(POV: Angeliz)




My phone rings as I was driving back to the hotel. Cold sweat trickles down my forehead. I really hope my prediction wasn’t right. I pick up and answer my phone. Fuck no texting and driving. Well, this is a call… Fuck that.


“ANGELIZ-SAN! TAKAMINA-SAMA… SHE-“ I don’t let him finish. I could already tell what he was going to say next.

“Whatever you do, don’t go near her body. But, don’t let anything touch her corpse either. I’ll be there in a bit. Hide somewhere and be quiet.”

“Hai!” He answers back in Japanese and I end the call. With my free hand, I search for my other phone.

“There you are; you little shit.” I mumble to myself while holding on to my phone. I immediately dial Nikki’s phone number.

“Nikki it’s me. Go to the luxury elevator in our suite. Then, go to the other room I rented. It’s in the third basement, just so you know. Hide there and shut your mouth. Don’t ask, just follow, my servant. If anyone tries to contact you without saying or texting the word servant or servant number one, don’t answer. See you.” Right after saying that, I end the call.

“SHIIIT!” I scream as I almost crash into a giant dump truck. Holy fuck that was so close. I could hear the truck driver swearing a ton of shit in Japanese. Ignoring him, I drive back to Pato’s house as fast as I can.


(POV: Mij)


Arissa and I decide to visit Path today since we pity the poor girl. Just kidding. We just wanted to check on her. We really haven’t heard anything from her in a while now. She won’t answer the phone, she doesn’t go online anymore, and stuff like that. Meanwhile, Miguel and Blake decide to investigate Matthew’s death. Both of them seem to be really curious about it.

The doctor who checked Matthew’s body DID say one thing though, Matthew’s jacket had the scent of a girl. What he said seemed pretty fucking useless, but it’s actually pretty helpful. If only Miguel and Blake could put that tiny clue to use, though. I do have a few suspicions. It could be either, one, the one who murdered him was a girl. Two, it could have been Bianca, she could’ve poisoned him because he was trying to rape her. Or something. Then again, why would she just carry around poison with her? I think they should start questioning Bianca first, though Blake might end up defending her and shit. Three, it could be something else. There are a LOT of possibilities. Those two need to find more shit to be able to find out what really happened.


After a while of just derping around in the car, Arissa and I finally arrive at Path’s place. Arissa skips over to the front door and knocks. We wait for a bit, but no one opened the door. She tries again. No answer. I get tired of waiting, so I kick the door open..


*SPLAT!* That sounded like something got squished flat. What was that just now? From my peripheral vision, I could see Arissa shivering in fear. But, where did that sound come from? Path’s house looked a little TOO clean. I feel like some shit’s gonna happen. I end up feeling a bit scared myself.


“Hey, Arissa. I’ll check upstairs, you check for shit down here.” I say, my voice ends up cracking and shivering a bit. She agrees to that. As soon as I got upstairs, I hear Arissa scream her lungs out. I stumble down the stairs, and I see a traumatizing sight…


The lampshade.. has been squashed.


(POV: Miguel)


I’m driving the car, with Blake beside me. To be honest, he listens to music a bit TOO much. He always has his earphones on. Kind of like Angeliz whenever she brings her phone or music player. Both of them listen to music on a volume a bit TOO loud. Even I could hear the music. It’s been quite a while now, every music track I’ve heard from his playlist is metal. Is he depressed or something? But, then again he comes off as a pretty cheerful person.


“We’re here.” I say as I unbuckle my seatbelt.

“With all this chaos happening around all of us, I can’t help but to think that we might all just die without realizing it.” He says as if his mind has drifted off to another world.

“Well, I’m pretty sure Bianca wouldn’t like it if you were to die. She might just kill herself if you’d die. She really likes you. Cheer up, dude.” I say and pat his shoulder.

“Yeah. Thanks, man.” He replies.


Both of us finally get out of the car. Blake knocks on the door. Bianca opens the door and smiles, then immediately frowns once she sees me. That kind of hurts seeing that she really doesn’t want me around. Was she planning on doing ‘something’? Oh gosh, where’s Mij and Angeliz when you need them to make hilarious jokes and puns?


“Hey, wanna go out?” Blake asks and smiles. Bianca ignores him and she glares at me.

“What do YOU want?” She says while pointing at me.

“Don’t ignore your boyfriend.” I reply.

“Shut up, princess!” She shouts back and hits my head with a book. Where the fuck did she get that?

“You little shit!” I shout.

“Just stop, both of you.” Blake says. Bianca immediately stops. I giggle a bit; she stares at me with her rape face. I wanted to laugh like a retard.

“Anyway, Miguel and I have some spare time today. Wanna come with us?” He continues.

“Not with HER coming along.” She replies. I give her the finger.

“Don’t tell me you’re ALREADY jealous because I’m standing right beside a gay dude.” He says.

“You guys are really mean, you know.” I say.

“Anyway, we’re just gonna check out the new café and shit. I hear they have amazing strawberry cakes.” Blake continues, ignoring me. Ugh, he’s even worse than Angeliz, Mij and Jamie put together.

“It’s nearby, so we can walk.” I say.

“Fine. I’ll just change clothes.” Bianca says, about to go back in her house when Blake suddenly stops her by grabbing her arm all of a sudden.

“You look fine. Let’s go.” He says and grins.

“Fine.” She says and they both walk off, leaving me behind. They’re treating me as if I’m invisible, they suck. Why did I come along in the first place?

“Wait!” I hear Bianca shout.

“What is it?” Blake asks.

“I left something, wait here.” She says and runs back in her house.

“Sorry about a while ago.” Blake tells me.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” At least he had the heart to apologize.

“Anyway, I don’t know how we’re supposed to ask her questions and shit.”

“I’m surprised you don’t seem to have too much of a problem with interrogating your own girlfriend.” I reply.

“Well, I honestly don’t think she can do something like that. But, I think she might know who did that to Matthew, or she might know something we don’t.”

“Yeah. We just need to find a way to get her to spill.”

“Gaining her trust works, I guess. Though it looks like she doesn’t really like you at all.”

“Yeah. She doesn’t seem to like my presence. Maybe she wanted to be alone with you or something.”

“She wouldn’t mind before, though. To be honest, she’s been acting pretty strange lately.”

“I agree.”

“We’ll have to find out why.”


“This is going to be pretty challenging.”

“She’s your girlfriend, shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“I wish I could say the same.”


                To be honest, I think both of them are acting pretty strange lately. Same goes with Angeliz and Arissa. I wonder what’s going on. Especially Angeliz. She doesn’t seem to be so retarded anymore. She’s starting to act a bit more… wise. I hope she didn’t get hit on the head or something. On the other hand, Arissa seems broken hearted, but I don’t know why. Her attitude seems to change when she sees Blake. She suddenly goes all weird when Blake and Bianca are together. Does she like Blake? I don’t think they’d be a good match, to be completely honest.