(POV: Arissa)


I stab his chest. He falls to the ground in pain. There were tears coming out from his eyes and blood spewing out everywhere. No, this is too easy. He wouldn't lose that easily. Or did I really kill him? Wait, no. He never gives up without a fight.


I back away with my sword on my right hand, ready to attack. My other sword remained in Blake's chest. A few minutes pass, I know he isn't dead yet, because there hasn't been any announcement, but Blake just knelt there, like a statue. I take my other sword out of his body and I kick him. His face slams to the ground, but he doesn't move. I get pissed and kick him again.


"ARE YOU GOING TO FIGHT OR NOT?" I shout, impatiently.


He slowly gets up and grabs his spear. He throws it at me and shoots arrows rapidly. This is good, I thought. I got his adrenaline going. I quickly dodge the arrows and run away. As planned, he gives chase. I run away quickly towards a cliff. I stop when I reach the edge, but Blake doesn't.



(POV: Blake)


Well, this is bad. I fell for a trap. AGAIN. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! I fall down; the depth of this cliff seems endless. I quickly grab two arrows and pierce them onto the nearby landmass. I start to slowly climb up. Arissa must think I'm dead by now, or at least going to die after a short while. I finally get near the top of the area. Wait, is that what I think it is? I take a closer look.




It was a landmine. It was embedded deeply into the land. If I get any closer, I'd die. Damn, Arissa's smart. But then again, when hasn't she been smart? The only time she's stupid is when Angeliz teases her. Now, how the heck to I get up there? I pull myself up with all my might. I try to throw myself upwards, so that I could dodge the bomb. Miraculously, it works. I try to thrust myself forward so that I could land on the ground. I do an aerial flip, and that seems to do the trick. I land on flat land. I look around, Arissa wasn't there. Where'd she go? I wonder.


"HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL-!?" Jamie shouts, but I interrupt her.




"As if that would matter anyway. Arissa already knows where the hell you are." Zoe says.


"How the..!?" I say in shock.


"I'm not stupid, you know." Arissa says.


I turn around and see Arissa. How did she get there?


"I know." I reply.


"Good. Now die." Arissa says and dashes towards me. This is bad; I don't have any weapons left. I had thrown my spear earlier and I had wasted all my arrows. She comes near, ready to pierce through me again with her glowing red swords. I swiftly dodge and I kick her back. She gets pushed, but she recovers quickly. She turns around and just stands there with her swords ready. I run forward and side kick her stomach. She loses grip on one of her swords. Good, I thought. She slashes my shoulder, luckily it didn't cut my shoulder off, but nonetheless, it still hurt. I think my whole body is dripping with blood now. My shirt felt sticky, so I remove it. I could hear girls screaming everywhere, but I didn't give a damn. I felt more comfortable without my shirt; it started to feel heavy and sticky with all the blood on it. I look at my body. Woah, There was injuries everywhere, but only Arissa's sword slashes could hurt me. I try to fight her with only my body as a weapon, but it's not like I even had a choice not to in the first place.




"Like I care." I say.


"Not my fault if you get cramps or something." Angeliz says.


Suddenly, a giant hologram screen pops up in the arena and it starts playing a video.


"Don't you act as though, I'll be caught by any lover…"


"DAMN YOU JASON!" I shout in anger. It was a video of me singing. Even worse, this was in college. A musical I performed with…


Oh shit.




"WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE THAT!?" I shout in anger.




"I-is tha-at…?!" Arissa says.




"OH YOU PIECE OF FROCKING SHIT!" Arissa shouts angrily.


"SHIT, THAT'S THE PLAY." Zoe shouts.




"YOU BITCH!" Zoe, Arissa and Blake shouts.



(POV: Bianca)


What on earth are they all talking about? All three of them had nervous, mad and embarrassed looks on their faces. The video continues playing.


"It's almost like I knew it from the very start…"


Blake looked really attractive in the video, honestly. Why would he be ashamed? His singing voice is absolutely beautiful. Suddenly, Arissa comes out from backstage and sings. She goes closer to Blake and wraps her arms around his arm. I wanted to kill the crap out of Arissa. It may just be a play, but her acting actually looks so fucking real. I keep watching the video.


"I should have known the truth, but I could not resist. She must've missed you, yes she did, but when she kissed you what could I do? And so I wonder now was our love ever allowed?"


NO BITCH, IT WAS NEVER ALLOWED. I. AM. SO. MAD. BLAKE IS MINE AND MINE ALONE. But, Blake and Arissa really looked good together. Arissa's beautiful in this video wearing a cocktail dress and all. And Blake's wearing a tux. WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?! I keep watching the video. Suddenly, Zoe comes out from the other side of the backstage and does the same to his other arm.


"When you look at me, who is it that you seem to see? What's this about a girl that I could ever be? I could feel myself slipping away from you and now it's tearing me in three!"


Their singing and blending's superb. Their emotions are conveyed so well. I'm stunned. Wait… ZOE KNEW BLAKE SINCE COLLEGE?! HOW THE?! THEY DON'T EVEN STUDY IN THE SAME… DID SHE?!


OH THAT BITCH. HOW COME SHE NEVER EVEN SHOWED ME THAT VIDEO!?I look at Zoe who was standing beside me; her face was red as a tomato. I look down at the arena. Both Arissa and Blake are stunned at the video. They both looked really embarrassed.


The song ends. Arissa and Zoe lets go of him. They hold hands and bow.


"Well, thanks for watching this play. And um, before we end, we'd like to give credit to the person who worked all day and night for this play." Blake says in the video.


"It's none other than the director, Angeliz Reyes!" Zoe says in the video.


"Hey, we shouldn't just thank her. Without the cooperation of different universities, we could have never done this collaboration." Arissa says.


