(POV: Mij)




I get my phone see the message I had just received. It's from Angeliz.








But, she never texts like this. Is something going on? I wonder.




I immediately grab and look at my phone. It's from Angeliz again.




Lmao. It's at the hospital where Nikki was, go to the emergency room. ktnxbai.


"Ooookkkayyy...?" I mumble, flustered.


I call for my driver and I head off.


(POV: Miguel)


Well, shit. My fear of blood is something I still haven't overcome. I can manage blood, but this much blood can make me faint. But, I don't want to let anyone down, I won't let Max die just yet. Angeliz told me a while ago to not let her die because Max and her boyfriend are going to be married soon, so if this fails, I'd feel REALLY guilty. I breathe in deeply.


*beep, beep, beep...*


Okay, good that's good. The medical monitor's readings aren't bad. I'm still confused about what caused this type of injury, its weird in my opinion. Angeliz told me she'd tell me when she finds out. But enough with these random thoughts, I should focus on helping Max now.


"Blade number eighteen please."


(POV: Mij)


"Soo, what's happening?" I ask Angeliz. She was sitting down on a bench with Nathan, who looked as worried as hell, Zoe, who was trying to help Nathan, and lastly Arissa, who was trying to keep her composure. Angeliz was the only one who looked calm.


"Come with me, I'll tell ya." Angeliz says, stands up and walks. I follow behind.


When we got further away from them, Angeliz explains the situation. As she was explaining, I bet that my face slowly started to look devastated.


"So, can you do me a favor and help me cheer them up? I need to go to my place to find out wt exactly happened and I need to help Nikki, they left her in my bloody house. They didn't help her up or anything." Angeliz says.


I immediately agree and Angeliz dashes off, leaving the hospital. I go back and try to cheer them up. I guess she can actually be a good person, I thought.


(POV: Nikki)


I've been lying down on the floor for hours. I hope Max's alright. Seeing the blood here doesn't terrify me anymore. I got used to it as time passed after they left.


"NIKKI! WHERE ARE YOU?!" A low voice shouts.


It sounded like a man's voice, but i could tell that it was Angeliz. She's looking for me, I guess.


A few minutes pass. Suddenly, the door in front of me opens. Angeliz sees the blood and the chair. She doesn't give a damn. She just rushes to me and carries me up. She brings me back to the bedroom and she puts me down.


"I'm pretty sure you don't know what the fuck happened there, right?" Angeliz asks.

"Yeah. I just heard a scream and I tried to go there to see what was going on." I reply.

"The bad part is, I have absolutely no idea that Maxine actually stayed here for the night and that she borrowed my PC. I stayed at Ariss' place last night. I only knew about Max being here when I asked Blake. I'm guessing she played with the computer chair, or the chair's defective, or someone messed with it. But, it can't be defective because I've owned that chair for years. Just stay put, and I'll take another look at it." Angeliz says and leaves the room.

I wait patiently for her to come back. A while later, she comes back and tells me that she's going back to the hospital to check on something. But, she says that she called Blake, Bianca and Albert to come here to accompany me.


(POV: Miguel)


Sweat trickles down my face, and my hands start to feel numb. Just a little more, it's going to be over. I thought to myself. If I commit any errors, Max could die. I can't allow another failure. Not again.


(POV: Albert)


All I could think about right now is Nikki, is she alright? I wonder. Blake's driving us to Angeliz's house and he tries to help me calm the fuck down. Bianca on the other hand is busy reading a book.For some strange reason; my gut tells me that Max is perfectly fine. But, I have a bad feeling that something's gonna happen to Nikki.


(POV: Zoe)


I end up staring at him, at Nathan... He didn't even notice that I'm staring at him. His face looks so concerned. It's like he's going to kill himself if Max isn't alive. What a nice guy... It makes me jealous. Sometimes, I wish that Maxine would just die. And hey, it's being granted. I mean 40% chance of survival? She's gonna die. I start to smile unconsciously. It makes me feel guilty that I want her to die, but happy at the same time. I hate this. But, Max is one of my best friends, I don't blame her for making Nathan fall for her, I blame someone else.


