The airport, finally. I breathe a sigh of relief as I arrive. I’m finally back home. But, the atmosphere just seems very strange and off for some reason. It’s as if the world decided to turn its back on me…


“POTATO!” Someone from a distance had just shouted at me. I turn around and I see a familiar face waving at me. I walk towards her and greet her back in the rudest way possible.

“Fuck you, fuck yourself, fuck your dreams, fuck off.” Was the first few things I was able to tell her. I’m absolutely pissed off at this bitch right now and I know that she’s gonna act like she knows no shit. In fact, even when I slammed all those crude words in her face, she was still smiling as if I said something along the lines of “Hello gorgeous! It’s great to see you again!”


“Where is she?” She asks.

“In the bathroom, probably taking a shit.” I answer honestly. I kind of regret that now, that was an absolutely stupid idea.


“She turns around and decides to go to the ladies’ room.” I quickly block her way, like the giant boulder I am. Heck, blocking people would probably be my second talent besides breathing.


“What are you doing?” She suddenly becomes ticked off by what I did. I mean, who wouldn’t? But I just had to block her way. Making an excuse for my actions right now would be very, very difficult.


“Um, you’re a man..” I mumble. She’s gonna be all bitch mode now that I’ve said that.


“You piece of-!” Something or someone suddenly stops her from saying the rest of her sentence. She was already holding tightly onto my shirt, ready to choke me. But there was something or someone that was stopping her. I didn’t know who or what she just saw but her face is obviously the “I’m fucked.” Kind of face, which made me feel a bit less tense. In the first place though, I can’t imagine myself actually struggling to live because of her. She lets go of me and pushes me away from herself. I then fix myself a little bit and I decided to give her a bitter stare. “Fuck you.” Was the message I wanted to tell her through that stare.


“You’re here too! It’s great to see you all again!” A familiar voice shouts in glee. But it was obvious acting, I could tell that she wanted to pulverize the both of us for reasons unknown. I could perhaps make a good guess, but I could still be wrong by a long shot.


“Whaddya want?” I ask her in a slightly rude tone. She should stop with that ridiculous façade of hers. It’s annoying as hell. After saying that, I could see a group of people approaching the three of us from a distance. I do believe that the group of people that was coming towards us heard me since they seemed to hasten their pace once I said that. Man, I should really shut the fuck up sometimes.


“Hey, just calm down for a second..” One of the people from the group that approached us spoke up. Calm down? What the actual flying flipping fuck are you talking about?


“Yeah and while you’re at it, please do tell us everything. Be honest.” Another one of them speaks. What are they talking about…


                Wait.. Do they actually think I did all this? ME? Who the fuck has been helping out this whole time? Who the fuck gave 90% of their fucking time just to help Nikki out? Who? ME. It was me who did. And now they decide to question me? I already sorted this whole puzzle up for them. They’re just to fucking dense to see it. The REAL culprits are literally right in front of their faces. Tonight, they might even hold a fucking party while prancing around in their fucking tutus and the group would be completely clueless on what the fuck’s going on.


“So you guys think I’m the one who did this? Do you really think I have a reason to brutally murder anyone? Do YOU GUYS REALLY THINK I’D KILL THEM FOR FUN!?” I shout and stammer. I could tell that everyone In the airport was staring at us. From my peripheral view, I could see some security officers coming closer towards us. But, it doesn’t matter. Nothing’s gonna stop me now.





I think I took too long in the bathroom, but I was just sitting on that plane for hours. Who wouldn’t need to go to the bathroom after a long flight? I feel refreshed as I go out of the ladies’ room. To my surprise, I could see everyone from the kingdom just standing there. All of them had the weirdest look on their faces. But what I found disappointing was, the party wasn’t complete. Where’s Path? Miguel? Oh well. I guess they don’t give much of a fuck. Anyway, they were looking at me and at each other in the strangest ways possible. I wanted to laugh. If this is some sort of prank, I already figured it out. But with all the things happening right now… What if it wasn’t a prank? What if they’re serious?


Ah whatever. Their serious faces are absolutely hilarious. I let out a loud horse-like chuckle by accident. And when that happened everyone’s eyes turned to me. They looked pretty scary… I hope I didn’t take too long in the bathroom. Or maybe they’re mad at me for some other reason…



                I can’t believe the three of them were in the same fucking flight. They didn’t even fucking notice they were until they got here. I have the urge to just smack everyone for being the biggest idiots. Plus the ‘little’ failure she did will hinder this whole operation. Ugh, I’m surrounded by idiots. Do I have to do everything myself? I ponder while making a face at all three of them. My back was turn on the rest of the group, so they didn’t take notice. I still can’t believe she wasn’t able to kill her in time. Of all the things to delay!


                All of us were just standing, giving each other the strangest and probably the meanest looks we could give each other. The biggest idiot who came out of the bathroom just now has absolutely no idea what the fuck’s going on. The tranquil and heavy atmosphere was awkward yet pleasurable to me. I myself enjoy this kind of atmosphere. I’m labeled as ‘evil’, but in truth, I’m just one of her victims. No one would understand how I feel right now. I strongly believe that SHE should just go to hell. She’s so naïve, she has no idea what she did to me and the others… That’s what hurts most of all. I don’t care if they call me evil. If that’s how they see me, so be it. I’ll live the misunderstood life of Robin Hood.


I feel like an evil villain in a movie right now, with my plans not going as smoothly as I expected, but I know it will still succeed by some extent. The ‘good guys’ always win and save the day, huh? There’s no such thing as ‘good’ and ‘evil’ to me right now. Only a few of them get it, and only one of them actually saw my struggle. She even took notice of her struggles too. I didn’t want to drag her into this shit, but it’s too late now.


