laugh uncontrollably and loses control of the motorbike. I try to help her steer properly as she was dying of laughter.


This isn’t gonna end well.


(POV: Albert)


                So Jamie was pretty much knocked unconscious. We duck-taped her to a pole nearby. I still have no idea how Angeliz brought that with her the whole time, unnoticed. She told me she stored them in her “fat-pockets”, but I’d rather not know what that.


“Let’s intercept Marc. The others seem to be hitting the guards unconscious.” Angeliz says

“Yeah…” I forgot to mention that we spotted Jamie on a lower rooftop hidden by a few plants, almost opposite to Sudoh-bucks. In other words, we both ran a long way to get to her.

“They’re tying, I guess.” She says and points at what looks like Mij Nikki and Blake crowded on a motorbike. It seemed to be swerving as well. I hope they’re alright.

“They definitely did not follow the rules.” I say.

“Fuck the rules.” Angeliz replied.

“I thought you were the type of person who’d follow rules.” I blurt out.

“I am, just not Marc’s shitty rules. He can go die.” She replies.

“Yeah, you can go die too, sweetie.” Both of us turn back to see a masked and armored girl. She yielded a giant machine gun and it was aimed right at both of us.

“’Silencers’ , huh.” Angeliz says.

“What was that?” She replies, pissed.

“That’s a noisy-ass gun. You don’t even have a silencer...And you’re a midget. Are you sure about that?” Angeliz asks. Now that I look at her, she was rather small. I’m pretty sure it took a lot of her strength just to lug that around.

“The recoil might hurt, sweetie.” Angeliz continues to mock her. Even if the recoil does send her backwards, we’re still going to both die because of the bullets… I hope she realizes that. But, her bluff seems to be working. The girl in front of us was really pissed off.

“I’ll kill you right now!” She says as she aims it at both of us.

“Before I die, JUST GIVE ME A REASONN~!” Angeliz sings at the top of her lungs. The girl falls to the ground and covers her ears in pain. I wanted to do the same, but Angeliz had already grabbed me and we made a run for it.


(POV: Blake)


So we miraculously did not flip over and we ‘accidentally’ crashed into four guards. I don’t see anymore in the vicinity so I think our work here is done. None of them are dead though, just badly hurt.


“You guys are assholes for doing that! Oh and did you know that Maxine was killed with a gas piston shoved up her ass?! I’m pretty sure you did! Hm, what else… Oh yeah, we also made the lampshade a chandelier! She was beautifully hung behind her door. Ahahahahah! That’s it for now, enjoy dying!” Marc says over the microphone. Now I REALLY had the urge to strangle that guy.

“Stay calm and collected.” Mij advises the both of us. I only realized this now, but where the hell are we going?

“Hey, where are we?” Nikki also notices.

“I’m shocked you didn’t notice.” She pauses for a while and take a deep breath.


“HOW THE FUCK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET UP THERE!?” I shout. So much for calm and collected.

“SIMPLE, THE STAIRS!” Mij exclaims.

“ON YOUR MOTORCYCLE!?!” Nikki panics.

“YES!” Mij shouts with enthusiasm.

“I am getting out of here!” Nikki suddenly jumps off.

“You idiot!” I shout as she tumbles over.

“Hold on, faggot!” Mij shouts at me.

“But I’m not gay!” I shout back as I brace myself.


(POV: Angeliz)


                As Albert and I were running upstairs, a fucking motorbike suddenly appears. ALMOST running us over. I’ve seen fucked up shit in this world, but this a whole new level of shit. They’re defying the laws of physics. Behind them was Nikki running upstairs as well. Wasn’t she on the motorbike a while ago? Oh well. Albert and I followed behind. Apparently, this place wasn’t as well guarded as I thought. Unless you’re telling me that Marc’s just an overconfident brat, then I can understand. Miraculously, no one is dead yet… ANNND no one’s killing each other. That’s great… Okay, okay, I did almost die twice but that didn’t work too well. Anyway, I’ve seen everyone except for two people. Where the hell are they?


