(POV: Nathan)

I hear a beeping sound. As I was about to dash back into the room, I feel some people gripping both my arms. They start pulling me back. I could see Miguel from the corner of my eye. He rushes into the emergency room while I’m being pulled back. The two finally let go.


“It’s going to be alright. Calm yourself.” Zoe says.

“Yeah.” I say.


 I sit down and wait patiently. I look around. Blake, Zoe and Bianca are chatting with each other. Angeliz’s messing with her phone, Arissa’s writing something down. Miguel’s in the emergency room. And me, well I’m here, waiting for a miracle.

“NATHANNNNNN!” I hear a voice screech.


I turn and see Nikki. She makes the most annoying noises in the entire universe.


“What?” I ask, slightly annoyed.

“WHERE’S MAX!?” She asks.


“She’s in there.” I say and point at the ER.

“I’m so sorry for your loss.” Nikki says.

*PAK!* Zoe slaps Nikki. Woah. I didn’t see that coming.


“I-I’m sorry.” Nikki says. She looks horrified.

“I think she was trying to comfort you, but it failed because her grammar is erroneous.” Angeliz says.

“You can hear us?” Mij asks, dumbfounded.

“AY HINDEE.” Angeliz shouts.

“Well, you’re wearing earphones.” I say.

“Yeah, but I’m not listening to anything.” She replies.

I could hear footsteps from a distance. I’ve become more perceptive of my surroundings now compared to before. It’s all because of what happened to Max. I turn around.

“Fine, I’ll let you see her. Just be quiet.” Miguel says.

A smile forms on my face. I dash towards the ER.

I turn the doorknob silently and enter the room. I slowly walk towards Max, who’s lying on the bed. I gently stroke her hair. It’s as smooth as silk, like always. She’s always had long hair just because I told her that I preferred long hair over short hair on girls. I unconsciously smile. I slide my hand over to her hand. Her hands are really smooth, but cold. This feels nostalgic, just like when we were highschool. Such fools we were then. I stare at Max for a while.

“..H-hey.” I hear Max mumble. Shit, I woke her up.

“Hey there.” I say and smile.

She tries to catch her breath. I guess she has something to tell me. She should save it for later when she’s rested.

“Just relax.” I say.

She grips onto my hand.

“You love me… rig-ght?” She asks.

“Of course.”

“I love you too… I always, always.. will.” She says slowly, trying to make her voice as clear as possible.

“I know that.” I say and giggle a bit. I never knew she could say that directly to me. She’d turn tomato-red and slap me if I’d ask her something about our relationship.

“Good.” She then goes back to sleep.


“Hey Max…” Her grip on my hand loosens.