Trust, love, friendship and justice… They’re some of the biggest lies in this world. Though, only a few realize this fact. But soon, they’ll understand me…. Everyone will.




                …I’m scared. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t even tell the difference between right and wrong. I just wanted to help her out. It pained me to see her acting that way… I just can’t take this anymore. I wanted to scream. Why did this have to happen to all of us? Why does reality have to be so harsh? I get lost in thought as I rapidly pressed the + volume on my phone. The song “Crier” was playing on my phone, and that didn’t help me at all. I needed to keep my composure.


                From my peripheral view, I could see him looking at me. I’m pretty sure he wanted to ask “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” But now’s not the time to play all lovey-dovey. After all those years of fun and games, I guess it’s time for everyone in this group to become serious. No one would take death, murder and crime as a joke and just laugh it off. Not even her, though if she did I wouldn’t know what to think. All of us were just waiting for someone brave enough to break the ice.


I wish someone would speak up already… The silence is killing me. We don’t have much time left.



                I’m so screwed right now, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll definitely find a solution to this. I just need some time, but apparently, that’s the thing were lacking since I screwed up so amazingly. I shouldn’t let my relationships with them affect me. He’s the only man, the only one that should ever matter to me and no one else. But right now, there’s another one besides him that matters to me too. She matters because I want to brutally murder her. I want to see her suffer in the worst way possible. I can never forgive her for what she’s done to me. Though, I’m not the only victim. The two of us want her dead, and if possible, have her head separated from her body to be framed and stuck onto a wall.


It’s not our fault she decided to come in and seduce every man alive, right? Right. I’m pretty sure you didn’t expect a cutie like me to have a hidden fang. I’m only this mean because I love you, everything I’m doing right now is for you, my dear. I try to hide the creepy smile forming on my face. Everyone would become suspicious. My imagination can just go to places sometimes, it makes me want to smile. I just wanted to see her die, right here, right now. Because if it weren’t for her, he and I wouldn’t have had to suffer this much. She should’ve not tried mess with me, because no one ever messes with me and gets away with is.




I’m getting real tired of the waiting game. And I’m getting tired of everyone’s bullshit too. I grab my stroller bag that was beside me and turn around, ready to go back home. Because you know what? Fuck them all? They don’t want my help, fine. Let it be that way. I’m tired of always being the one to ‘settle’ everything. It made me feel so chained. It’s like I’m not even allowed not to be happy whenever I’m with them because if someone’s in a bad mood, I’m supposedly ‘required’ to fix them. That’s how it always felt like to me. After all those years, they still don’t fucking trust me? Well fuck you all, I quit.


                I begin to briskly walk away from the eerily silent group of people whom I used to call my friends. I could hear voices trying to stop me, but I ignore everything. I give up, they can all fucking die if they want to. I’ve already solved everything, they’re all just too fucking dense to get it. I’m no superman. I’m not there to save the fucking day and to care about the good of everyone. I’m human, I’m only required to live my life. I’ve had enough of them. It’s because of them I have to sacrifice so much, and what the fuck do I get in return? A “fuck you” and a figurative slap on the face. I know they say to not expect anything in return, but still. That’s just fucking bullocks.


I reach the exit door of the airport. I was about to go until someone stops me all of a sudden.


“Hey, welcome back. It’s been a while.” The man who stopped me said with a smile. That automatically just made my day. Some people don’t even know that the little things they do could flip someone else’s day upside down.

“Have you seen-“ I stop before he even is able to complete his sentence. I already knew who he was talking about.
“I thought you guys broke up.” I accidentally blurt out.

“Yeah, but she’s still my best friend..” He says with his eyes focused on the floor. He seemed to be holding back tears. For a big guy like him, I find that pretty pathetic. But everyone has those times where they can’t take it anymore.

“Do… you still like her? I’m sorry for being a bit too direct, but it’s easier to ask that way.” I try to ask in the way that could hurt him the least. You could say that I’m good at doing this kind of consoling shit because if I weren’t working with computers, I’d probably be doing this for a living since I’m quite talented at making people feel better.

“No. I don’t like her… I love her.” He replies. I think my jaw dropped so low it reached the ground.

“Are you se-“ He didn’t let me finish.
“Yes, I am. I never wanted to break up with her in the first place. She didn’t tell you about that, I guess. She broke up with me just to be with that guy. Every time I saw her with that guy, it pissed me off so much. I mean, how could she trust such a man? That guy’s nothing but a rich, spoiled player that can get any item he wants. He even treats like girls as his new playtoys.” Right after he said that, I had the urge to slap him right in the face.

“Why did you let that happen if you knew it wasn’t good for her?”

“I-I just wanted her to be happy… At that time, I thought it was the best choice.” I give him a strong bitch-slap to his check.

“Do you think she’s fucking happy, nigga?! Do you?!” I shout at him angrily, but I knew it wasn’t his fault. He covered his face with the palm of his hand due to the pain of both my slap and his own memories. A lot of people that passed by us stared at us, but I didn’t pay any attention to them. I calm down a bit and start talking to him again.

“Come with me, will you?” I ask.
“Where?” He replies.

“I’ll tell you a tale.” I say. His face looked very puzzled, but he went with me anyway. We both leave the airport and I tell him that we should go to the condominium my family owns. I did this because I wouldn’t want any special ‘guests’ to butt into our conversation.


I wasn’t expecting him to be the first guy I’d tell my tale to. He’ll be in for some shit, but if he truly loves her, he’ll help out till the very end. You could say I’m passing my burdens to him. But I think it’s more of hiring a new recruit more than anything.


It’s time to reveal the unknown.