(No POV)


"So, Marc asked me out on a date that time at the restaurant Treasure Chest. Angeliz drove me there. The restaurant was giant. I never knew Marc could afford that. Inside was even more stunning than the outside. I couldn't find Marc at first, until he hugged me from behind. He led me to an elevator that lead to the top floor. The top floor was different from the rest of the floors, the walls were embedded with pearls and only a few people, I'm guessing billionaires could only afford to be in the room. Marc led me to our table and he let me sit down. The pearls were beautiful, especially the one I saw right in front of me after I took my seat. I-" Angeliz interrupts Nikki.

"Around what time did you get there?"

"Well, we did arrive at exactly 9; I waited for a while, so maybe around 9:10-9:30?" Nikki says.

"Okay, go on." Maxine says.

"The pearl I saw that was right in front of me was so different from the rest of the other pearls. This one was larger and it seemed so have some sort of flashing light, like the kirara in AKB0048. Marc went off to get some champagne and then I heard gunshots coming from who knows where. There was some sort of powder that fell on my shoulder. I was guessing that it was from the lights because they were shot down. Now, this girl, I think she was about Zoe's height, she came out of nowhere and she was standing right in front of me while holding a knife. I ran away and then-" Someone comes in the room and interrupts Nikki.


"SHUT UPPPPPPPPP!" Angeliz shouts back.

"Nikki, just keep going." Albert says.

"I was being chased and I bumped into her again, or I think it was her. I don't know how she got there, but when I turned back, she was there as well. I think I got confused because they were both short and they both had blue eyes… I think…" Nikki says.

"What do you mean by I think?" Maxine asks.

"I can't fully remember. The only thing I remember is that there were four people, three had blue eyes and I think one look like Marc." Nikki replies.

"Maybe he is Marc." Albert says.

"I know him, he wouldn't do that. Why would he?" Nikki says and starts to think deeply.

"Who knows? Well, that information was useful enough, thanks." Angeliz says and leaves.

"Seriously, what's wrong with her?" Maxine says

"Huh? What do you mean?" Albert asks.

"She's acting weird today. No funny comments and she just left like that." Maxine says.

"Who knows, maybe she's got work." Blake says while entering the room.

"How the heck could you hear them?" Albert asks.

"You guys talk too loudly." Blake replies.

"Hey, great to see you up again, Nikki." Blake says.

Nikki doesn't respond, she had spaced out in her world of thoughts.

"Hey. Uh, you listening?" Blake asks.

"WAKE THE HELL UP!" Maxine shouts and punches Nikki's face.

"OW, OW, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Nikki shouts in the room.

"You could have just tried to get her attention normally." Albert says.

"As if she'd come back that way." Maxine says.


(POV: Arissa)


*Ring, ring!*

Ugh, who could be calling at this time? I mumble to myself.

"Ohaider. Meet me later obader at 5 since you're free at that time anyway."

After that, she ends the call. She didn't even let me speak. But, how in the world does she know my schedule? She should be the world's best stalker by now. Oh well.


October 15, 2020

5:00 PM


(POV: Angeliz)


"What did you find out?" I ask.

"That's what I should be asking you." Arissa replies.

"Nikki told me everything-ish." I reply.

"What do you mean by that?" Arissa asks.

"She can't remember much from the incident." I reply.

"Oh." Arissa says.

"Just get in my car and I'll get in the building. My car has some sort of computer installed and I've put up some security cameras around and in the building, so if you see anyone, tell me." I say.

"Got it. Be careful."Arissa says.

"Yeah, you too. If anything comes up, tell me." I say and walk away.


I'm honestly not nervous about what happens to me, even if I get attacked by her again. I know her weak points. But, then again, they could be here too. Oh well, screw it. I climb up to the top floor of the room.


"What the?!-!"




(POV: Nikki)


October 15, 2020

10:00 PM


"Hey Blake, do you know where Angeliz is?" I ask.

"Nope, I haven't seen her. Last time I saw her, we were all still back at the hospital." Blake replies.

"What happened to her?" Maxine mumbles.

"I'm pretty sure she'll be alright, after all she is hulk." Blake says reassuringly to Maxine.

"Um, can I sleep now?" I ask.

"Yeah sure. I guess I'll bring you to the room." Blake says.


Once we get there, I lie down on the bed and I fall asleep instantly.




"What was that!?" I shout.



I must be dreaming. I turn around and I see a bear fighting with some foxes. I guess I'll call the bear Kuma because he looks like that bear in Tekken, and because bear means kuma in Japanese. Kuma was growling and roaring, but he wasn't at all attacking or pouncing on them. I wonder why. He could just kill them within one hit, but he isn't. After a while, the foxes leave. He lies down and rests. Later on, a dog comes near him.  It didn't seem like the dog wanted to harm him though. I'll call the dog Brave, since he's brave enough to try to approach Kuma who was really scary. He tries to make Brave go away, but that's not gonna happen. Kuma eventually gets tired of him and leaves, but Brave follows him. Kuma doesn't seem to really care anymore though. Brave sometimes trips or gets tired, but Kuma waits for him patiently.


October 16, 2020

7:00 AM




I wake up with a start. That was a weird dream. But, nevermind about that, what just happened now? Someone, obviously a girl had just screamed her lungs out. Could it be someone I know is in trouble? Or could it just be the neighbors? Unconsciously, my body moves around and tries to stand up to find out.


"SHIT!" I shout in pain and fall down on the cold and slippery floor.


No use. My body is useless to me now.


I try to use my hands to crawl there instead. Once I get there, I regret ever trying to get here. I wish I was blind instead. I thought. This sight is too much for my eyes. A broken computer chair and Maxine's body on the floor, the room had blood splattered everywhere. What the hell is going on? Suddenly, the door nearby creaks open and Arissa comes in. She drops everything she was holding and she screams in terror with her hands on her mouth.


"Stop freaking out, please. I don't know what happened, but we need to help Max!" I say with all my strength. She immediately calms down and uses her phone to call someone.


"Holy shi-" Nathan mumbles upon entering the room.

"Stop messing around you idiot, help us!" Arissa shouts and slaps Blake's face.

"What happened?!" Zoe shouts and immediately rushes inside the room.

"No time to explain, help us out here!" I shout.


Nathan immediately carries Max and dashes to his car. Arissa and Zoe follow, but I am obviously left here, since I can't move. I guess I'll have to stay here till they get back. But what in the messed up world just happened?