(POV: Marc)


Ah, they’re approaching. How exciting. I stand side by side with two of my angels.. One of them is missing… Where did she go?

(POV: ?)


“You bitch!” I shout as I slapped her face. She held a gun but I couldn’t care less. It fell as she used her right hand to hold on to her face. She stumbled backwards because of the pain. Even if she was masked, I could tell who she was.

“How could you… How could you do that to him!?” I felt steam coming out of my ears as I approached her to make my next move.


She suddenly turns around and runs away. I chase after her, but it was hard to catch up. She’s a runner, so I obviously would lag behind. We ran into a building and she got into an elevator of some sort. I ran to the other side and climbed up the stairs.


“Ah, and our final guest arrives. Welcome to the show.” Marc says as he held Nikki’s neck with his left arm and had a gun on his right hand pointed at Nikki’s head. I’m astonished, but I try to calm myself down. I take a look around, all five of them, Marc included, were on one side, faced-off with the rest of us. They were able to hold captive of Nikki somehow, but the rest of us were unarmed, putting on a brave face.. I can’t believe none of us brought anything! Though, there was a motorbike hanging at the side of the rooftop, about to fall.

“Don’t do this, you’ll regret it.” Angeliz says, as if threatening them. Marc chuckles.

“Ah, a courageous one till the very end. I really admire you. Even when EVERYONE here accused you of doing the crime, you still helped. After all the things they’ve done and said to you, why not get back at them? Why not team with me instead? Why bother having friends that don’t trust you? It’s stupid, really. I can give you full credit if you kill all of them, right now. Jamie dear, give her a gun.


                This can’t be happening. She can’t possibly agree to this, can she?! But then again, the way we ‘welcomed’ her when she got back from Japan wasn’t very nice. We all accused her of killing everyone because we were all intimidated by her. She seemed to know too much. And that was the problem.

“Don’t!” Nikki shouts. Marc tightens his grip on her and Nikki struggles even more.

“I can’t b-r-breathe-“ Nikki utters.

“Good.” He replies.

“Now go on, you can kill them all, except for Nikki. I want her to see everything.” Marc says. Angeliz does something unexpected. She points the gun at herself.

“What are you doing!?” Blake shouts at her.

“Don’t do this!” I shout. Mij and Albert couldn’t even speak.


All the attention was focused on her, when suddenly someone hits Marc from behind. He loses his grip on both Nikki and the gun. Albert catches Nikki and Blake gets the gun. The two ‘angels’ were still confused as to what happened.


“GG!” Angeliz shouts and points the gun at one of the angels. Wait a minute, the one that hit Marc was…

“You traitor! Both of you get her!” Marc shouts angrily. They run and grab on to her. She struggles to loosen their grip, but it was futile.

“That wasn’t very nice, my dear. I thought you were on our side.” He says and lets out a laugh.

“For you punishment, I will show you all who this despicable traitor is.” Marc continues and stands behind the girl they held on to. He must’ve done something that made her uncomfortable first because she suddenly made some sort of noise and then he pulled out her mask.


It was Bianca, the girl I slapped moments ago. I don’t know what to say. She betrayed him, our group and Marc..

(POV: Blake)


“How could you!?” I shout, with tears in my eyes. I couldn’t even think straight for that moment. I just knew that she betrayed me; she betrayed all of us. Of all the people, why her? I didn’t even know what to feel. Should I be pissed, sad, happy? I couldn’t even understand myself anymore. It was all too much.

“Now that everyone’s in confusion, let me explain. None of you ever gave me the chance to explain. Only Albert bothered to listen. All of you are officially labeled as assholes.” Angeliz says.

“I see, enlighten us with your wisdom.” Marc replies, interested in what she had to say.

“You see, I knew Bianca was part of your little plan, I confronted her sometime before and she admitted it to me. She was forced, you see. So I told her, ‘Hey why don’t you betray the bastard at the last minute?’ and left her at that. I didn’t think she would, though.” Angeliz says.

“That’s all you have to say?” Marc asks.

