(POV: ?)


                What the hell is taking so long? I should just get a move on; I don’t care anymore. As I was waiting for her, old memories flash in my head.. Why at a time like this? Why does this keep happening? Tears slowly fall from my eyes.  I start to zone out…


“Hey, are you listening?” He says as he was snapping his fingers right in front of me.


“What?” I reply, as if I had just woken up from a dream.


“I said, I love you.” So he actually said that.. I thought I was dreaming at that time. I never thought that the boy I liked actually liked me back.


“So what you said a while ago-“ He cuts me off.


“Yes, yes. Stop zoning out on me when I’m trying to confess!” He gets pissed off and he shouts at me. He blushes and takes a few steps back. What a weird guy… It makes me smile when I see him this way. I turn red and immediately, I look away.


“Stop joking around, idiot! That’s obviously not true. You’re dating her, right? Not me. Stop it!” I shout.


“Look, I don’t like her.”


“Then why are you dating her!?” I shout furiously and tears just stream down my eyes. My vision becomes a little blurry because of the tears. I quickly try to wipe the tears away.


“..My parents forced me to like her, just so her dad would agree to the partnership of the two companies. I prefer girls like you. I don’t like girls who come off as a flirt to every fucking guy she talks to.” He pauses for a while and stares at me.


“And.. From the very beginning, I was already in love with you.” He says in a low tone. He then flusters and looks away from me.


I still can’t believe he actually likes me. It’s a dream come true. After all these years…


“Hm-“ He suddenly kisses my lips. My face turns into every shade of red you could possibly imagine. I push him away and I turn around in embarrassment.


“DON’T DO STUPID THINGS ALL OF A SUDDEN!” I shout and throw a punch to his shoulder. He doesn’t care. He just stares and smiles at me.


“I’m sorry. I couldn’t contain myself.” He replies while smirking at me.


I throw another punch, but this time, at his face. I didn’t want to hurt him, but he’s such an idiot! He falls down on his knees, then he looks at me. I swiftly look in the other direction. He looks like he’s going to propose to me. Wait… Why am I thinking of that?! That’s too soon! No, stop thinking of ridiculous things! Stupid brain! I take a peek at what he was doing. He was just staring at me… and smiling like an idiot at the same time.


“Hey.” I try my best to ignore him and I try my best to get myself to stop blushing so much.


“We’ll be together. I can find a way to get rid of her. Just wait, I promise.” He continues.


“I-Ican help you… I-If you want..” Wait, what the hell am I saying?! Am I going mad!? There’s no way I’d- As soon as he started to speak, my train of thoughts stop.


“I’d like that.” He replies and grabs my hand. I try to pull my hand away, but for some reason, it didn’t move at all.


“You want to eat somewhere?” Immediately after he finishes saying that, he kisses my hand that he was holding onto. I feel like a kettle that had just exploded because of all the heat. You idiot… Stop making me fall for you.. Please.. I don’t.. I can’t..


                It was hard to say no to his request. His eyes were pleading; he looked so desperate. Just looking at him makes me think that I’ve found my prince charming. This can’t be happening.. No… I shake my head multiple times and I take a few steps back. I can’t be with him, not like this…


“Stop worrying so much. Everything’s going to be okay.” It was like he could read through me. But… how?


“I-I’m scared..” I blurt out. Why did I just say that?! I’m so stupid!


“Then I’ll give you the courage.” He answers and pulls me towards him. He kisses me again.


At that moment, I didn’t care anymore. It was evident that he truly loves me, and not that slut. I just have to bear with this burden for a bit more, it’ll be gone soon enough. Yes… soon. Then, I can finally…