Something big is going to happen.. I can feel it. Everyone has been acting so strange lately… I want to get to the bottom of this immediately. If I don’t, I might just die as well. I swear I’ll kill whoever is behind this… Failure is not an option. I will surpass this ordeal; nothing can stop me.


And with that thought, I get out of my seat and call someone to help me out. She’s against this, but I no longer give a fuck. She fails to realize that we cannot resolve this without other means.


“Hello, are you that private investigator everyone’s talking about?”

“Yes, I am. You’ve come to the right place. What do you need?”

“I want you to investigate about some murders and other similar cases that tie up together. Though, I cannot disclose any of the information to you just yet. Go to my office tonight. I’ll text you my address.”

“Alright. I do hope to- Ac-!” He suddenly stops. Did the call get cut or.. Did something happen to him..? I try to call his mobile again, no response. But, trying again won’t hurt, so I do.

“Oh hello there, you’ve reached the end of the line. Try doing this stunt again and I’ll make sure to kill everyone you care about. See you soon, attorney.” Before I could even respond, the call ends.


                I couldn’t tell who that was. The voice had a robotic-like quality. She probably choked the guy I was about to hire. Shit, he was known to be the best. The VERY best. It looks like I’m left with no choice but to resolve this on my own. Besides, I know someone else who knows a thing or two about audio editing. I know that she would be the one most likely to do this.


                I get out of my seat and out  of my house to get in my car. Because who knows, they might already be nearby, ready to kill me. There’s not much time to waste. I open the secret compartment under the seat beside me and take out a 9mm pistol. I place it beside me and decide to drive off to my condo unit that I had recently purchased. I’m insane, aren’t I? It’s around 3: 00 AM and I’m already out and about. Sleep is for the weak..


                Wait my gun is quite risky, I must say.. This seems to be the same kind of gun used by them… I might be accused in court if I kept this with me any longer. I start my car and drive a few kilometers towards an area I’m not so familiar with. I then throw my pistol out of my car through the window. It lands on a nearby dumpster by an alleyway. That should be safe, I guess.


And with that, I’m off. In movies, niggas always die first... But not this nigga!


(POV: Marc)



3:40 AM


It’s all so sad.. So depressing… Everyone’s dead… I wonder who’s next. Ahahaha…

“AHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAH!” I mutter a loud, evil laugh by accident. I cough immediately after and pound my chest, reminding myself that I shouldn’t be doing that in public. It’ll make me look less handsome. Though, I never become ugly, so I guess when I laugh like that, I must look devilishly handsome. Ahaha, Marc you are a genius!


Anyway… Ahahaha! It’s so difficult to try and stop my own laughter and happiness now.. I’ll be even happier when it’s HER turn! Oh wait, she’s next! My heart starts to pound quickly. Ah, life is an adventure!



And I have FULL control of it. I make an excellent mastermind. All those years of actually working hard in school have paid off.




“It’s three in the morning, but I will keep going and I have no concern if you’re gonna listen or not!” I tell him with enthusiasm while patting him on the shoulder. Sleep is for the weak!


…I completely space out for a moment.


“Um, where was I?” I ask him like I’ve just respawned from a game.

“Revealing unknown number four.”

“Oh! Oh oh oh ok.” I reply.

“ummmmm. I’ll be direct, that’s Bianca. That’s for all you readers who just want to cut to the chase.”

“Readers?” He asks.

“Oh shit. It looks like I’m literally thinking “out of the box” right now.” I give the worst pun in this whole novel, and naturally, I would expect a response but…

“..” He stares at me blankly. I guess he ‘responded.’ Well anyway, I’ll try to stop with the jokes. We all want to know who killed who in this game of life and death.

“I think you need some rest.” He says all of a sudden, which cuts my trail of thought.

“What? No me, need rest?! Don’t be ridiculous.” I say confidently, though I am a bit tired of hiding how tired I actually am, if that makes sense to you.

“I’ll go fix up a room for you, sleep.” He stands up and goes to another room immediately after he says that, without waiting for me to respond. Dammit, I had such a good explanation for the unknown number 4 and 5 too… /sarcasm.




4:00 AM


                I’m home… finally. I walk towards the bathroom and fix myself up for bed. Today’s been a long day. This year, in fact has been tiring me so much… I only wanted to live a normal, happy life with him.. With Blake. But, that can’t happen anymore. I can’t believe I-I… I should stop thinking about this every single day. It’s just going to tire me even more. I need the sleep. However, if this whole plan screws up I don’t know what’ll become of me… Or what’ll become of us. Of me and Blake…


                AAAND the others of course! Don’t worry, I think about them too. Blake’s not the only thing in my mind. Okay, maybe he’s the 50% of what my mind thinks of, but you get the point. Anyway, they never included him in the plan so I’m not so worried about how he’s doing. But if I decide to back out, then they’ll pull that card out. So, I’m basically one of his ‘angels’ at the moment… More like one of his slaves. I just wanted to help out… But I didn’t think I’d be contributing to something like this..