“Oh, so you want me to explain all my discoveries, from bottom to top?” Angeliz answers.

“Of course, I’ll give you the opportunity to speak freely one last time before you die.” He replies.

“Great, thanks. I’ll explain it in a way everyone will understand. Anyway, it goes like this. Jamie, Zoe and Bianca went off with Marc to kill Nikki on the day he was supposed to ask for her hand in marriage. It fails, Nikki jumps off a building and apparently survives. That pissed all of them off, so they were like ‘omfg we need to kill everyone, like EVERYONE since Nikki lived.’ And so they did. One by one, they killed everyone. Starting with Max with the chair thing, the craft was done by Zoe. It was a good work, but you weren’t able to conceal it well enough.” She says as Zoe takes of her mask and nods in agreement with her arms crossed. If I’m not mistaken, she was smiling.. How heartless.

“Why did Zoe do this? Probs ‘cuz she was jelly and being teamed with Marc was the perfect opportunity to kill Max. She later regretted this and started to care for Nathan while he was slowly starting to lose it. Okay, onto the next. You went on a killing spree. Matthew is killed by Bianca through poison, Path was shot in the neck with stuff that makes one fall asleep and then shot with a gun. She wasn’t dead yet so she was hung behind her door to hide the evidence. Who did this? Zoe, of course. Okay and then we go with Miguel’s death, he was shot with an AK-47 and died. Once again, this is Zoe’s fault. We also have Pato, AKA Takamina, which I’m sure you all didn’t know. I was at her place, someone shot down the chandelier in her mansion which fell on her. This someone would be Jamie, I fought her earlier when we were in Japan. That explains why she was MIA almost the whole time. Um what am I missing? Nathan, he jumped to his death apparently. So those are all the deaths, and this is ultimately Marc’s fault and he can go die.” She finishes and all of us were stunned.

“Wait, how did you get all of that information?” Mij asks.

“All of you did an investigation and took pictures. I found them on the interwebz since you apparently send them to each other on social media in a very nonchalant and stupid way.” She replies.

“This is all good and stuff, but that’s ALL you know?” Marc asks. Is there any MORE to it?

“Pretty much. Also Jamie, Marc’s not worth it. Take my advice and get away before something worse happens.” She answers.


(POV: Jamie)


That pissed me off. How dare she tell me what to do?! I point a gun to her head.

“You have no right to tell me what to do! Worse? Nothing bad has happened. Shut up!” I shout angrily, threatening her. She remains unfazed.

“So what the hell do you call this happening? Medium-rare? Ugh.. I know you were jelly because Nikki had him, but all in all, both of you should leave him. The guy’s an asshole.” She says. I can’t believe her.

“Angeliz is right..” Nikki says.

“Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!” I lose it, they can’t tell me what to do. I take aim at Nikki instead. Angeliz runs towards me and gives me a bear hug. The gun was pressed against Angeliz. She was stopping me from killing Nikki. I couldn’t breathe.. I’ve had enough of this..

“I’m s-sorry.” I whisper to Angeliz with all the strength I had left and pull the trigger. The sound is muffled. As she was falling she said something.

“We’re ending each other’s misery.. You have... nothing.. to be sor-“

She fell to the ground face-first. I knew from that, that she was dead. I shot her right in the heard. I could see everyone look at me in terror as I removed my mask. They were at a loss for words. I tried my best to breathe, she had hugged me too tight. I could still feel the pain of it.

“Great job, babe. That’s one nuisance gone. You’re next.” He says and points the gun at me. T-this can’t be!

“Marc.. Stop joking around; It’s not funny.” I say as I was still trying to catch my breath.

“Oh, I’m not joking. The moment I discovered you were obsessed with me, I took full advantage of it. Saying sugar-coated words like: ‘I’ll only love you, babe.’ And shit. You’re no better than Nikki. And I can’t believe you even got some of your friends to join you make trouble man, you are an idiot!” Marc says and chuckles.


So.. I’ve been betrayed, just like Nikki. Hah, that’s too bad… I guess Angeliz was still right to the end.

