(POV: ?)


I was being chased by someone three times my size. I had a gun, but for some reason, I just couldn’t shoot. I don’t know what’s going to happen next anymore. I was running at my top speed, but she’s catching up to me. I take sharp turns around the halls and jump over various furniture just to escape. That didn’t seem to hinder her at all. How is that even possible!? From my peripheral field of vision, I could see her. Is she finally going to end my misery? Will she be the one to make me regret everything I’ve done?


                Due to my foolishness of not looking forward, I crash into something hard, yet very soft. I try to look at what I bumped into. It was her… She was able to run faster than I.. I’m in awe. How can someone that fat even- She punches me in the gut. That was a very solid hit. I feel so much pain.. It hurts so much; I’m actually shaking at moaning in pain. Am I going to die? Is that even possible? It can’t-


(POV: Nikki)


I don’t know exactly why Angeliz told me to do this, but I just followed her. Is she pulling off some sort of prank right now? Or was she serious? I silently ponder while sitting down inside this giant wardrobe. She did tell me to hide; I guess this should count as a good hiding place.


As the time ticks on by, I suddenly hear footsteps approaching. Is that Angeliz? Should I go out now? Or not?


“Why did Madame ask us to do this?” An unfamiliar voice surfaces.

“Bah, I don’t know. But whoever this chick is, she’s so easy to find.” Another unfamiliar voice. They sound dangerous. Are they talking about me? I hope they don’t find me in here.

“Yeah, leaving a trail of powder isn’t very wise.” I completely forgot that I stepped on powder before leaving the suite! I’m fucked!

“What are we supposed to do with this ‘pretty lady’ once we get her anyway?”

“Madame said she’d be the reward. We’d get to do anything we’d like with her.”

“Ooooooh! Let me slit her throat!” I don’t like the sound of that.

“You seriously don’t know how to have fun, do you?” Wait, there are THREE guys?! I’m so screwed!

“Yeah, kill her after I have fun with her first.”

“I wonder if she has, you know…”

“Yeah. By the way, we know you can hear us. Be ready because we’re coming!”

“Whoever finds her first gets to fuck her first!”

“You guys want to fuck Nikki? What the actual fuck guys.” A different voice suddenly emerges and I’m certain that was Angeliz just now.

“And who the hell are you, fatty?” One of the men reply.

“I am the one who’s going to send you all to hell.” She replies.

“Hah, you think you can do that? With all that fa-“ His voice is suddenly cut off. Shortly after that, I could hear a loud thump on the ground.

“Does anyone else want to volunteer as a tribute?” Angeliz says. What just happened?

“Tch. You just got luck-“ The same thing happens. What the heck is she doing.

“Holy shit!” I hear the last man shout. I could hear roaring footsteps. I guess he’s running away. But a familiar and loud sound echoes throughout the room. I’m so familiar yet so scared of that sound… The sound of a gunshot.

“Hey Nikke, get out of there.” Angeliz suddenly speaks out once again. I’m terrified to see what she did to them. What’ll she do to me…? But, she’s my friend.. I can trust her, right?

“Don’t tell me you’re fucking scared. I just saved your ass. By the way, I told you to hide. Not to leave a fucking track of your location.”

I don’t even reply to her anymore. I’m trembling in fear.. I’m getting this really strange feeling, but I don’t even know why. Can I still trust her?


(POV: Blake)

Shit, is he really dead? No.. Not again. Energy surges throughout my body; I immediately carry him like it was nothing. I ran as fast as I could, not even giving a fuck on the look on everyone’s faces when they see me carrying a bloody man. I don’t want anyone to die anymore. I-I can’t stand seeing people die right in front of me! This time, I won’t let anyone die anymore. I finally reach my destination, the hospital. The nurses and doctors looked very shocked and immediately sent him to the Emergency Room. I sit on the bench and wait. I don’t even care if I left my girlfriend hanging there. She should understand right? I mean, what else would I do if I saw someone lying on the ground and slowly dying? I wouldn’t just stand there. I don’t know if I should feel like an asshole or not.


