October 25, 2020

8:00 AM


(POV: Angeliz)


                I cannot believe I was able to bear this burden of being with Nikki for such a long span of time. Right after the incident that occurred a few days ago, everyone in the studio started to trust me even more now since I was able to protect everyone. No one was harmed that time, thank God. The police weren’t able to catch Ponytail though. This makes things a lot more difficult for me. I have to be on my guard 24/7.




OH. MY. GAWD. THAT IS THE MOST ANNOYING ALARM IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE NIKKI’S STILL NOT WAKING THE FUCK UP. WITH THAT LOUD OF AN ALARM, EVEN THE ONES STAYING ON THE FIRST FLOOR CAN HEAR THAT SHIT. I wait for a while, she’s still sleeping happily. Well, fuck her dreams. I throw her phone at her face, this time it doesn’t miss. She immediately wakes up and pinches me.



“Sorry!” She says and turns her alarm off.


*A-hee-ahee ha-hee!*

“WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT?!” I shout, pissed off.

“Umm, Angeliz… That’s your phone.” She replies.

“Oh.” Someone was calling my phone. The number was unknown, but I answer it anyway. Who the fuck calls at a time like this?

“Meet me at my mansion, now. I wish to speak with you.”

“Uh, okay. Who is-“ The call ends before I was able to finish my sentence.

“Who was that?” Nikki asks.

“Who knows? Just stay here, I’m just going somewhere for a while. Don’t do anything extremely idiotic while I’m gone.” I say and immediately leave. I didn’t even bother to wait for her reply. She’s a pretty loyal slave either way.


(POV: Takamina)


“Angeliz Reyes is at the door. Shall I let her in, Milady?” Sebastian approaches me and asks. To be honest, I didn’t think she’d even be able to get here. How does she know where I live? Is she a stalker? We didn’t really talk often, but she was able to recognize my voice pretty quickly. Maybe she likes listening to me sing on TV or something, I don’t know.


                I usually hate those business people like her, but she talks in a really casual manner that doesn’t try to force me to do shit I don’t want to do. If I say no, that’s fine with her. Plus, she’s different from everyone else. She doesn’t seem to be intimidated by me, she just says whatever the fuck she wants. I like people like that, though some do piss me off.


                The only reason why I asked her to come over to my place was because I felt like I NEEDED to talk to her. She seems so familiar… But I don’t remember her one bit. The way she talks, the way she manipulates people to do what she wants.. I know I knew someone very similar to her before. Is she the same person?


“What did you need me for? By the way, I had to scare off some of your friends to discover where your mansion was. You should at least tell me where your house is before calling me all of a sudden.” Angeliz says while walking towards me.

“Nothing, really. I just wanted to talk to you.” I reply honestly.

“Did someone hit you on the head? Others tell me that you’re supposed to be, well, meaner than this.” She says.

“No, I didn’t.” I answer back, trying to scare her a little. But, she remains unfazed. Her face seems a bit TOO confident. I wonder why.

“If you have nothing important to tell me, I want to ask you something.” She says. I don’t reply.

“So, how did Pato the duck turn into the J-Pop superstar Takamina-san?” Did she just say…

“WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT MY REAL IDENTITY?!” I slam the table, stand up and shout at her.

“..I’m surprised you don’t remember me. I guess your head did get hit by something.” I can’t believe she can remain so unfazed even after I did all that. I sit down on the couch again and I start to think. Who… just who is she?

“Based on your facial expression when you saw Nikki enter the studio a few days back, I’m pretty sure you remember her pretty well. I can’t believe you can’t remember me. But then again, I didn’t really talk to you as much as I would talk to Neko or to Nikki in the past. You were usually busy chatting with Arissriss and Path, the amazing lampshade. Here’s a hint, I’m the one who calls everyone a fucking idiot.”

“Wait… Arissa doesn’t have an older sister.. I remember who she is now.”

