(POV: Maxine)


I felt something poking my face. I slowly open my eyes, it was Nathan, as I had expected. He smirks and says, "You look great, dress up we're being called already." He says. I have a feeling that he's messing with me now, that smirk looked suspicious. I look at myself in the mirror. "NATHAN YOU ASS!" I shout.


 "You look great, right?" Nathan says and chuckles.


There are permanent marker drawings all over my face! He drew on my face while I was asleep. What the hell.


I washed my face, took a shower and dressed up. Nathan was patiently waiting, fiddling on his phone. When I finally finish, we both get out of the room and walk downstairs. Nathan could have just woken me up properly. Ugh. Angeliz, Arissa, Zoe and Jamie were already there, chatting to each other. I waved at them and Angeliz immediately spots me and Nathan. She signals us to come over. "Hello there. Let's wait for the others, and then we'll go to the training center so you guys can learn how to do the basics." I nod and Zoe offers me a seat right beside hers. "Hey Max." Zoe says with a smile. I greet her back. After a few moments, Zoe elbows me. "Ow!" I yell. "Its Pat and Mij. Take Pat's bag and I'll distract her." I nod agreement. This again, I thought. I look at Angeliz, she obviously heard Zoe's plan from her nostalgic look. She spots me looking at her and says, "I miss doing things like that. Go get her; I'd love to see the annoying look on her face again. Oh, and when you do get her bag, throw it to me." I nod and smirk at Angeliz. I stand up and casually walk to Patricia. Zoe follows from behind. Pat waves and I wave back. I stood right in front of her. I was chatting with her a bit, until I got bored of hearing her speak. I take her bag and  I throw it to Angeliz. As expected, she caught it and Patricia shouts, "MAAAAAXXXX, ANGGGEELLLLIIIIIZZZZZZZZ!!" In an angry tone. Angeliz laughs out loud, gets up from her seat and says, "Let's play monkey in the middle, Pat's the monkey!" Jamie stands up from her seat and shouts, "Pass it to me, fat woman!"


"You guys..." Arissa says in her seat and smiles.


"What the heck..." Nathan mumbles.


"Come on Carter, what are you waiting for?!" Zoe shouts.


"AHAHAHA, POOR PATRICIA!" Mij says in laughter.


Ah, these things never get old. I wish that this kind of fun would never end.


(POV: Bianca)


Blake and I were walking downstairs to meet up with the others. When we finally arrived I could see Jamie from afar throwing a bag towards Maxine, and Patricia trying to get the bag back. I never expected them to do that again, especially at our age. I smiled as I watched them play around with the bag. I guess that it was Patricia's though, because she looked like she wanted it back desperately. Arissa was laughing at them, Nathan seemed like he didn't know what the hell was going on, and the rest were playing with Pat's bag. "What the.." Blake says upon seeing them and stops to just stare at them. I stop walking and I end up dozing off for a while. Suddenly, I hear rushing footsteps. Then, Jamie shouts, "BIANCA!"


 SHIT. There wasn't any time to move away or run. Jamie launched herself at me. I don't know if she was trying to hug me or tackle me. Her weight and force overpowered mine. I fall to the ground with Jamie. This was embarrassing; Blake was just staring at us. Jamie slowly gets up and she didn't bother helping me up. Instead, Blake offers me his hand to help me get up. I take his hand and stand up. His hand was amazingly warm compared to mine. I get pissed off at Jamie, but she just smiles. "Nice hit, Jamie." Maxine says and laughs. Angeliz notices us and says, "You both are finally here, let's go!" She throws the bag to Patricia, and it hits her straight in the face. She falls to the ground and Mij laughs out loud. Angeliz walks to the exit of the mansion and we all follow her.


(POV: Zoe)


The place looks great; it's supposed to look like those small towns in VRMMO games, and it’s working. It looks fucking beautiful. It looks like it was drawn by twinsie. I didn't want to go with what my head thought, now that I see this wonderful place. Why do I have to be involved with such crap? I ponder. We were walking around the whole town just to get to the training center. This place is a mix of technology and the past. Awesome.


