July 10, 2020

1:00 PM


"Ack, I can't think, I don't know where to start in making this character!" Angeliz shouts to herself in the tranquil room.


"Hey, what the hell!?" Shouted Blake.


"Oh, sorry. I can't think of a design for this character I'm making." Angeliz replies.


"Try going outside rather than trapping yourself in this room to get ideas." Blake says.


"Rather not. It's a heat wave out there." Angeliz replies.


"Oh yeah, I'll introduce you to her later. I'll just go and pick her up." Blake says.


"Who her? Your girlfriend?" Angeliz asks.


"Who else? Besides, you'll like her. She's really kind and she's really cute." Blake replies with a grin on his face.


"You know how much I don't care about your girlfriend, right? You don't have to introduce her to me."


"Well, who else can I introduce her to? Certainly not my parents."


"Alright, you go off to wherever, while I stay here. Got it?"


"Awesome. I promise, you'll love her." After that Blake runs out of the room and into his car.


"Oh well, back to work." Angeliz says to herself.


*Ring, ring* Angeliz's phone starts to ring. Angeliz picks up her phone and reads the text.





"Hey Angeliz, are you available on July 12? I have some information on Nikki's case and I got permission to investigate in the building. DON'T ASK. I'll tell you when you're there."


"Holy carp. How'd she get the time to do that?" Angeliz says to herself while staring at her phone.


*Ring, ring!* The doorbell rings, and Angeliz drops her phone and approaches the door.


"Hey!" Blake says.


"So, where is she?" Angeliz asks.


"Wait, just wait. Just sit over there first." Blake replies.


"Fine." Angeliz starts walking and sits on the couch. Then, Blake runs back out of the house and walks back in with his girlfriend, holding her hand.


"So, this is my girlfriend-" Angeliz interrupts Blake.


"BIANCA?!" Angeliz said with her eyes widening.


"How do you?-" Angeliz stops him from speaking, pulls him and pins him to the wall. Bianca stares at them awkwardly.




Blake struggles to speak and says, "How would I k-know? Besides t-there's nothing wrong with it."


"Fine, but if you make her cry, I WILL kill you." Angeliz says and lets go of Blake. Blake fixes himself and says, "I won't, I would never. And if I did, I'd be killed by both you and Zoe."


"You better." Angeliz replies.


Bianca speaks up and says, "So, Blake, why were you introducing me to her?"


"Well, she's my cousin." Blake replies.


"REALLY?!" Bianca says, shocked.


"Why so shocked?" Angeliz asks.


Bianca starts laughing and says, "I wasn't expecting that."


 Bianca stops laughing and asks, "But, why didn't you introduce me to your parents instead?"


"Oh, they're dead." Blake replies.


"I'm sorry."


"No, no it's alright really."


"No, but-" Angeliz interrupts Bianca.




"Sorry." They both say in unison.


Suddenly, rain starts falling.


"I think you should both stay here for a while, I think the rain's gonna be strong. You know, just in another room where both of you won't disturb my work." Angeliz says.


"Wait, you're just playing computer games there. That's not work." Bianca says.


"I am a graphics designer, mainly for games. Didn't I say that a few days back, Neko-chan?" Angeliz replies.


"Hah, Neko-chan. That's a cute nickname." Blake says and immediately Bianca turns red.


"Kanojo wa neko no yo ni kawaidesu. Anata ga sono koto de kanojo o yobidasu riyu wa wakaru." Blake says.


"Ugh, why do you have to speak in Japanese?" Bianca says, annoyed.


"So that you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about." Blake says and smiles.


"Bianca, he said that you're cute, like a cat." Angeliz says and grins. Blake blushes and Bianca smiles at him.


Blake tries to get out of the topic and asks, "What time is it?"


"It's the time of fulfillment." Angeliz answers and grins.


*Ring, ring* Angeliz's phone rings and immediately Angeliz looks at her phone to read the message. After that she says, "Well, gotta go."


"Wait, the rain's pretty hard, where you goin'?" Blake asks.


"To a friend of mine. She wants me to go to her house to investigate further on Nikki's case. Oh yeah, Marc was found and arrested for investigation." Angeliz replies.


" That guy may be a prick, but I don't think he could try to kill someone." Blake replies.


"What's a prick?" Bianca asks out of curiosity.


"It's an insult. Blake, don't tell her anymore on what it means." Angeliz says.


"Alrighty." Blake replies with a smile.


"Oh come on!" Bianca shouts angrily.