(POV: Zoe)


The sun is slowly going down. Jamie's hunting for food, while I'm setting traps and making weapons. I start walking around the place, finding a good spot to set some traps, suddenly; I see a giant hole nearby. I approach the hole and look down. Holy shit. Who sets such a giant trap like this? I wonder. It would be too obvious, unless someone really dumb didn't see that thing coming. And how the fuck did that person have time to make such giant trap in a span of a few hours? I ponder. I walk slightly closer to the giant hole and crouch down. It's too deep down and it's already too dark for me to see anything. If only I had a flashlight, or maybe I could make a torch. As I was going to stand up, I hear someone scream.




I jump back, startled by the scream. Some dumbass actually fell for that trap. Holy crap, that's just fucking hilarious. I laugh loudly. After a while, I finally stop.


"WHO'S THERE? CAN YOU HELP ME?" The voice shouts.


I finally realize who was trapped down there.


It was Patricia.


I started laughing loudly again. My stomach started to ache and tears were falling from my eyes, I haven't laughed like this since grade six.




"YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU." Patricia replies, annoyed as hell.


"Oh, you did NOT say that." I say to Patricia.


"Oh, but I just did." Patricia replies.


I was as pissed as hell, I don't know why though. I'm not the person who gets pissed easily, but why the hell am I so annoyed? I take my gun out and I aim down at the hole. I couldn't see anything, but I have a lot of bullets.


"Sayonara, bitch." I say and pull the trigger.



(POV: Maxine)


August 3, 2020

8:00 PM


"I guess we could call it a day." Nathan says.


"Yeah, but too bad we didn't bump into anyone." I reply.


"Well, at least we're still alive." Nathan says.


"Well, yeah." I reply.


We had all the things we needed, weapons, shelter and food. All that was left was to win. I thought of it as impossible though. Arissa and Angeliz are teammates, that's fucking doom. We'd never defeat them, unless we're lucky. Blake could have a chance though, maybe Jamie and Zoe could kill them too. I get tired of thinking and slowly fall asleep.


(POV: Nathan)


Max fell asleep on my lap, great. Now I can't move. My lower body felt numb because of her. I was quite disappointed today because we didn't get to kill nor bump into anyone today. Oh well, at least we had everything we needed nearby. I held on to my mace, just in case anyone finds this place. I don't think I can afford to sleep again because of last time.


"PARKER, Z. A. HAS BEEN GIVEN THE HONOR SIGN." The announcer announces.

Well shit. There's no announcement about her killing anyone, and yet she got the honor sign. I wonder why.


(POV: Angeliz)


"Awesome, did you hear that? Zoe got honor, but there wasn't any announcement that she's killed anyone. That's legend." I say.


"Yeah, I heard it. I guess we should be more cautious. For all we know she could have constructed a working gun to get that honor." Arissa replies.


"Oh yeah, I remember now. You got honor for your weapon as well." I say.


"Not really. My weapons were nothing special, just the way I used them in battle." Arissa replies.


"Well, there's that. But who knows what Zoe did to get that." I say.


"Well, I'm tired. I'll sleep, you guard." Arissa says.


"Why me? Dammit." I say. But it was too late; she wasn't able to hear me anymore because she'd already fallen asleep. Oh well.


(POV: Blake)


August 4, 2020

7:30 AM


I stayed up all night. No sign of anyone throughout the night, that's good. Bianca was still sleeping in my arms. My original plan was to jump through trees to avoid being spotted, but Bianca doesn't know how to get up or down trees. I guess I could carry her, like what I'm doing now. From below, I spotted some movement from the bushes. I slowly stand up while carrying Bianca in my arms and move slowly and carefully to the higher branch of the tree. I tried to get a closer look on what was making the bushes shake; suddenly Jamie comes out of the bush holding a… Wait, is that a wooden stick? How the heck will she fight with just that? She must be one courageous girl to use a simple stick as her weapon.


"Blake, can you put me down?" Bianca says.


She's finally awake.


"Can't, you might fall. We're on the highest branch of this tree." I reply.


"I won't." She replies.


