October 17, 2020

10:00 PM


(POV: Blake)


The rain's pouring really hard tonight. Nikki, Angeliz and Arissa are still stuck in traffic. I wonder if they got any new information from Marc. They're really taking long just to get back. I wonder what happened to them?


"OPEN THE DOOR, DAMMIT!" I hear a voice shout.

I could already tell. It was Angeliz who shouted just now. I head over and open the door.

"Woah." I say, shocked.

Angeliz ‘s carrying Arissa, using her arms, and Nikki's on Angeliz's back. It looked like Angeliz was giving her a piggy back ride, but Nikki seems out cold. Same goes for Arissa. They look terrible. Angeliz's soaking wet because of the rain, while Arissa and Nikki were wrapped in jackets.

"I don't know what the hell happened to them. They both seem sick or something. Just help me, carry Arissa for me." Angeliz says.

"Alright." I say and I get Arissa from Angeliz.

We both bring Arissa and Nikki to the bedroom.

"Soo, what happened?" I ask.

"I told you, I don't know. I got pissed and I stormed off. When I went back, they weren't in the place I left them at, so I looked for them. I found them in my car, sleeping. I thought they were just exhausted. but it seems that they both have a fever." Angeliz answers.

"Where were you guys anyway?" I ask.

"Oh, we visited Marc." Angeliz replies.

"I see. I also visited him. All we did was talk about Nikki. He didn't say much about the accident. It's like he was avoiding the topic."

"Well, I was thinking that he'd open up to Nikki if she were to talk to him, so I brought her along. I have no idea what information she got though."

"Wait, a while ago, you said you got pissed and stormed off. What the hell happened?"

"I obviously lost my cool." 

"That's new. You don't lose your temper when you're with your friends. Well, what happened?"

"Better off not telling you. You don't need to know anyway. But, I can assure you that it's my fault."

"I don't care if it was your fault or not. I just wanna know what happened."

"Nunya business. Anyway, we shouldn't lounge around here since Arissa and Nikki need to rest." Angeliz says and leaves the room.

I wonder what happened… Did she get into a fight with both of them? Meh, I'll discover the reason eventually.

"Hey Blake, get some cold compresses for Nikki and Arissa." Angeliz shouts.

"Sure." I reply and follow her.

"B-blla-ake…" I hear a faint voice calling my name. I turn around. Arissa signals me to come closer. I bend down to hear what she has to say.

"Call Angelizzz, willll youuuu?" She says in a drowsy way. Honestly, she sounds drunk. I've never seen her like this before. She would never get sick or suddenly become weak before. Well, I don't know that for sure though...


Angeliz enters the room. I could sense some tension between them. Did they get into an argument?

"Need me for something?" Angeliz asks.

"Er, do you want me to get out first?" I ask. I don't want to stay here because whatever's happened to them isn't my business, I shouldn't butt in.

"You don't have to. It's not something too confidential anyway." Arissa replies.

"Alright. Why do you sound better already?" I ask.

"I still feel terrible. But, my voice was faint just a while ago because I felt a little sleepy." Arissa answers.

"Anyway, on October 20, I have to go to Japan for a meeting. But, I don't think I can go. Can you do me a favor and go there for me? Pretend to be my sister. We do have the same last name, after all." Arissa says.

"Waiit, woah, woah, wait. Are you SURE that you want me to go there? Be reminded that you are sending a dumbass to do your work. And why not ask your other employees to go?" Angeliz asks.

"I already assigned most of my CEO's to go to different places to represent my company. I don't think you're a dumbass though, and you're pretty good at persuading people." Arissa replies.

"Can't you cancel this one?" Angeliz asks.

She's obviously trying to persuade her to not let her go there. She could have two reasons for doing so, one would be because she's lazy, and two because she doesn't want to fail her.

"The reason why I myself planned to go there instead of asking one of my workers to do it is because it's THAT urgent and it can NOT fail. So, I trust you to take care of that matter. There are files concerning the meeting in my house. My room, top shelf."

"I'm obviously going to fail that. And besides, are you trying to use your excuse of being sick to not go to the meeting?" Angeliz asks.

"You, lazy? That's a first Ariss." I say.


"I know, I know. I don't need a long explanation." I say and stroke her head gently. Her face turns red and I smile.



"Gwuahh!" I shout and jump back.


Angeliz smile looks like it belongs to the devil now.

"TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, SO YOU STILL-!!" I grab Angeliz and drag her out of the room.

"Slap me in the face, please." I say.

"Alright!" Angeliz says happily.





"To get back to your senses. Are you sick, sleepy or drunk? Or do you STILL-" I interrupt her.

"I DON'T. I DON'T LIKE HER!" I shout.

"Why so defensive then?"


I couldn't say anything. I don't know why I'm so defensive about it.

"Well, word of advice, choose one, stick to one. One will always get hurt in the end. You can't make everyone happy, you can't choose both. Make sure you choose the right one though, or else you'll regret it."

"Thanks, I guess. But, I already know who I'll choose."

"But, are you sure about it? You still need time to think about it. But, that doesn't mean you should break up with her." Angeliz says and walks back in the room.

She told me something I have never realized until today. Am I really this dense to realize my own emotions?

I still have feelings for her…

But, I also love Bianca.

Shit, what is wrong with me? Arissa doesn't feel the same way anymore, she friendzoned me. But then again she… Shit, I'm starting to act moody, this is annoying.


(POV: Arissa)

"I'll go to Japan for you. It's better than staying here." Angeliz says.

"Did you guys fight or something?" I ask.

"No. I always wanted to go to Japan anyway, and I don't have much work to do, so I guess it's alright. I'll study the files tomorrow, I guess." Angeliz replies.

"Thanks so much." I say.

"On one condition, though." Angeliz says.

"Sure, what is it?" I ask.

"Nikki comes with me."

"Why would you want her to come?"

"She wants to go to Japan too, and its to cool things down here. I saw a familiar face near the prison when I stormed off. So, don't tell anyone else where we're headed off to."

"I see. By the way, the meeting is about the 2021 Summer collection, the company's going offer some exclusive privileges and cash to AKB0048 if they allow us to make Takamina-san and some other members as our models for the collection. It's a win-win situation. Both sides get publicity and fame."

"Aren't you supposed to be making a 2020 Winter collection?"

"Nope, we're done with that."

"But wow, AKB0048. You should go. You like the group and you want to meet them, right?"

"I'm not as happy to meet them as I was before. I hear Takamina the 14th is cute, but a total brat."

"I don't believe rumors. I'll have to meet her to believe that. You should rest now by the way. " Angeliz says and walks away.

"Hey, Angeliz…" I say.

She stops and turns around.


"I'm sorry."

"I'm the one who's supposed to be saying that."

“I’ll be calling you onee-chan tomorrow.” I say and smile.

“Don’t you dare.”