July 6, 2020

11:30 PM


"Nikki, you idiot. See what happens when you don't think before you act? Look at yourself, you're in a coma!" Angeliz says to Nikki, who was lying down on the hospital bed, unconscious. "Gah, I sound insane talking to you, it's like I'm talking to myself. Oh yeah, I'd better contact the others so that they could visit you." Angeliz then picks up her phone and starts texting.


July 7, 2020

4:00 PM


"Let's see here, Arissa, Max, Patricia, Jamie, Mij, and Zoe. Wait, Zoe where's Bianca?" Angeliz says.


"I have no idea; she told me that she'd go ahead. I thought she was already here." Zoe replies.


"Well, anyway, great to see ya'll still not dead." Angeliz says.


"Yeah, great to see you still the same, it's been a long time, but you haven't changed." Arissa replies.


"Well, I'm just happy you got enough time to even visit." Angeliz says.


"Yeah, I have quite a hectic schedule."


After Arissa had spoken, they all started talking about Nikki and how they could help her once she wakes up.


"So, do you guys plan to help Nikki know who the killer is? Because I honestly don't think it could be Marc." Maxine says.


"I guess, but I don't want to get in such a mess, but I guess I can try." Angeliz replies.


"Fine, I'll help." Jamie says.


"Nope, definitely not. I think she deserved that, she was being too clingy and annoying." Zoe says.


"I'll try to find time." Arissa says.


"I can help out with the financial things. Wait, Angeliz how the hell did you get enough money to even pay for the hospital bills?" Mij says.


"Magic, bitch." Angeliz replies.


"OH COME ON. ANSWER SERIOUSLY." Mij says while clenching her fists.


"Fine, I do work, I get paid to do shitty work. Happy?" Angeliz replies.


"Ugh." Mij says and walks out of the room.


"Seriously man, what do you do for a living?" Maxine says.


"Graphic design artist and entrepreneur." Angeliz replies.


"WHAT?! ANGELIZ REYES, DOING MATH!? OH. MY. GOSH." Zoe shouts in laughter.


"Bitch please, I don't do the math, my sister does, I just help her." Angeliz replies.


"Uhh, guys have you forgotten about Nikki already?" Patricia asks.


"Okay, okay fine, back on topic. I'll try to find out some things about the incident." Angeliz says.


The door suddenly creaks and opens. Someone was at the door.


"Hey, it's Bianca!" Angeliz shouts.


"Bianca, where have you been? You told me you were going ahead." Zoe says.


"Sorry, I was just busy today."


"With him again, right?" Zoe asks and grins.


"OH, SHUT UP!" Bianca says and punches Zoe's shoulder.


"How cute, my little sister's face is all red." Zoe says happily.


"Kawaii!" Arissa says.


"ERMAHGERD, YOU'RE DATING SOMEONE!?" Angeliz and Maxine shout at the same time.


"ALL OF YOU SHOULD SHUT UP!" Bianca shouts with her face all red.


"Okay, okay chill man, chill." Patricia says.


"I don't think that's helping." Angeliz says.


"Well, before we do anything else, Bianca do you want to help Max, Arissa, Mij, Patricia, Jamie and I investigate the accident?"


"No thanks. I'm busy enough." Bianca says.


"Well, I've got to go now. I have a meeting with some investors." Arissa says.


"See you. Care to visit my place anytime soon?" Angeliz replies.


"You know why I don't visit you anymore, right?" Arissa says.


"Right, right, sorry. But if you wanna chat, you can stop by if you have time, I guess." Angeliz replies.


"Shit, that reminds me, I have to go now. I have a meeting about the future company plans." Zoe says.


"Oh, by the way Zoe, I found this letter in the mailbox." Bianca says and passes a white envelope to her.


"Who sends mail nowadays?" Maxine says.


"M-Matthew Weimer does." Zoe says. Her cheeks turn red and her hands were shaking, while holding the letter.


"Oh, him. I remember now, you used to tell me a lot about him. But, don't mind that, you gotta go." Angeliz says.


"R-right, right. Bye." Zoe says while slowly walking out of the room.


*Ring, ring* Angeliz's phone starts to ring.


"Hello?" Angeliz talks into the phone. After a while she ends the call and says,


"Gotta go guys, you all should go as well. Unless you want to sleep here, with Nikki's body."

After she had said that, everyone went back home.