October 23, 2020

8:00 AM


(POV: Angeliz)

“I’m so excited! I get to go to Japan! I get to meet Takamina-san! I really wish I could get her autograph and a picture with her maybe! Omg, she might give me an AKB0048 album for free! Isn't this great, Angeliz!?”


I know you’re hearing what I’m hearing, and yes you’re right. That, that, that is the MOST irritating, dumb, stupid, idiotic, moronic, imbecilic and annoying voice in the entire universe. I could come up with a whole new dictionary of words just to describe how fucking annoying Nikki’s voice is. Jeez, she’s making such a giant scene here. People think she’s mentally retarded, shouting all this shit to me in the fucking airport. We aren't even in Japan yet, holy shit. Can’t she shut the fuck up for one second?


I grab Nikki and pull her away from the countless number of people who were staring at her for being such a dumbass.


“Shut up for one second, will you?” I say.

“Sure!” She replies happily.

Shit, shit, shit. I shouldn't have said that.





“Heeyy, listen.”


“P-People are s-staring.” She mumbles.

I look around. A giant crowd of people were staring at me. They all looked so terrified. I can’t believe they think I’m actually going to tie Nikki’s ass to the plane’s engine. Are they idiots? Well, fine. I admit, I do look like some sort of murderer or a criminal because of my intimidating face and giant body. Gah.


I drag Nikki and we both get in the plane. Both of us sit down. Before Nikki even tries to start talking, I put on earphones and listen to music. I place it on maximum volume.


(POV: Blake)

I really hope Angeliz brought her medicine. She’s with Nikki, the girl who nearly killed her just by being the most annoying person to ever be with. And I hope Nikki brought something to protect herself with. She’s with Angeliz. Angeliz was this close to killing Nikki with her own hands. I can’t believe Arissa allowed these two idiots to go off to a different country.


“I don’t think you should worry about the two of them.” Arissa says. She can really read whatever’s on my mind, even until now.

“But-“ She interrupts me.

“I put a tiny camera on Angeliz’s glasses and on Nikki’s headphones. I don’t trust them to go to a different country together alone. They always find a way to cause trouble, even when they don’t mean to. So, I guess I can let you borrow my laptop to see what’s going on there every now and then. So don’t worry.”

“Thanks, I guess.” I reply.

“That doesn’t sound very thankful to me.”


“What? Do you want me to send you off to Japan too?”

“Er, umm.. Well,-“

“I’m kidding. You’re really easy to figure out.” She says and smiles.

“Guess so.” I answer.

“Can you do me a favor and help me?”

“With what?”

“Max’s burial and wake.”

“What do you need help with?”

“Just pick out the flowers and food, I guess.”

“Wouldn’t it be better for Nathan to do that?”

“Yeah, but he isn’t talking to anyone but Zoe. And I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about Max just yet.”

“Alright, fine.”

“Thanks so much. I have to go now, see you.” She says and leaves.

“Yeah, see you.”


(POV: Nikki)

The hotel, finally! Arissa got a really big room for us. Since our flight was a bit delayed we just dumped our things in the room and got a taxi going to the AKB0048 studio. Thirty minutes later, we arrive there. The music’s really loud. You can hear it from outside. They were singing my favorite AKB0048 song!


“Mayoi wa suterun da!

Konjou wo misero yo!

Tamerau na!

Ima sugu

Ippo fumidase yo! Believe yourself!”


“OHMYGASH, THEY ARE SINGING RIVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!” I shout. I can’t believe it! This place looks simply amazinggggggggggg!I start singing to the song.


“Mae e mae e!

Massugu susume!”


“Just shut up and act a bit decent.”

“Shut up! I’m singing!”





Angeliz slapped mee!

“Now, shut up. Unless you want me to kick you.”


I start dancing to it instead.

(POV: Angeliz)

Geez, if she can’t sing to it, she starts dancing to it. That’s just fucking ridiculous. I get inside the studio and Nikki follows. Just from here, you can already see the girls practicing.


“May I help you?” Some guy asks.

“Yeah. I’m from Arissa Reyes’ company. I’d like to speak to the ones concerned about her offer.”

“Oh, it’s about the summer collection for next year, correct?”


“Right this way.”


