(POV: Zoe)
Tears stream down from my eyes, but my mouth is slowly forming a smile. One of my best friends just died… But why the hell am I happy? I'm really pathetic, aren't I? My petty desires are just plain idiotic.

"Are you okay?" Twinsie asks. 
I don't know why, I just feel so irritated whenever I hear anyone asking me that as if it weren't obvious. People are such dumbasses.
"DO I LOOK LIKE I'M OKAY!?" I shout.
Bianca looks terrified.
"Shit. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. Forgive me." I say.
"No, it's my fault for asking the obvious. I understand." She replies.
What makes this bitch think she understands me? She doesn't understand anything! She's may be my twin, but she doesn't understand me, no one does. I don't understand myself either. 

(POV: Nikki)
"THAT'S A LIE! SHE'S JUST SLEEPING! MAX, STOP MESSING WITH ME, DAMMIT!" Nathan shouts. Angeliz, Blake and Miguel try their best to restrain him.
"He's gone bonkers." I say.
"No one says that word anymore." Mij says.
"Just saying. But, poor Nathan."
"Yeah. He looks like he's going to blow up." 
"But, he isn't mad."
"Dumbass." Mij says and walks away.
I take a look around the place and I see Arissa, kneeling down on the ground, weeping. I approach her and embrace her.
"Thanks." She says and stops crying.
"It's alright. Must be hard to lose your best friend. I can't really relate since I wasn't too close to Max." I say.
She slowly stands up. I also stand up.
"I wonder what'll happen to Nathan." She says.
"Yeah. I hope he's gonna be alright." I reply.
Arissa shouts Angeliz's name and signals her to come here.
"What is it?" she asks.
"Cancel that appointment to Japan." Arissa utters.

(POV: Arissa)
Honestly… I want to punch Angeliz in the face. She looks totally unfazed. Why? One of her closest friends just died… How could she be so cold and heartless? That's cruel. Or is she hiding it? I don't know anymore.
"Nah." She says.
"Do you realize how much your company could benefit if the offer's accepted? Total waste to cancel it."
"Do you realize that our friend just died!?" I shout. 
She still looks unfazed. What is she? A robot?!
"I know that. But, I'm not really needed here; you can handle everything here by yourself." She replies.
"Don't you at least want to see Max for one last time!?" 
"I'll always be able to see her. No worries."
"And so? I can always remember her. It would be a waste of time to stand here and cry over her when you know she's in a happier place. In fact, you should feel happy for her."
I slap her face.
"Y-you're dispicable." I break down into tears once again.
"But… Angeliz is right, Arissa. Think positively!" Nikki says, trying to encourage me. 
"Er, yeah I guess. Just stop being sad." Angeliz says.
I wipe my tears away.
"Fine then. But, make sure that they accept the offer. If not, I'll behead you." I say.
"Ooh, scary. Nikki, wanna come to Japan with me? I doubt you have anything to do anyway." Angeliz says.
"Sure!" Nikki shouts happily.
"That's heartless." Zoe says while walking towards us.
"Are you talking about me?" Nikki asks.
Angeliz facepalms.
"No you dumbass. I'm referring to Angeliz." Zoe says.
"Oh." Nikki says. 
"I know I am." Angeliz says.

(POV: Zoe)
"I can't believe you can still joke around like that." I answer.
"Well, she isn't dead. She's just chillin' with Jesus." She answers back.
"HOW COULD YOU!? YOU, YOU-!" I'm interrupted.
"She's just trying to be optimistic." Mij says in defense.
"Exactly. I find it annoying all of you guys are crying here like all hope is lost when it's not. I think it's only fitting for Nathan to feel that way." Angeliz says. 
"She's gotta point." Nikki says.
"Tch." I say and slowly walk away.
"Hey, before you try to leave, I think Nathan obader needs you." Angeliz says.
I start to blush. Angeliz you idiot! Don't say shit like that out loud!
"Ow. Second strike. But, I'm serious about that." Angeliz says and walks away."
"Where do you think you're going?!" I shout.
"With what?" Mij asks.
"The helicopter."
"OH NO, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DARE USE MY HELICOPTER! GET YOUR OWN VEHICLE! Unless you want me to skin you alive." Arissa shouts.
"Fine. I'll call a taxi. See ya." Angeliz says and leaves.
Blake suddenly approaches us.
"Do you guys want to go home too? It's getting pretty late. I can pilot the helicopter." He says.
"Sure." Mij and Bianca say.
"How ‘bout you two?" He asks Arissa and I.
"We'll stay here, go on ahead." We say in unison. 
"Alright. See you guys." Blake says and leaves with the others. Arissa takes her in the lobby of the hospital. I approach Nathan. He completely ignores me. But, that doesn't mean I'll leave him like this. He has separation anxiety; he could get an attack at any moment. I don't want him to get an anxiety attack again… Never again.

(POV: Nathan)
It's been two hours since Zoe's been beside me here. I ignored her, but she didn't leave. She's already fallen asleep. She knows I want to be left alone, but I guess she's not leaving because she's worried that I'd get an attack again. But, the reason why I got an anxiety attack last time was all my fault, not hers. After all that had happened to us in the past, I thought she'd never speak to me again, but now, now she's my best friend. Someone I can always depend on. She used to be my nemesis, always getting higher grades and all that in elementary, but later on we became friends, and eventually we became a couple. She and Nikki introduced me to Max in elementary. But Max and I only started dating when we were in grade ten, two years after I broke up with Zoe. Zoe was in America at that time, so she only discovered that when we got to college. She totally supported my relationship with Max. She's always been there for me… But, I don't know how to repay her kindness.