October 13, 2020


(POV: Nikki)


That world of darkness that I was in before, it’s such a lonely place. I’m glad I don’t ever have to go back there ever again.  Seeing my friends makes my day already. I guess I really missed them. They may be a pile of troublemakers and retards, but they’re awesome in their own way.


“Ohaider.” Angeliz says.


I sit up straight and I greet her back.


“Albert’s getting your breakfast. You’re going to be discharged today.” Angeliz says.


“I know. I’m excited to get up and walk, or maybe dance!” I say excitedly.


“You might not be able to do that yet, your body’s still weak.” Angeliz says.


“I know.” I reply.


“Breakfast’s here Nikki.” Albert says while walking towards me. He places the food on my lap and sits down on a seat.


The door suddenly bursts open. Blake dashes in the room and grabs Angeliz.


“HEY! WHAT THE-!?” Angeliz shouts.


He drags her out of the room. What the hell was that just now? Maxine comes in the room and closes the door.


“Why the heck was Blake dragging Angeliz out of the hospital?” Maxine asks and takes a seat.


“I don’t know.” I say.


“Well, I’m glad you’re back with us. I bet Neko and Jamie are too. I don’t think they really hate you.” Maxine says.


“I know that. They’re my best friends; you don’t need to tell me that.” I reply.


“Oh well, I’d love to see you and Neko in a dance battle again. And this time, I should choose the song.” Maxine says and grins.


“Sure. Just make sure Bianca doesn’t memorize it.” I say and let out a giggle.


“I think she’s memorized everything.” Maxine says.


“Well anyway, I can already tell where this conversation is going, so I’ll be direct with you. I don’t completely remember what happened that night, but it was a scary experience.” I say.


“Well, could you try to explain what happened with a bit more detail?” Maxine asks.


“Sure.” I say.


“Let her finish her breakfast first.” Albert says.


“Alright, fine.” Maxine says.


The door swings open and Angeliz enters the room. She sits down, looking exhausted.


“What happened to you?” Maxine asks.


“Food happened.” Angeliz replies.


“What do you mean by that?” Albert asks.


“I’ll tell ya’ll later. Let me breathe.” Angeliz replies.


“Fine.” Albert says.


“So, I guess I should tell you guys what I remember from that night.” Nikki says.