Angeliz walks up to the stage and starts talking.


"We shouldn't forget to give credit to these three who gave it their all to make this happen. And of course the rest of the cast. Give a hand to Arissa Reyes, as Catherine Lopez, Zoe Amba, as Samantha Anderson, and last but not the least, our lead actor Blake Hunter as Gale Knight. Script written by me and Mij Salvador."


After Angeliz mentioned the rest of the cast, I started to get even more pissed at Angeliz. She directed the play AND told them what to do. She's going down.


The video finally ends.


"Um, yeah. So that was a collaboration of selected universities and students to do a play together, I have no idea on how I became the director. But hey, that's all in the past, yeah?" Angeliz says.


"YOU BITCH!" Zoe says and kicks Angeliz in the face.


"OW." Angeliz says.


I control my anger, but I am SO going to murder her after the games.


(POV: Blake)


ANGELIZ YOU PRICK, ANGELIZ YOU BITCH, WHY THE FUCKING HELL DO YOU HAVE THIS SAVED!? I burst with anger. I look at Arissa, she seemed really pissed too. I look away and just stand there for a moment, calming myself. Out of nowhere, Arissa stabs my chest. I look sideways. Arissa was there, holding her swords that were glowing red; her face was glowing red too. I felt the pain around my body. I scream and my sight turns blurry.


(POV: Angeliz)


"Blake, you're still this stupid. Even small distractions like that can kill you? How dumb. You should know to be alert, unless you want a repeat of what happened before." I mumble.


"What did you say?" Zoe asks.


"Nothing, it was nothing." I say.


"~REYES, A. M. ~ HAS WON!" Jason announces happily. I lookaround and I see Bianca's face. Her face looks so freaking priceless. Oh well, that ends the games.


"ANGELIZ!" Arissa shouts and jumps onto the VIP platform.


"What?" I say.


"I think I did some serious damage to Blake." She whispers in my ear.


"WHAT!? BULLS***!" I shout.


"WHAT?!" Bianca shouts.




"Alright." Arissa replies.


We rush to the hospital in Capitol, just as expected; he was there, lying down in pain.


"Oh shit, I'm so sorry." Arissa says.


"I'm alright, really. All I got is this cut on my chest." Blake says.


"Yeah, we can see that. Oh well, it isn't that big of an injury. Get that treated, and let's go home, AND make sure Bianca doesn't see that." I say.


"Alright." Blake replies.


After a while of waiting outside the hospital, Bianca and the others find us.


"Why are you guys here?" Zoe asks.


"We're waiting for Jason. You guys should pack your things; we'll be going in a while." I say.


"Where's Blake?" Bianca asks.


"Oh, he's just entertaining his fans somewhere, I'll find him." I say.


"I'll come with you." Bianca replies.


"Not if you're going to kill all the girls there, you're not." I say.


Hey, they're actually buying this. Damn, they're stupid.


Bianca tries to kick my stomach, but I grab her foot and she hops around, trying to balance.


"Why?" I ask.


"For a while ago. Now let go of me!" Bianca shouts.


"Oh that." I say, relaxed. I let go of her and she fixes herself.


"I hated how you made that play a while ago, but then again I was so superb in the video!" Zoe says.


"Why do you think I chose you as a main actress? I chose you three because I could work with you properly, you guys have good voices, and you act as if it's really real." I say.


"Basically, it's because I'm fucking fabulous, bitch." Zoe says boastfully.


"Then explain why you don't have fans." I say, laughing.


Zoe grabs my arms and puts me in a citizen's arrest.


"SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! BADDD IDEAAA." I shout regretfully.


"Angeliz, you idiot." Arissa says and facepalms.


August 6, 2020

7:00 PM


(POV: Bianca)


We all are in the plane, ready to leave Capitol. Jason got Arissa a new plane which has full autopilot as a prize. I was seated beside Blake. Our seating arrangement was the same as the partners in the games. Everyone was chatting, talking about what had happened. But, I was too tired to talk, all I wanted to do was to sleep. But, when I try to, Angeliz the retard cracks a joke ever so often, and it makes everyone laugh their asses off. Ugh.


"She's a loudmouth. Here, you can borrow my headphones, you won't hear a thing if you put it on." Blake says.


I'm stunned. He knew what I wanted so well, he fully understands me. I put the headphones on and I rest my head on his shoulder. He's right; all I could hear is music. He has a good taste in music too. He moves his face closer to mine and just stares. He wouldn't move his face away. I remove the headphones.


"Why are you staring?" I ask.


"I want to. Don't mind me." He says.


He moves his face even closer. My face feels as hot as a stove. He holds my face and moves it around.


"I see." He says.


"See what?" I say and suddenly feel conscious.


"You. You're perfect." Blake says.


Suddenly, I hear someone gasp. I look behind my seat. Angeliz was seated, asleep. I guess she's snoring.


"What's wrong?" Blake asks.


"Nothing." I reply. I didn't want this moment to be ruined. This is MY moment. My moment with him.


"Um, what was that play about?" I ask, sounding slightly jealous. Blake backs off and starts to look nervous.


"Oh, that was just um, about this guy who cheats on her girlfriend. That's all." He says.


"Your acting looked so real though." I say.


"Really? I thought I just looked stupid." Blake says.


Suddenly, the play plays on the plane's screen.


"I hope you don't really feel jealous, it's just acting." Blake says.


After a while of watching and trying not to feel jealous, another scene comes up. Zoe and Blake go on stage, after a while of them taking, they kiss.


THAT is the LAST straw. I stand up from my seat and kick Angeliz while she was busy sleeping.


"OH SHIT!" Angeliz shouts and out of her shock she kicks me with all her strength. I get knocked out.