(POV: Arissa)



Angeliz and I were teleported to different locations. I ended up back at the supplies center. I suddenly see and arrow coming towards me, I quickly dodge and run towards the source of the arrow. Three more come at me, one hits me, but the other two miss. I slice the bushes and see Blake. Gotcha.


(POV: Blake)



Shit, she's fast. I stand and run away from her. She didn't seem to give chase though.


"Ohaider." Angeliz says.


This is bad, Arissa's a few feet away from me, and Angeliz is a few meters away from me.


"No worries, Arissa won't kill you. YET." Angeliz says.


"Oh, so you WON'T kill me?" I ask.


"Who knows? But you aren't too far away; my sledgehammer can reach you easily."


"I see. So what do you intend to do?" I ask.


"I don't really know. Oh, yeah! I have a bet."


"What bet?"


"I bet I can make you go mad, sad, depressed, regretful or insane by saying one sentence."


"Go on. Try me."


"You destroyed her."




"Don't you remember? After thhaaatttt?"


I...did..? I-I caused that much trouble? Just because of that? I looked down at the ground. I start feeling bad about myself. I guess she wins the bet.


"See how such a tiny-"


"URUSAIIIII, BAKAAAAAAAAAA!!" Arissa shouts and dices Angeliz with her sword.


"TEAM BETRAYAL!!" Jason shouts.


"OH SHIT! I'M SO SORRY I KILLED YOU!" Arissa shouts while looking at her corpse.


"You didn't have to dice me." Angeliz says from the VIP area.


"It's your fault. Stop saying dumb things like that." Arissa says while fidgeting.


I couldn't look at Arissa properly anymore. There's so much things in my mind, I couldn't focus on the current situation now.




"Fight." Arissa says.


I'm screwed. But, I don’t give a shit. My mind was too busy with more things thanks to Angeliz.




"OMG, SHE'S SO COOL!" The audience shouts.  




"Got it." Jason replies.


(POV: Arissa)


Shit. Angeliz you dumbass. I know it's a tactic, but it looks like he took it seriously. This'll be one of the biggest misunderstandings. After this, I guess I have to explain everything to him.


Music starts playing. From the first words of the song, I could already guess what song it was.




I draw my sword out, ready to fight.




Thank God. Angeliz actually noticed.


"I'd want to believe that, but I don't think I can." Blake says while trying to look away from me.


BLAKE YOU RETARD, LISTEN TO ANGELIZ! DON'T CAUSE MISUNDERSTANDINGS EVERYWHERE. My mind was screaming angrily. I breathe in and out to calm myself a bit.


"You should still fight. Unless you'd want to be beheaded or diced painfully." I say.




He looks at me in shock. I smile at him and draw my other sword out. But, I still can't believe Angeliz just said that. Neither I nor Blake could focus properly anymore.


"WAIT..? SINCE WHEN DID YOU-?" Blake mutters in shock.


"I hid it behind my other sword. I stuck them together with magnets, so that they won't fall apart." I reply.


"Why do you think she held the sword with two hands?" Angeliz says.


(POV: Blake)


Shit. Now, I'm REALLY screwed. I run away as fast as I can.


"NOOOOBBBBB!" Angeliz shouts at me.


"'Bout time she used the weapon." Nathan says.


"Woah, she's a double swordsman." Zoe says in amazement.


I turn left, then right. Arissa's really fast. She's catching up to me.


"SHIIIT!" I shout.


It was a dead end. Arissa strikes at me, and I block with my spear. She lunges with her other sword, but I quickly dodge. We keep fighting in that same place. The metal kept clanking because of the weapons, but no one was getting hurt.





(POV: Bianca)


"Oh shit, Arissriss gone ballistic." Angeliz says.


"Hopefully her swords don't go ballistic." Maxine replies.


"What do you mean?" I ask.


"If she goes ballistic and the swords glow red like glowsticks, you' be able to really feel pain. Sometimes the sword's strength can go through the armor." Angeliz says.


"Wouldn't that make the match overpowered and unfair?" Zoe says.


"No. Only a select few can hold the swords, if you touch the handle and you aren't one of the lucky select few, you'll burn to death on the arena. So it's some type of legendary weapon on the field. I haven't dared to hold it though. My sledgehammer is good enough." Angeliz says.


"So how the hell did you win the last time?" Mij asks.


"I made an earthquake, she tripped. Killed her when I had the chance." Angeliz says.


"Yep, and then you got honor for being the only person to be able to kill the double swordsman." Maxine says.


Now I start to worry. I hope Blake's going to be alright.


(POV: Arissa)


From looking at Blake's face, I knew he was going to become tired of this soon. I'm starting to get tired as well. It's been about ten minutes, I think. A watch would really be useful now. I observe Blake's movements while slowly backing away. I thrust my left sword forward.


"Oh shit!" Blake shouts.


I was able to hit his shoulder. Blood started dripping slowly from his shoulder. He tackles me down. He immediately runs away after making me fall on the ground, trying to get away. I quickly recover and chase him. He starts swinging on the vines of the trees around. I stop running and put my hand in my pocket, searching for the grenades I stole from Zoe yesterday.


"Tired?" Blake says while hanging upside-down on a branch, grinning.


"Me? Why would there be a reason for me to be exhausted? You're the one who's running." I say and smirk.


I finally get the grenades out and I throw one. I purposely make it miss.


"Ha! That all you got?" Blake says.


"This won't end well." Angeliz says while scratching her head.


I throw the other one at the bottom of the tree he was hanging on. He falls, but lands on his feet. I run towards him with my swords ready. He tries to find trees to climb on, but I had already made them collapse, creating another dead end.


(POV: Blake)


Oh shit, this is NOT happening. I'm trapped. Why didn't I think of this earlier? I'm a dumbass. Her swords suddenly glow red.


I'm dead meat. I had to act fast. I find a rope on the ground, I pick it up and I quickly tie it to myself and to an arrow. I grab my bow and shoot the arrow upwards.




Riiight. I'm too heavy to even be pulled up by this rope. I need to think of another way, fast.


 But it was too late.