(POV: Arissa)


I'm anxiously waiting for the doctor to come out of the room and say the surgery was successful. But, 40% chance is really small. You'd need to be lucky to survive. But. I want Max to survive, she's my best friend. We went to ballet together, to school together and we've been friends for years. She's like my own sister. She can't... She just can't die!


I hear the door creak open and I look at the doctor who had just finished operating Max. Nathan stands up and approaches him. He whispers in Nathan's ear. Nathan turns back to us with a grin. Tears fall from my eyes. I'm so happy she's alive. Thank God she's alive!


(POV: Zoe)


I could see Angeliz walking towards us from afar. Mij approaches her and tells her something. I could already guess that it's about the success of the operation.


"Before you all celebrate, I still have a few things to say. Max has to stay here first for a few days to recover. And here's one thing, I think she can't walk anymore. She's disabled permanently." Miguel says.

"It's alright. As long as she's alive, I'm happy." Nathan says happily.

"Miguel, Mij, Arissa, come with me first." Angeliz says.


(POV: Miguel)


“Since you two haven’t met, Miguel, this is Arissa. She’s a friend of mine. And Arissa, this is Miguel, he’s the doctor, well that’s obvious and one of my friends.” Angeiiz says.


I look at Arissa. Dayum, she’s beautiful. We shake hands and she smiles at me.

“Thanks for saving Max.” Arissa says.

“You’re welcome.” I reply.

“So, enough with you two meeting. Why the fuck did you drag the three of us here?” Mij asks.

"I think I know how the accident happened." Angeliz says.


All of us were in shock. Angeliz continiues talking.


"So, my computer chair at home is a really old model already, I'm pretty sure the thing the chair uses to adjust its height is with gas pistons. I'm pretty sure you guys are all lost now. Let me explain. So, if someone were to play with the adjustment, hop on the chair too much, or adjust the screws too much, then there's a possibility that the pistons have too much pressure, causing it to destroy the metal plate under the cushion of the chair, and also the cushion itself and then destroy the person's anus if it ended up having so much pressure. To put it to simpler words, the chair exploded and raped Max's ass."


I'm stunned. How the fuck did she think of that? That’s so fucking smart.


"Wow, you know your shit." Mij says in amazement.

"That's a weird way to summarize it. And why can't you tell this to Zoe and Nathan as well?" Arissa asks.

"Well, I just don't want them to know. But to cause that big of an explosion, someone would have to tweak my chair a bit to do that." Angeliz says.

"So then, who would you suspect?" I ask.

"I don't have a clue. I stayed at Arissriss' place last night, so I don't know who the fuck visited my house. And what if it was just an accident or maybe someone wanted me or Max to die." Angeliz says.

"I don't know anyone in the world who would hate you and Max that much." Mij says.

"Accident or not though, we still need to know why." Arissa says.

"I can help out.” I say.

"Thanks." Arissa says.

"Oh fuck. I have a meeting in ten minutes. I have to go. See you." Arissa says and leaves.

“She’s really pretty.” I say.

“I know, right?” Mij says.

"Well, I'm gonna be busy tomorrow, so could you two find out what really happened and of there is/are any culprits. I think it’s related to Nikki's accident because that has never happened before, while Nikki was still in a coma." Angeliz says.

"She was in a coma?" I ask, curious.

"Yep, it’s because she jumped off a 12 story high building." Angeliz says.

"Then shouldn't she be dead?" I ask.

"Yeah. It was a m******ucking miracle." Mij replies.

“I can tell you everything that happened, but not today. I’m busy aswell. See ya.” Angeliz says and leaves.

“I’ll give you my number and Angeliz’s so you can keep in touch.” Mij says.

“How about Arissa’s number?” I ask.

“She most likely wouldn’t reply anyway. She’s rarely with us because she’s so fucking busy with her work, owning a company and all that.” Mij says.

“Shouldn’t you be busy as well then? I’m assuming you’re rich because of your clothes.” I say.

“Well, yeah. But, I’m already fucking rich so I’m lazy to work.” Mij says.

“Oh, I see.” I reply.

“Anyway, it was good seeing you again. Been a while, British Bastard.” Mij says and leaves.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST CALL ME!?” I shout angrily. But, it was too late. She already left. That dumb nigger.