(AN: VRMMO is the uninvented game genre of the future. Stands for Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online. In some anime like Sword Art Online and Accel World, they're used for the main story revolving around these types of games.)


(POV: Blake)


Every guy that passed by greeted Arissa, she looked very annoyed because of it. I'm just hoping that they don't recognize me anymore. In this place, Arissa, Angeliz and I are famous. Angeliz's famous for being so good at using the sledgehammer during the games, Arissa is obviously famous for being the prettiest girl they've ever seen, and I, I am famous for-


"Is that him?" My thoughts were interrupted; someone was talking behind me, it sounds like a girl.


"Is it?"


"I think it is, I mean the beautiful girl is right in front of him, and the one who's good with the

sledgehammer is nearby."


I get annoyed of their chatter and I stop walking.


"You okay?" Bianca asks.


"Yeah, go ahead of me." I say.


She nods and walks ahead. I turn back to see the chattering girls. This wasn't the smartest idea. I should have just ignored them. I look at them, a bit pissed.


 "IT IS HIM!" One of them screams and turns red.


Arissa and Angeliz immediately take notice; I could hear their footsteps come closer. I turn around to see them. "The fuck are you doing?" Angeliz asks. "You don't want every girl here to notice, right? Are you stupid?"




"Shit." Arissa mumbles.


"We should go, before-" Angeliz got interrupted.


"THE GUY, HE'S MR. MUSIC!" One of the girls shout.


"Well you guys are screwed." Angeliz says and laughs. Shit. Now everyone will know.


"Arissa, come with me." Angeliz says. Arissa agrees and comes with her. "Mr. Music?" the twins say in unison.


"It’s nothing" I say.


"HE'S SO CHARMING!' The other girl says and faints. This isn't good. Suddenly, I hear music booming from a radio.


"Hey Mr. Music~"


"Blake, you should run before every other girl comes here screaming." Angeliz says. Arissa guides the others to the training center. I was going to follow, but a load of girls start to surround me.



(POV: Bianca)


We all arrive at the training center. Angeliz and Jason were both uncontrollably laughing. "Man he's screwed!" Jason says.


 "Yeah."Angeliz replies.


"My life is saved." Arissa says.


"Yeah, you were almost surrounded by guys. But I hear that they say that you're the prettiest girl they've seen, prettier than the supermodels that come over here." Angeliz says.


"Who's prettiest now?" Maxine says and laughs.


"Well, I guess I should help Blake." Angeliz says as she walks toward the door.


"What's going on?" I ask.


"Blake's famous around here because he had an incident here in the past here that got him that title. All you should know is that the women drool over him and all the guys gang up on him and call him a lucky bastard." Jason says.


I will kill all those girls. They will die, Blake is mine and mine alone.


Angeliz turns the doorknob. Suddenly, the door bursts open and Blake runs inside. He was shirtless, what the hell happened? I felt warmth throughout my body. I must be as red as a tomato now.


"HEY MR. MUUUSSICCC!" Maxine shouts and laughs.


"Stop it." Blake says, pissed.


"I think you should be scared of a woman apocalypse." Jason says and laughs.


"You should really put on a shirt." Arissa says.


How can Arissa say that so normally without having a care in the world? They must be really close friends.


"They ripped it off me. Jason, Nathan do you guys have an extra shirt?' Blake asks.


"Nope." They reply.


Ugh. What sluts. The thought of a million girls ripping off his shirt was just disgusting.


"It's too dangerous to go out because there are a ton of girls and guys. I'm afraid that we can't get you a shirt." Jason says.


"What if I scare them?" Angeliz says.


"Do you want to put me out of business?" Jason says.


"Okay then, just teach them." Angeliz says.


"Okay. To the ones who don't know how to play yet, come with me." Jason says.


We follow him while Angeliz, Max, Arissa, Nathan and Blake stay there.


When we got there, he gives us a helmet. He tells us to put it on and lie down on the bed. I lie down and put the helmet on. Suddenly, I felt lightheaded and I start drifting off to another world.