“Thanks… for ending myy mis-ery..”


(POV: Albert)


Jamie collapses to the ground, right beside Angeliz’s body. She didn’t look like she could breathe anymore. They killed each other. I had no more time to take pity on them or whatsoever. I’m going to destroy Marc with everything I’ve got. I run towards him in a hopeless effort to kill him. I couldn’t careless anymore.


“Oh look honey, an idiot!” Marc says as he laughs and shoots my leg. I fall to his feet and he kicks me.

“Albert!” Nikki shouts in terror.

“You asshole!” Mij and Blake shout angrily. No one could really move towards him since he was armed.

“Albert, I’ve always pitied you, really. I was ALWAYS above you, like right now. I was smarter than you and all. Also, I took Nikki away from you. Isn’t that sad? I think your life is sad. Our lives are all predestined. You could be destined to be a legend like me, or to be a fool like you. Ah, life is really like a wheel, there’s some on top, and some stuck at the bottom. You’ve always loved Nikki, but she never loved you the same way back. Okay, maybe she did, but only for a little while. How sad, it makes me laugh! Ahahahah!” Marc does some sort of evil laugh that pissed me off. I struggle to get back up but he pinned me to the ground with his foot.

“…Albert, is that.. true?” Nikki asks me. Now’s not really the time for this, but I want to tell her how I feel. I turn my head towards her and try to look into her eyes.

“I’ve always... loved you.”




(POV: Nikki)


“ALBERT!” I shout with all the strength I had left. Only now I had realized how much I also loved him back. It was too late, I had been blinded this whole time.. I’m such a fool. I fall to my knees and let Albert’s head rest on my lap as I wept.


“Die!” I immediately look up; Blake was literally steaming with anger as he shot Marc’s head. Marc stumbled backwards and reached the edge of the rooftop. He had no more strength left in him, so he fell to his death. It was a painful, yet fulfilling scene to see…


The chaos was finally all over… No one wanted to kill each other anymore.. Instead, everyone was trying to help each other around and recollect our thoughts.


“I can’t believe you fell in love with an ass like that.” Mij says.

“I can’t believe it either.. Guys this is all my fault, I’m sorry.” I say.

“No, I do believe we’re all at fault. I’ll help you guys out a bit now, but the next time we see each other, we’re gonna be in the court.” Zoe says.

“I know.. what’ll you both do now?” Arissa asks.

“…Lying and being fake is for pussies. I’ll face the consequences. Sayonara, bitches.” Zoe says and suddenly leaves while bringing Bianca along with her. Blake chases after them.

“Wait!” Blake says and takes Bianca’s arm.

“I’m.. really sorry.” Bianca turns away and runs with Zoe following behind her.

“Well, at least they’re gonna tell the truth.” Mij says.

“Even so..” Arissa replies with a sad look on her face.

“By the way, how are you going to deal with this?” Mij asks Blake.

“With what?”

“You just committed a murder. You might be punished as well.”

“…I’ll find a way, I guess. Legitimate self-defense?”

“You could have run away instead.”

“Well, shit.”

“Heh, don’t worry. I’m a lawyer. I can help you out.”


“I guess we’re all good now?” I asks.

“Pretty much. We just have to deal with everything else and we’re-“ Mij stops.

“..Back to normal? I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. We’ve just confirmed three deaths today.. Only six of us are left.” Arissa replies.

“That’s still plenty. Besides, I doubt they would want to see us moping around like this. After justice is served, let’s enjoy our lives to the fullest, wherever it can lead us.” Mij says.

“Yeah, and don’t let Marc’s words get to you. Life isn’t predestined. We can all change that. We can all do that together, who’s with me!?” Blake shouts with enthusiasm, I’m the only one who replies with an enthusiastic “I!”

“You really are a faggot, die homo.” Mij says.

“Let him be his true colors for today.” Arissa replies and laughs.

“BUT I’M NOT GAY!” Blake shouts angrily.


This day changed us all for the better,


Or for worse.