"Blake, just put your face really close to hers, and the rest of you, say 'Welcome back!' on my signal." Angeliz says.


(POV: Bianca)


The tutorial finally ends. I slowly removed the helmet and open my eyes. I see Blake. His face was so close to mine. I could feel his breath; I could see every detail of his face. He smiles at me and he doesn't move his face away. I immediately turn red and I end up staring at him. Suddenly, I hear people shouting, "Welcome back!" I quickly move my body up because of the shock, but I completely forget that Blake's face was above mine. His lips touch mine by accident. I was slightly paralyzed. I don't know why, but I wasn't moving away yet. Am I enjoying this? But, I don't think I should. His lips are so soft and warm, but this is an embarrassing situation now. I finally move my head away as quickly as possible. I could tell that both our faces were red. He was staring at me intently. I roll to the other side of the bed and sit up straight.


"Mission Accomplished!" Angeliz shouts gleefully. 


Arissa slaps Angeliz's face.


"OW, OW, OUCH!' Angeliz shouts.


"WHAT THE HELL!? I think you went overboard this time." Arissa says in an angry tone.


"It's my fault anyway, I agreed to it." Blake says, with his face red.


He WHAT!? I couldn't believe it. Did he really want to….?


"Yeah, but we weren't expecting THAT to happen." Maxine says and giggles.


"Well, you should have thought this through first before agreeing to it." Angeliz says and smiles.


"Well played." Nathan replies and grins.


"Well, let's try to go back to the mansion, the games start tomorrow. You all should get some rest." Jason says while walking towards us with Mij, Pat, Zoe and Jamie following him.


"What happened here?" Mij asks.


"BLAKE AND-" Angeliz pulls Maxine's hair and covers her mouth to stop her from speaking.


"SHHHH" Angeliz says to Maxine.


"I pranked Bianca here with the help of Max, Blake, Arissa, and Nathan." Angeliz says.


That was close. A bit TOO close. I guess I'm going to have to thank Angeliz later, and then slap her face.


(No POV)


"Well, how can we get back to the mansion?" Blake asks.


"Easy. You and Arissa will be bait, which will lure everyone. Then the rest of us go back and both of you guys can run." Angeliz says.


"That's a stupid idea." Arissa says.


"What else would work?" Maxine asks.


"I have an idea. We could play that song all over Capitol, and then we'd give them fake directions to where he is. Then we'll all make a run for it." Nathan says.


"That's fucking genius." Angeliz says.


"Ugh. Fine." Arissa says.


"Alright, should I start playing the music?" Jason asks.


"Yep. All you guys should be ready to run like chickens." Angeliz says and laughs.


(POV: Mij)


I didn't like the idea of running like chickens. The main problem is, I really look like chicken when I run. But, I’m nigger, which makes me look like FRIED chicken. Oh well.


"IKUZO!" Angeliz shouts.


"What?" Bianca says.


"THAT MEANS GO, NOW GO!" Angeliz says and pushes her.


I laughed out loud. That was hilarious, when Angeliz says run like chickens, she meant it. Look at Bianca go! She's faster than what I had expected. Everyone else except Angeliz ran as fast as they could. Blake and Jamie are extremely fast runners compared to everyone else. Zoe, Nathan and I were behind everyone. After a while, we finally arrived in the mansion. We were as tired as fuck. Jamie surprisingly didn't look tired at all. Blake walks out of the room and comes back with drinks for all of us. We all sit down on the couches and start talking.


"Where's Angeliz?" Patricia asks.


"She'll be here soon enough." Maxine replies.


"Ohaider everyone." Angeliz says.


"How the fuck did you get here so quickly?" Zoe asks with a priceless face. I better take a picture of her face while it lasts.


"Magic. But, anyway, ya'll should go to your rooms and rest. The hunger games last for about three days, you know." Angeliz says.


"Alright then, see you tomorrow. And for sure I'll definitely beat you this time." Blake says.


"What? With that stupid spear of yours? I think not!" Angeliz shouts.


"A spear? Wouldn't that be difficult to use?" I ask.


"Well, compared to other weapons, I think it's the most efficient. It can do long-range, medium range, and short-range attacks." Blake replies.


"That would inflict minimal damage though." Zoe says.


"Yeah, depending on your strength." Blake says.


"But, I am still stronger than you, nubcake. Especially with a sledgehammer." Angeliz says confidently.


"So, what weapons do you guys plan to use? I might just use a giant sword and a giant shield." I ask.


"I'll use a dagger." Patricia says.


"A javelin, it's perfect for killing Patricia!" Jamie says joyfully.


"I'm going to make my weapon, bitches." Zoe says.


"Oh yeah, you own a weapon company." Angeliz says.


I felt so screwed once I heard that. I don't even think I could survive with Patricia.


"I'm going to use bows and arrows." Bianca says.


"Oooohhhh, KATNISS STYLE!" Jamie says and laughs.


"Well, that's cause she can aim, unlike Zoe." Angeliz says.


"I do admit I am shit at aiming." Zoe says.


"I'm going to use a mace."  Nathan says.


"I guess I'll use any weapon." Maxine says.


"How about you, Arissa?" Zoe asks.


"Hers is confidential, just be shocked when the games come." Angeliz says and grins.


"Oh yeah, the weapon that killed me." Blake says.


"That was by accident. You were in the way." Arissa says.


"Oh yeah, I remember that. I didn't have a teammate that time. But I still won, bitches." Angeliz says.

"That's because Arissa tripped." Max says and laughs.


Tripped? That's not like Arissa. I never knew she could be such a klutz.


"Well, I'll go now. I really need to get a shirt." Blake says.


"I totally forgot that you were shirtless. I was too focused on the games tomorrow." I say.

Blake stands up and walks away.


"I never expected him to be so muscular." I say.


"Fat is stronger!" Angeliz shouts jokingly.


(POV: Patricia)








Here they go again, running around, chasing each other. I'm just glad I'm not the main target anymore, I hate that. I also honestly hate Angeliz's puns and jokes. Just because I'm a blond doesn't mean I'm stupid, and just because I have a crush on some guy makes me some fool. Angeliz is funny, but when she insults me I hate it. I don't know why, but she always says to me, "Sheesh, learn how to take a joke. I mean, look at me, everyone insults me, I insult myself. Do you think I care?" Freaking hell she's annoying.




"I AM NOT!" I shout.


"You should really stop denying it." Maxine says and smiles.


"Well, I'm tired. See you all tomorrow." Angeliz says and stands up.


"I'll come with you." Arissa says and stands up.


They both walk back to their room. Jamie falls to the ground in front of Bianca, looking sleepy and tired.


"I'm tired of running. I'll sleep, see you." Jamie says, gets up and crawls away.


"HEY!" Bianca shouts. Zoe puts her hand on her shoulder.


"Not worth it, you look tired too. Maybe we should all get some rest." Zoe says.


"Fine." Bianca replies.


Everyone starts going back to their rooms. When Mij and I arrive, she starts talking.


"Promise me you won't fail too much tomorrow. I don't want to be alone there." Mij says.


"Just, shut the hell up. I am NOT a failure." I reply.


"My fail-O-meter says otherwise. Anyway, good night." Mij says while walking towards the bed. When she arrives, she lies down and immediately falls asleep.




I will prove everyone wrong tomorrow, they'll see.