 "Hey there. Open your eyes." Someone says.


I slowly open my eyes, the man looked like Nathan, but darker.  "It may be a bit hard to move here because you're new to the full-dive technology, but you'll soon get used to it. I'll be teaching you the basics, like how to use weapons, how to survive, about the edible food and the dangerous traps in the arena."


(POV: Arissa)


We were waiting, sitting down on the seats. Blake was lying down on the ground.


"I really hate this." Blake says.


"It's your own fault." I say and laugh.


"Is it wrong to sing and play instruments as you please?" Blake asks.


"No, but still." I say.


"But don't you think Bianca's as jealous as hell because of what the girls did?" I say.


"I suppose. I guess I can make it up to her." He replies.


"You know, I kinda miss Arissa x Blake, but Bianca x Blake isn't bad." Angeliz says. I deliver a slap to her cheek. There was a red slap mark on her face, that's got to hurt, but Angeliz didn't seem to care.


"Lalala~ Youuuuu~…"


Blake starts singing. I thought he'd never sing again because of what happened last time.


"Oh cool, why are there instruments in the middle of the town?" Blake asks.


"People can freely use them if they want to; just something they can play with if they get bored." Jason replies.


"Can I use them?"


"Go on."


Blake takes a guitar and starts strumming. After a while, he starts singing. People start to gather around to hear him sing and play the guitar.


"As I spin, as I spin, not giving in..."


After a while, he stood up and starts using the piano and he sings at the same time.


 "I can change, I can change, here's the chance but I don't know…"


Soon, some people sing a different song, overpowering his voice.


"Hey Mr. Music, please hold me tight."

"Hey Mr. Music..."


Blake knew the song as well, so he started to sing with them. Everyone loved his voice and how well he could play instruments. Girls were screaming, girls were fainting. Blake was just enjoying himself. When he stopped, everyone tried to convince him to keep playing, but he didn't want to. So, they all chased him down.






"Mr. Music?!"


"Hey, Arissa zoned out."


"What should we do?"


"Mess with her?"


"Not unless you want to be slapped."


Blake waves his hand in front of my face. I finally get back to myself. I zoned out, thinking of the incident that happened to Blake. He smiles and says, "What the hell is going on in your head?"


"I was just thinking of the incident." I reply.


"Okay. There's nothing to do again, they're all taking so long in there. I'd love to sing, but you know." Blake says.


"Didn't you sing just a while ago?" I ask.


"What are you talking about? I was just lying down on the ground the whole time. You must be imagining things." He replies.


"Really? I must've completely zoned out." I say.


"Yeah, you did. Anyway, I'm so bored." Maxine says.


"Here, I'll start. ROLLLINGGG GIRRRLLLLLL~" Angeliz says.


"Your voice is terrible." Nathan says.


"I know. Anyway, Arissa, I'm pretty sure you know the song, continue it, though you can't speak Japanese, try singing it in English." Angeliz says.


"Wouldn't that sound terrible?" Maxine asks.


"Sometimes, yeah. I've sung a Japanese song in English." Blake says.


"This really isn't entertaining." Arissa says.


"How about we mess with their unconscious bodies?" Nathan says.


"Like drawing on their face? Like what you did to me?" Maxine says angrily.


"Sorry." Nathan replies.


"Let's not do that." Blake says.


"I have an idea!" Angeliz says and puts on an evil grin.


"What is it? I'd love to hear a troll plan from you again." Maxine says and beams at her.


"So, we'll surround Bianca, we'll stare at her. And when she wakes up, shout, "WELCOME BACK!" Be ready to catch her because she might fall because of the shock. Blake stays by the headboard of the bed so that his face would look down directly at Bianca, she'd be even more surprised." Angeliz says.

"I don't really want to pull a prank on her, to be honest." Blake says.


"Oh come on, it's alright." Nathan says and Maxine elbows him. Blake eventually agrees and everyone starts to follow Angeliz's plan and the rest of her commands.