Angeliz patiently waits for the ‘criminal’ to wake up.

“Man, I didn’t know my kick could to that.” She says to herself.

Earlier, Angeliz had told Nikki and the others that she’d handle the criminal and she had instructed everyone to just continue what they were doing as if nothing happened. Angeliz then brought the unconscious criminal to an isolated room, still within the building. Angeliz already knew who this ‘criminal’ was. She wanted her to stop before she ends up hurting her. Angeliz showing mercy to someone is a pretty uncommon sight. She’d just usually beat the crap out of someone who would mess with her, with the exemption of her closest friends. Angeliz already holds the ‘key’ to all the answers, but refuses to speak of it. But, she knows that she’ll have to spill the beans one day.


“Arrghhhh…” The ‘criminal’ mumbles, blinks twice and stretches her arms upward.

“Oh man, what a dream.” She says.

“Oh, that wasn’t a dream, Ponytail.” Angeliz says. I guess I, the Narrator will call our culprit Ponytail now.

“A—AHHHHHHHHHHHH-!!” Ponytail screams like a scared cat.

“SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Angeliz says and covers her mouth. The room soon becomes tranquil once again.

“Look, I’m giving you this one chance. Stop whatever you’re doing. I don’t know why the hell you wanna kill the white one, well maybe ‘cause you’re racist or something, but please stop. You and you’re comrades have caused enough trouble already. And yes, I already know that you, Gemini and Richass are working together to kill her, and possibly me and the rest of us. If you don’t give up now, I’ll be the one to kill you. Capish?” Angeliz says confidently.


By this point, just by judging the aliases Angeliz gave them, you can already find out who the culprits are pretty easily. If you can’t, let me just tell you that you must be a fucking dumbass.


“I won’t stop.” Ponytail says, gets up and escapes like a quick fox. Angeliz doesn’t stop her though. She just sighs and exits the room.



Let’s get back to the other side of the world.

“I KNEW IT!” Mij exclaims.

“You’re just saying that to make yourself sound smarter.” Miguel says.

“Okay fine, I admit that, but why would she do that?” Mij asks.

“I don’t know. We better tell Angeliz.” Miguel replies.

“She might know that already. Remember, we got all the thumbprints from her; we just went to a laboratory to see if it matched anyone’s fingerprints.” Mij says.

“I’m still wondering where the fuck she got that.” Miguel says.

“Yeah, it’s creepy how she has so much shit about us.” Mij replies.

“I don’t think we should tell anyone for now though.” Miguel says.

“Why not? Wouldn’t it be better to exploit the culprit?”

“Who knows, she might’ve not done that, we may have thumbprints, but that isn’t enough evidence yet. You’re supposed to be the lawyer here, you should know that. Or do you just want to exploit her because you hate her?” Miguel says.

“She’s a bitch. She deserves to be in prison.”

 “I don’t think you should do that just because you hate her. I don’t like her as well, but that isn’t right.”

“What the hell happened to you, princess? You used to agree with me on this as well.”

“Yeah, but I learned a thing or two right after that. And fuck you! I swear to God I will kill you if you say that again.”


Their argument goes on forever. (almost.) They eventually stop and agree on waiting for Angeliz to make a decision. They also agreed on keeping the information confidential to the rest of them, for there could be more than just one culprit.


(POV: ?)

“LET GO OF ME!” I continuously shout and scream. I struggle, trying to escape. It’s no use. His grip is too tight. His arms are tightly wrapped around my waist. My clothes and his are both drenched because of the pouring rain. My tiny body’s shivering because of the cold. But, the warmth coming from his arms made me feel a bit more comfortable. My whole body’s giving in. I have no other choice now. I’ll collapse if I try to move any more. I could hear and feel him breathing, he’s tired as well. I hate this, he’s too close.

“Stop acting so stubborn.” He says while breathing heavily. I try to answer, but nothing comes out of my cold lips. We stay in this weird position for quite a while.


(POV: Blake)

This is what I get for forgetting to bring an umbrella. I guess the weather reports were correct today. I’m soaked. I look from side to side while walking across the street. I turn right and my feet stop moving. I slap myself in the face to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. Is that Zoe? And… Matthew? They know each other? What a small world. I end up staring at them for a short while. Wait.. that doesn’t really look like Zoe… Whatever. I honestly didn’t want to know whatever affair they’re having right now. I turn around and I walk away as fast as I can.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I hear a high-pitched voice scream. It sounded so similar to a banshee. That hurt my ears.


I kind of assumed that scream was Zoe’s so I run back to where I saw her. I hid myself behind the wall, glancing at what was happening. She was trying to get away from Matthew.. But why? I could see her tiny body struggling, trying to shake him off. Well, he does look like he’s up to no good; But, I also know that he’s not that bad of a person. Swiftly, I dash towards Matthew and jab his face with my left. His face hits the wall and he loses his balance and almost falls down. He shakes his head and puts on a fighting stance. Judging from his facial expression, he doesn’t look like he recognizes me. Zoe runs behind me and hugs my arm. Wait a minute… This girl isn’t Zoe. I think smoke just came out of my ears; my whole body’s fizzing with energy, it made me feel jumpy.  WHAT THE FUCK DID HE DO TO BIANCA? I grind my teeth. I will kill this guy. I untwine my arm from Bianca’s arms and I briskly walk towards him. He has a fighting stance, but there are so many openings in his stance, it makes me want to laugh. He tries to punch me multiple times, but I quickly dodge them. How pathetic. It’s obvious that he has no experience in fighting at all. His stance is sloppy, plus his punches are slow. I don’t even put on a fighting stance anymore. I raise my right foot up, a few inches above Matthew’s head and I drop my foot, performing an axe kick. He wasn’t able to dodge it; I don’t even think he realized what the heck just hit him. He falls to the ground, with his nose bleeding. Suddenly, I felt something pass behind me. I saw something yellow as well. What the fuck was that just now?