Just by observing him, I’m pretty sure someone shot him. Someone’s really out to get us all. Everyone who’s linked to Angeliz’s group of friends. I can feel it. And just from observing Angeliz’s weird actions, I can tell that she knows something. But she’s hiding it. Is that why she’s helping out so much? So she wouldn’t be suspected? Is this all her fault? Wait… She would never do that. I know her, she’d never dare to-


“BLAKE!” I hear a woman screaming my name. I look at my left side, and I see both Mij and Arissa running towards me.

“What happened to you? You’re covered in blood! Are you alright?” Arissa comes over to me with a concerned look.

“Why are you guys here?” I ask both of them.

“I was about to ask you the same thing. Anyway, we’re here because Pat is in the Emergency Room.” Mij answers. My jaw falls down. Someone’s really out to get us.

“What happened to her?!” I start to freak out. My mind’s about to blow up. What if this was all just a set up? What if the enemy wants us to all gather here? Shit, shit, shit, shit… My mind is all tangled up with all the events. Suddenly, I could feel warmth on my hand. I take a look at it and I notice that Arissa was grabbing onto it with that same look on her face. She’s really worried. I breathe in and out to calm myself down for a moment. I need silence, even if it’s just for a while. They both wait for me to settle down, and I start to speak once again.

“I’m here because Miguel’s in the Emergency Room.” I mumble.

“What!? I can’t believe it. Someone does want us all to die.” Arissa replies. I’m sure she was terrified just by the idea of it.

“I think I’ve solved the case though.” Mij says in a calm tone.

“Really?!” I say in a tone a bit louder than what I was expecting.

“Angeliz didn’t want to hire a private investigator; she wanted us all to solve it together. She knows we can’t do that, we just don’t have the capacity to. She knows stuff that we don’t know, but she doesn’t tell us. Don’t you find that weird? And where is she when everyone’s dying here? She’s in fucking Japan. I can bet that she brought Nikki along so she could get her killed as well. After all, she is the main target.” I can’t believe we actually thought of the same thing.

“It can’t be!” Arissa protests. I know how confused she is now, even I don’t want to believe that she’s the one who did all of this.

“I thought of almost the same thing… But why would she?!” I reply back to Mij.

“That I do not know. We need to find out once she gets her ass back here.” Mij says.

“What if she doesn’t come back?” Arissa asks.

“Angeliz isn’t a pussy. She’ll come back. Heck, she might even tell us everything when she does and kill the rest of us one by one.” Angeliz is my cousin. I want to believe that she didn’t do this, but then again Mij has a point.

“That’s right. I can help you guys out. We can make a plan.” Another voice just comes out of the blue, it was Zoe. She was accompanied by Bianca.

“Why are you guys here?” Arissa asks.

“Well, we heard the news about Miguel..” Bianca replies. Zoe elbows her. That isn’t possible… They’re hiding something from all of us as well. Why is this world so messed up?!


(POV: Nathan)

                I stand on top of the roof of the school I used to attend to with Max. Those were the good old days, just thinking about it made me feel so nostalgic. The wind from up here gently touches my face. It feels so refreshing. I breathe in slowly, and then out. Tears form in my eyes, I didn’t stop them. I seriously miss you, Max. Of all people to die… Why couldn’t it be me? I remember telling you that I’d do anything for her, even if I had to die. Look at me now, I’m ridiculous. I wasn’t able to save her at all. Arissa used to tell me that I’m Max’s “Knight in Shining Armor.” What kind of knight is unable to save his princess?! I’m so pathetic… I also remember telling you that I’d go wherever you go… Anywhere, as long as I’m with you. You know, I always told myself that I’d be fine if I was with you. You would always be there for me, just seeing your face erases all my problems. Just knowing you’re there makes me feel alive. You were the reason why I kept on going. Maxine Beatrice, you have no idea how much I want you right now. It hurts to be separated from you. You’re so far away now. But, it’s okay… I know you can’t come back…. So, I’ll have to go to you.