(POV: Mij)

                It’s been a day after the deaths of Pat and Miguel. Everyone’s just dying. Who’s next? I honestly don’t want to believe that it was Angeliz all along. I trusted her, everyone did. Angeliz and Nikki are coming back from Japan today. They should be arriving soon. I take a deep breath, sit down and turn on the TV to watch the news.


“Today, a man is found dead. Investigators suggest that this was suicide due to the injuries he had sustained. They assume that he had jumped off the rooftop of this school. Investigators are still investigating on the reason why he committed this act. They were able to identify this man due to his driver’s license that was in his wallet. This man’s name is Nathan Wolfe. If any of you are linked with this man in any way, please approach the police for further investigation.”


I throw the remote I was holding towards the TV. This can’t be happening. I immediately get a change of clothes and leave. As soon as I arrive there, I could hear two people from a distance.


“No… No, this can’t be! He… he isn’t dead! This must be a mistake.”

“Miss, please calm down.”

“No, I won’t! He isn’t dead, you asshole!”


When I finally get there, I could see Zoe being restrained by the police, Blake and Bianca. Some other men were carrying Nathan’s corpse away. Arissa was just standing there, watching everything happen from a distance. She looked mortified; I could even tell that tears are falling from her eyes.


“LET ME GO YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” Zoe shouts in panic as she kicks Blake right in the balls. He falls to the ground and everyone else tried their best to restrain her.


“..Just let her go.” I say in a slightly low tone. Everyone holding her decided to give up and let go of her. Zoe takes a deep breath and she suddenly cries like a child. I guess she really cared for Nathan. Just looking at our current situation made me feel worse by the minute. The only ones left alive are me, Blake, Bianca, Zoe, Arissa, Nikki, Jamie and Angeliz. I’m not even sure if Nikki’s still alive. We’re down to either 7 or 8. I honestly don’t know who would want to kill everyone. It hurts too much.


                As time passed, the police eventually left with the investigators. No one dared to say a word right after everything that’s happened. Arissa, Zoe and Bianca were silently crying. Blake and I tried to stay strong. Everything was happening so quickly, you wouldn’t know how to even react. We all shared that confused look. I could tell that we were all thinking…


                Wait a minute... Jamie was never here the whole time. She didn’t bother to help out or anything. She didn’t even go here like the rest of us. She wasn’t there when Max died either. She was never there.. Where is she? What’s she doing? Could she… There are so many possibilities, it makes my mind blow up. I need to give myself time not to think of anything, even if it’s only a minute.


I think I need to speak up again. If no one else will, I have to. We need to solve this right now. I don’t want everyone to be running like scared pussies for their whole life. We have a right to live our lives to the fullest; I will not allow anyone to remove that right from any of us. We aren’t living to become slaves and submit to fear. I take a deep breath, and I start to talk.

“Where has Jamie been this whole time?”


(POV: Angeliz)

Nikki and I were just in the airplane, sitting beside each other. I didn’t really pay close attention to her because I was busy listening to some good metal music. A lot has changed these past few days. When we were going to Japan, Nikki was the noisiest and the most idiotic motherfucker around. Now, she’s dead silent. Did that event just traumatize her so much that she can’t even gather enough courage to say a single word? Or, is it my fault? Is she scared of me?


Wait, why would she be? I’ve been her friend for God knows how long. Does she think I’m going to hurt her? What the actual fuck. Does everyone think of that just because I’m a little bit violent? I hope not. But, it’s my fault for not telling them everything. I just didn’t think it was necessary to. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they shoot me down with questions once we arrive. I’m pretty sure I can answer them all with confidence now. I’ve finally solved this case.


But, it’s all still so hard to believe. I’m sure that they did it. I can say that without a doubt, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do after that? Forgive them? Hell to the no. I actually trusted them, Nikki and everyone else did too. They can’t just do that. Attempting to kill Nikki, then killing Max!? There’s no way I won’t be steaming mad once I see them. But, I guess I’ll still have to suppress that anger. There’s actually a bigger chance that they’ll suspect me. They always blamed me for everything, even when it wasn’t my fault.


(POV: Blake)

                As soon as Mij popped that question out of the blue, Zoe’s expression immediately changed. She wipes off her tears and protests. The two of them started to question each other. They were throwing questions back and fourth. It made my head hurt. I honestly don’t want to think about all of this right now, but I guess we have to. Arissa, Bianca and I just remained silent. We didn’t really know what to do, we didn’t know what was right anymore. I don’t think anyone does. We’ve all lost it. None of us can take the pressure anymore. Venting it all out is just a temporary solution. I think Mij is right. We have to solve this as soon as possible. The tension’s slowly killing us all.


“Why are you being so defensive?” I direct my question to Zoe. Both her and Mij suddenly fall silent. Everyone starts to stare at me.

“You didn’t even bother defending Angeliz. So why are you defending Jamie?” I question Zoe again. She seemed quite reluctant to answer, but she did speak up.

“Well, don’t you think it’s obvious? Jamie doesn’t want trouble, so she isn’t getting herself involved in this mess. Angeliz on the other hand, always sticks her giant ass into everything.”

“That’s because she’s being a friend. If Jamie cared about what was happening to her friends, she’d do the same thing. But she isn’t, isn’t she?” Arissa suddenly speaks up.

“It’s Jamie’s nature to at least try and help out as well. So where is she?” I ask.

“Why are you asking me all of this? How the fuck would I know?” This is slowly becoming pointless. We have so many questions, but no answers to them all. But, I do feel like Zoe’s hiding something from us as well, so I’ll keep pushing her until she answers.

“You were defending her, so I’m pretty sure you do know.” I tell her.

“Is it bad to protect your friend? I think not.” Zoe replies.

“And this brings us back to the first question. Why didn’t you hesitate when Angeliz was being accused?” Mij says.

“Look, you guys. We all need some rest. Let’s stop this for now. We’re all tired; we can’t just keep bombarding each other with questions when we ourselves don’t know anything.” Bianca suddenly speaks.

“You’re right… I’m sorry.” I reply.

“I don’t think you should be. Right now, our priority is to solve this case.” Mij says.

“We all know that, Mij. But we don’t have enough information right now… Let’s just wait until Angeliz and Nikki arrive. Maybe they can enlighten us.”

“Why are you all siding with Angeliz?” Zoe mutters, I could tell that she was pretty pissed off.

“Why are you siding with Jamie? Look, it’s the same thing. But, since we don’t know where Jamie is, we can only hope that Angeliz and Nikki know something that we don’t. You know what, I’m out of here. This isn’t worth my time anymore.” Mij says and storms off. Bianca tugs on my jacket, she doesn’t want any more of this as well, so I go back home with her. Everyone eventually leaves the place, hoping that we’ll all understand what’s going on as soon as Angeliz and Nikki arrive.



As soon as everyone left, I take a look around. I make sure no one’s around. I get in my car and I call her.

“What do you want?” She asks.

“They’re slowly discovering the truth, you idiot.” I reply.

“What should I do about it?”

“How the fuck would I know, dumbass!”

“Well, I’ll be with you soon enough. Just wait for me, we’ll figure something out.”

“Alright, fine. Make it quick.”

“I’m in a plane, I can’t just ask the pilot to go faster you idiot.”

“If there’s an idiot here, that would be you.”

“Shut up.”

“By the way, did you do it?”

“The first target was eliminated, but I’m afraid that the second one failed. You shouldn’t have trusted them.”

“I knew it. I’ll deal with her once she gets here. We cannot be delayed any longer.”

“I know that. Anyway, see you.” She says that and the call ends. I on the other hand, start to drive back home. I’ll need as much rest as possible.