                I’m a terrible person. I honestly can’t take this anymore. My conscience is killing me. Sometimes, I just want to shout and cry. Why couldn’t I have an easier life? I ponder on that thought as I open the medicine cabinet located behind the mirror I was looking at. I take a pack of tablets, and take one. This tablet, so far, has been the only thing I’ve ever trusted with my whole heart ever since this whole thing started. Wait, there’s Blake so-


                Enough with that. I close the medicine cabinet and get out of the bathroom. I quickly make my way towards my bed before I-


…These sleeping pills are magical… Good night..!




4: 15 AM


                I finally finish fixing the room Angeliz would stay in for the night, or morning, rather. I get back to the living room and I see a sleeping… Angeliz? Heh, I guess she was dead tired after all. It’s so obvious. She looks like a raccoon with those dark eye bags. But now, how the hell will I get her to the room? She’s waay too heavy.


“Yes Albert, I am WAAY to heavy with a double-A.” She says as she sits up straight. That startled me.. How the hell does she-

“How do I know that, well I’m an esper.” She answered before I could even collect my thoughts.

“I’m just kidding. The room’s ready right? Well, then goodnight. I am so fucking done with the world today. I mean, did you hear what the fuck I just told you?! ‘I’m an esper.’  That alone tells me I should stop replaying Dangan Ronpa and just fucking sleep. Bye.” She says and leaves the living room. Well, that was fast.




5:00 AM


“Please arrange everything, babe. Love you, ahahaha!” The call ends with his weird yet cute laughter. I’m so glad that I could make him this happy.


Anyway, I’ve already laid out everything for the ‘event’ tomorrow. Or today? It’s five in the morning so I guess this counts as today. All I need to do is to send the ‘invites.’ I’ve gotten so used to fixing appointments, organizing parties and whatnot. And because of that, it doesn’t take me too long anymore to organize such things. But, this was a bit different. You didn’t really NEED to think about what you’re gonna be doing or what you’re gonna say as an excuse for going or not going.


The only difficult part about the event I’m arranging is the location… Other than that, I know that there will be a 100% attendance. Because everyone is just DYING to know the ‘surprise.’ Haha, did you see that pun? That intended pun WAS funny, right? Oh gosh… SHE really grew on me. Ugh, I’ll make sure there are no survivors during our ‘hunger games.’


All the things we’ll need should be with us by tonight. If not, I will make sure everything will still end with a bang. Speaking about bang, I know a fish that explodes. You know, BANGus?! Argh! This is so annoying! I’m getting cornier by the second. Just for the record, I did NOT become any smarter when I hung out with her.


But with him on the other hand… You know the-


I slap myself in the face to stop myself from saying yet another pun that lacks in humor.


(POV: Arissa)


8: 00 AM




I wake up with a start. My phone’s volume was louder than I had anticipated. I pick up my phone which was beside my and answer the call.


“Hey, um if you don’t mind, can you open the gate? I’m outside of your house- er mansion.” There was no doubt about it, that was obviously Blake’s voice.

“Excuse me!? What the hell are you doing-!?” He cut me off before I could finish.

“Come on I barely go here anymore. Just let me in for once, this is urgent.” I decided to ignore him for a bit, wondering about his reaction.

“Ariss, please..”

“Seriously though, this is important. I-It’s about us.”


US!? What, does he really want us to be-!? No wait.. I’m so confused right now.. My thoughts are an absolute mess. He’s despicable! Why would you say such things at this time! I’ve just woken up, you idiot! I could tell that my face was already very much flustered at this point. But there was no use in hiding it since I am alone in my room right now. With my very confused state of mind, I answer half-wittedly.


“YES!” I shout. Wait, what!? WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST-

“Thank you so much! Alright can you maybe come over here and open the gate? I really need to see you now.”


                I rush down the stairs, forgetting about how stupid I look in my heart-themed pajama dress with my messed up head full of things you call ‘hair’. At that moment, it didn’t really look anything like hair. At that moment, I wasn’t the woman who owns one of the largest fashion companies in the world. I was the VERY desperate and hopeless romantic.


I open the gate and finally my brain realizes that I look like a woman who escaped from a mental institute. My face turns bright red.


“Oh, is this part of your new sleepwear collection or are you just making a fashion statement?” Blake says jokingly and grins. I could stare at his smile all day! Who cares if he could be cheating on Biancie right now, I love him!

With that thought in mind, I completely forget how to act and respond like a normal human. My heart was really going “doki doki!”at this point.


“Hey, I know I’m good looking and all but we should go inside.” He says as soon as he realizes that I was staring at him. I punch him in the shoulder and I let him in. There were two sofas around my coffee table. We sit on the opposite sides so that we’re facing each other. As soon as we sit down, Blake takes a deep breath. He looked a bit nervous.

“Anyway, Ariss… Read this.” He hands me a pink envelope which was half-sealed with a heart shaped sticker on the center. I blush as soon as I receive the love letter. I didn’t think he’d be this direct. That’s not his style.


I open the letter and read its content. As soon as I finished, my heart started to beat even faster. But it wasn’t because of love. In fact, this wasn’t even a love letter..


It was an invitation.