While we were walking, a lot of people greet us. Wow, people here are pretty good at speaking in English. Nikki could learn a thing or two from them. He leads Nikki and me further into the studio. We arrive at the room where the AKB0048 members practice. All of them were still singing and dancing. One of them spots us and approaches us happily.


“Hii~! I’m Nyan-nyan desu~!”She had pink, curly hair and she looked like an anime character. She’s a member of AKB0048. From what I remember, she’s one of the most famous in the group simply because of her cuteness.

“Hey there.”I reply.

“I’m not so very good at English, but its good enough.” She says.

“Yeah, better than this girl’s English.” I say and point at Nikki, who’s too mesmerized to move. I wonder how she’ll react if she gets to see all the members in person.

“HEY!” Nikki shouts angrily.

“It’s true.” I say.

“You guys are funny!” She says and giggles.

“Nyan-nyan, get back to practicing!”  A woman shouts. I don’t know all the AKB0048 members because they’re about a fifty members and counting. But, I’m guessing that she’s the manager though. She looks a bit too old and I don’t think she can dance and sing with those formal clothes on.

“Haii~!” She replies happily and leaves.

“You must be Angeliz Reyes, Arissa’s sister, correct?” The woman asks.

“Wait, you’re n-“ I elbow Nikki.

“Yes I am. And this is my friend. Please ignore her rude behavior, she’s mentally retarded.” I reply.

“HE-“ I elbow Nikki once again.

“I’m Ryou Furukawa, the manager. Arissa already informed me of your arrival beforehand. We can talk about the offer after the girls’ practice, since they need to know this information as well.”

“Alright. I can wait.”

“Thank you. You may sit over there.” She says and points at a nearby bench.

“DID YOU HEAR THAT?!” Nikki shouts.

“Yes, I did. I’m not deaf.” I reply.


“Yeah, it is. Now, go outside and dance River in front of the studio.” I say.


“I was told that you could get all of their autographs if you do that.”


“Yeah, so go and dance your ass off!”

“OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She says and runs off.

Oh gosh. She’s an idiot. I didn't think she’d follow. I think I’m going to die of laughter. But, I should just hold my laughter in; they’ll think I’m in the same boat as Nikki.


(POV: Takamina)

As soon as I heard that voice, I knew who she was. What the hell is Nikki doing here? Why the hell did they allow a bitch like her to get in here? Ugh. But, the girl with her is hilarious.


“Takamina?” I hear Acchan calling my name.

“What?” I ask.

“You look pale. Do you wanna take a break?” She asks.

“Fine.” I say and walk away from her. I go to the girl who manipulated Nikki to do something stupid.


(POV: Angeliz)

I see Takamina walking towards me. Everyone, even the manager look terrified. Am I going to die or something just because Takamina’s approaching me? Or is it some sort of miracle that she’s talking to an ‘average’ person?


“Hey, about what you just did…” She says.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that.”I reply.

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Because I made a retarded girl dance to one of your songs. It will stain the name of AKB0048 forever. At least I didn't ask her to sing, the whole world would be destroyed, along with your reputation and dignity as a human being.”

“WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!” She laughs loudly. Everyone looks astonished. I could hear everyone mumbling about while Takamina’s trying to hold in her laughter.


“S-she’s laughing…”

“Isn't that great..?!”


I could hear two girls whispering. They were still pretty loud, though they were just whispering to each other. They were speaking in their native language, but I could understand their conversation pretty well. Thank you anime. But, I wonder why they’re so shocked to see her laughing. I doze off, thinking about it.

“You’re hilarious!” I hear a voice and snap back to reality. I guess that was Takamina.

“Why wouldn't I be? With this amazingly hideous face and body, one should expect some humor.” I say, but I don’t expect her to fully understand what I had just uttered.

“HAHAHAHA!” She laughs again. I guess she can understand English pretty well, compared to most. And maybe even compared to Nikki.


*Clatter!* The door opens and Nikki enters the room, panting. I check my watch. It’s been about 6 minutes. Wait… that song doesn't take that long. Just what the hell did she do out there?


“Hah-hah…” Nikki dashes to me with a tired and weary expression on her face.

“What the heck did you do out there?”  I ask.

“After I finished River, a man came up to me and asked me to do a repeat performance!! I couldn't refuse that, right?!” She replies.

“WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” Both Takamina and I laugh loudly. I really hope Nikki realizes what she had just done. She really has no dignity at all. At this rate, she’d defeat Mij.