(POV: Zoe)


Sitting down and working for a giant company I own is very stressful. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen them in a while. I’ve been so busy with work that I can’t even chat with them anymore. I have so much shit to deal with here. My employees don’t know how to do their shit right. It annoys the crap out of me. It’s not just my company that keeps me as busy as fuck. I also have to deal with Nathan and all his shit. My life basically sucks like shit. Why do I decide to help people out at the worst times? I think as I repeatedly click my pen. My mind just feels so clouded today. The door suddenly creaks open and one of my workers enter my office.


“Madame, here are the papers you were asking for.” He says as he places the stack of paper on the top of my desk.

“Thanks. You’re dismissed for today.” I reply.


I take the stack of papers and read them.


“Hm?” I ponder for a moment. So Angeliz was THAT close to not graduating college despite her amazingly high grades. Till’ this day, I am still jealous as fuck about that. How can a dumbass like her possibly get an average of 99%?! That kind of grade isn’t possible to get. I’m still wondering how she got those grades. Did she threaten the teachers? I don’t know.


                It says here she was really close to being kicked out of the school because of a certain incident… I wonder what happened… Wait a minute… ARISSA AND BLAKE WERE INVOLVED?! Now I have to know what happened! I guess I’ll conduct my own research, but if that doesn’t work, I can always ask Twinsie to help out. I’m sure Blake will spill the beans if she asks. If not, I’ve got other ideas.


                I stand up and get out of my office. I go to the parking lot and as I was going in my Porsche GT Carrera, I shot mean looks at the men who looked like they were trying to steal it.  I drive to the university that Angeliz attended back when she was still in college.


                I finally arrive at my destination. I take a deep breath and step inside the building. I could see some of the teachers waving at me. Of course they were waving at me, I’m THAT popular. Even if this isn’t the school I studied in. I smile and wave back. Bitches, I’m famous. I try to ask some of the teachers about the incident, but some just walked away, some politely declined to talk about it, and the others made random excuses to avoid the topic.


Was the incident THAT bad? As I was about to leave the building, a teacher comes up to me. Oh gosh, I feel terrible for forgetting her name. But, her face is really familiar to me.


“Zoe, I heard that you wanted to know more about the incident that involved Angeliz. Am I right?” She asks.

“Yes, ma’am. Do you have any information on this?” I answer.

“Yes, I do. But, please don’t mention anything about this to anyone. Am I clear?” She tells me in a caring yet very intimidating voice.

“Yes ma’am.” I’m still wondering why she doesn’t want me to tell anyone about this. Then, she signals me to follow her. I follow.


We walked past a lot of corridors and rooms; it felt like an eternity of walking. I’m amazed that she isn’t tired yet. Well, I guess she’s used to it. What’s more impressive is that she’s wearing four-inch heels while walking such a far distance. She suddenly stops in front of a classroom. I didn’t notice her stop, causing me to nearly trip in the process. The door looked really old and worn out compared to the other doors we walked past. This could fit perfectly for a horror movie. Especially with this kind of tranquil environment. Shit, I’m scaring myself.


The teacher opens the door and walks in the room. She walks towards the teacher’s table and opens the drawer. She starts searching for something in the drawer. After a while, she takes out a piece of paper. It looked rather old and crumpled. She hands it to me and I start to read it. It’s a news article about the incident… Was it really that bad? I start to wonder.


“A college student, together with two other students, beats up a group of boys. However, these three are very popular in their school for excelling in their academics and so on. One of them even has international recognition. Some of the teachers in their school told us that Angeliz is pretty violent, and it wasn’t much of a surprise that she’d beat those guys up. Though, the teachers were very shocked of Blake and Arissa’s sudden change of attitude. Angeliz Reyes and her two accomplices, Blake Hunter and Arissa Reyes, were caught in the act of beating them up. Angeliz defends her side with the statement, ‘My cousin was being beat up by these guys, so Arissa and I came to stop the fight. Though, things did go out of hand and the boys did not stop hitting him. So we did what was best, to beat the shit out of them and to teach them a lesson.’ It was evident from that statement that their intention was to beat these guys up for fun. The boys tell us that they were just ‘hanging around’ when these three suddenly come in and beat them up. Blake Hunter tells us that the boys were forcing him to join their fraternity. He refused them, so the boys started to beat him up. It’s obvious that what Blake Hunter said is a cover-up. The case is being reviewed and judged at the moment, but it’s pretty obvious that these three delinquents will end up behind bars after that.”


“WHAT KIND OF SHITTING ARTICLE IS THIS!? NEWS ARTICLES AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE ONE-SIDED. AND, AND THE ERRORS IN THE ARTICLE IS ANNOYING AS FUCK. WHY THE FUCK CAN’T THESE PEOPLE LEARN HOW TO DO THEIR SHIT RIGHT.” I spew out the most retarded and random words in my anger. These people don’t even know how to write a news article right. You had one job, yet you fucking screw up.


I was THIS close to tearing the paper into tiny shreds. Before I could even make a tiny rip on the paper, the teacher pats my back to remind me that what I was holding wasn’t mine. It was hers.


“I almost did that as well. But in the end, the boys were arrested. During that time, I believed that I was the only person who thought otherwise about the case. Blake, Arissa and Angeliz are good people, and I’m not lying about that.” After the teacher had said that, she starts telling me everything else about the incident.


8:00 PM


She said… a lot more than what I had expected. That woman spent about 5 hours telling me every single little detail about what happened. I nearly fell asleep. I wasted my time. The information I have is totally useless… It has no relation to what I’m looking for. Oh well, I guess I’ll find a way to put this information to use, somehow. I have to get back to work immediately now that I’ve wasted enough time thinking about shit.


(POV: Miguel)


                It’s been about 5 fucking hours. I’m just standing here, a few meters away from the café. What the fuck is going on? Is Blake doing this properly or is he just having fun being with Bianca? Gosh, they’re taking forever. I put on my earphones and I start to listen to music. I even start to sing to it as well. I don’t know how loud I am or how stupid I sound, but that’s okay.


(POV: Blake)


I couldn’t see Miguel anymore. He was too far away from us. He didn’t have to do that though. But then again, if he didn’t Bianca wouldn’t talk. She only told me a few things, but that should do, for now. I don’t know if any of the information she gave me is really relevant, though.




Was that Miguel? He sounds like an idiot singing as loud as that. He must’ve gotten bored and tired already. I completely forgot that we was just standing there. I think I should go to him and see if he’s okay or if he needs something.


“Bianca, I’ll just check on Miguel. You can stay here if you want.” I tell her.

“Oh, okay then.” She says as she eats her strawberry cake.


As I was going towards the direction of his voice, he suddenly stops singing. Did he notice me or something? I don’t know. I try to wave my hand. This fog is pretty thick. I couldn’t really see him anywhere. Suddenly, I trip over something mushy and soft. I get up, then bend down to take a closer look on what I had just tripped over.


“HOLY SHIT.” I get up and take a lot of steps back. I slap myself in the face.


“Hahaha. I must be dreaming. Maybe even hallucinating. Let me take a look at that again.” I say as I walk back towards the mushy, soft object.


“So.. I wasn’t dreaming…?”