After a while, I eventually agree and I gently put her down on the branch. Unlike me, she couldn't stand on a branch without outbalancing, so she just stayed seated on the branch. She takes her bows and arrows and starts aiming at Jamie. I take my weapon and jump to another nearby branch below. Bianca shoots the arrow and it hits Jamie's knee. Jamie falls down.


"Got her." Bianca says and smirks.


(POV: Jamie)


I can't get up because of the arrow that shot me. Zoe arrives and helps remove the arrow on my knee.


"You took an arrow to the knee. Literally."  Zoe says and laughs.


"What?" I ask.


"It's an old joke, only Angeliz would get it." Zoe replies.


"Just help me!" I shout at her.


"What the hell do you think I'm doing?" Zoe replies.


After a short while, I finally remove the arrow that was stuck to my knee. I get up and run towards where it came from. I looked up and saw who shot me.


It was Bianca.


Oh that nigger better be scared all right, because Jamie's coming to kill her.


(POV: Zoe)


Jamie was running towards a tree, not minding the fake blood spitting out of her knee. What was she trying to do? I wonder. I looked up and see what she was running toward. Bianca you fucking idiot, Jamie's going to kill you! Bianca shoots another arrow at Jamie, but misses. She immediately shoots another arrow and it hits Jamie's shoulder. Jamie continues to run as if it were nothing. I run closer, pull out my handgun and I shoot at Bianca.


(POV: Bianca)


Shit, shit, shit. That was so close. I'm lucky Zoe is shit with long range weapons. But, Jamie's climbing this tree and it won't be long till she gets me. I'm going to die. D-I-E. I do NOT want to die early here. Blake suddenly jumps toward the branch I was on. Why isn't he afraid to fall? How the hell does he do that? I wondered. He grabs me and jumps towards another branch.


"We're screwed. There are two psycho maniacs chasing us." I say.


"Not yet. Ride on my back." Blake says.


"What?" I say.


"Just go." Blake replies.


I get on his back and he starts swinging through vines like Tarzan. He's pretty quick at this, there's no way Jamie would catch up. We finally get down on the ground. I get off him, and he runs back to where Jamie and Zoe were.


"What are you doing?" I shout.


"Just stay there, I'll be back." Blake shouts without looking back.


I chase after him, there's no way I'll let him get hurt.


(POV: Zoe)


I spot Blake running from a distance, I move closer and shoot him. The bullet hits him on his shoulder. That pushes him back a little, but he didn't seem to give a damn. Blood starts dripping down his shoulder, but he ignores it. He turns around and he sees me. He runs toward me, while holding a spear on his left hand. I try to shoot him again, but it misses. He punches my face with his right hand. I fall to the ground and my gun slips out of my hand's grip.


"BLAKE!" Bianca shouts.


"What the fuck are you doing here? I told you to stay there." Blake says.


They started arguing. This is my chance. I stand up and lunge at him. Both of us fall to the ground. I sit up, go near him and then I pin him to the ground. Then, I grab his spear. As I was about to stab his chest, Bianca kicks my head. I fall down to the ground. I didn't feel the pain, but I slowly felt dizzy and weak. My nose started to bleed. That was a pretty strong kick. Blake gets up and tries to kick my stomach. I block it with his spear that I stole from him earlier. He didn't seem to care about hitting a girl. How merciless. He tries to pull the spear out of my hand. I let go of his spear and he falls down. I get up and Bianca tries to tackle me, but misses. I'm outnumbered, but I have to think of a way. I punch Bianca's stomach with all my might. I didn't want to do that to my sister, but I had to. She falls down to the ground, gasping for air. Unlike Blake and I, she can't tolerate hits so well even with the armor. I'm used to getting beat up in the past because everyone would try to pick on Bianca, but I'd stand up for her and protect her. Then they'd beat me up instead. I kind of regret punching her, but this is just a game anyway. Blake kicks me in the stomach. His kick had so much power that blood came out of my mouth. I felt nauseous, my legs were shaking. I didn't feel the pain of his hits, but I felt as sick as hell. Could it be that his kick's strength was so strong that it overpowered the armor, or is this game is just so realistic? My vision became fuzzy. I saw something that looked like some sort of stick. From the shape of it, my best guess is that Blake's going to stab me with his spear. Suddenly, I felt something poke my stomach. Then, all I could see was the color red.


Well, shit.