“Yay, you’re right! We just have the same last name. We’re same last name buddies. Now, remember me, ya little sheet.” She says in a funny tone that made me giggle a bit. Pondering on and on, trying to figure out who Angeliz was in the past is pretty difficult. I don’t really remember her.

“I’m the one who told you to keep the fart bomb I bought. Then, it exploded in Bianca’s house while you were dancing tah sheet. Does that ring a bell?”

“..Potato?” For some reason, that was the first word that came into my mind immediately after she said that.

“CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ONLY REMEMBER ME FROM MY FUCKING USERNAME!” She shouts, gets up and jumps around like an idiot. Oh, now I remember who she is now. She was one of my closest friends back in high school. She’d always support me, though she can be pretty fucking mean at times.

“How did you know my identity?” I ask her out of curiosity.

“Oh, the way you speak in English is a pretty good giveaway. It makes it obvious that you don’t come from Japan. You just look Japanese, and or Korean. Also, you seemed so familiar when I met you again on that day at the studio. So yeah.” She says and pauses for a while. I could tell that she had more to say.

“By the way… Why are you mad at Nikki? I know you transferred and all, because of her, but I didn’t discover why. You wouldn’t talk to me at that time. You didn’t talk to anyone, you just left all of a sudden and now you’re… Well, a popstar.”

“…That slut stole him from me. I’m pretty sure you can picture out the rest.”

“I see. Well, I think you should feel a bit happy. There are actual people wanting to chop her head off! And I’m actually fucking serious.”

“I hate her, but I wouldn’t go as far as that.”

“I know. She’d be dead by now if you were the one trying to kill her.” She actually thinks I can kill her that easily. That’s just retarded.

“So, who’s trying to kill her?”

“Not telling you just yet. Try to make your own research.”

“Ugh. You can just tell me that you don’t know who he or she is instead of making a dumb excuse.”

“No, I actually know. Remember that girl who had a gun the other day? Yep. That would be one of them.”

“If you knew, then why the fuck aren’t you doing anything about it?”

“Simple. I’m supposed to be an idiot, so I should act like one. They wouldn’t expect a dumbass like me to be able to crack the case.” To be honest, I never saw Angeliz as a dumbass. She had pretty decent grades when I still studied in the same school as she did.

“Don’t you think speaking so casually like this is dangerous? They could actually be stalking you. By the way, if you think I’m outdated on this, I’m not. A friend of mine told me about this a few weeks ago. But, I haven’t really started caring this much about it until now.”

“I can tell. You would first ask me about the other details before directly asking me who the killer is. Anyway, who’s this friend of yours?”

“Matthew. He’s one of the only other people who knows my true identity.”

“How the fuck do you know Matthew?”

“When I studied in the US, I was in the same school as he was.”

“Oh, so you went to Zoe’s school.”


Angeliz doesn’t answer back. I could tell that she was thinking of something. After a while, she starts talking again.

“I see. Well, thanks for your time. I have to go now.” She gets up, ready to leave.

“Wait!” I shout and grab her arm.


“I’m accepting the offer, by the way.” Angeliz then smiles. That’s something VERY rare.

“Thanks. I can go hooooooomeeeeeeeee!” She says and twirls like a ballerina. That made me laugh a LOT.

“But seriously, thanks.” She says.

“If you need help on anything, just ask me.” I say and smile at her with the best smile I could put off. It’s the first time I’ve ever smiled at someone wholeheartedly in years. She just completely changed my mood.

“By the way, stop living in the past, live in your present life and enjoy while you’re still alive. Your dream guy won’t come back, so find someone even better than that gay ass. Live life to the fucking fullest and have no shitting regrets when you die like shit! KEEEEEEEP MOOVVIINNG FOOORWWWAAARDDDD~!” Angeliz shouts and sings happily while leaving.


I wanted to get mad at her, but she’s actually right. I hate to admit it, but she’s right. I’ll change and enjoy my life again, like before.. Yeah, that seems like a lot of fun. I’ll do that. I’m going to look forward to every single day. She made me realize so much things in a span of a few minutes. I’ll have to thank her for that. I’m going to be the-