"So, explain everything." Jason says.


"Alright, so Arissa owns a company, right? It explains why she's always busy. So she ends up not having enough time with him, but he was always patient, and he'd say, it's okay or something like that. Arissa loved him, but he didn't want him to be lonely all the time, so..."


(POV: Arissa)


"You have work even on the holidays? That's tough. Need help?" He asks.


"I'm alright. I can do this." I tell him.


"Do your best." He says and smiles.


This has become my daily routine, he'd always say that. Even when I text. He doesn't insist on helping me if I say that I don't need his help because he really believes in me. He doesn't seem to get tired of it. But, why doesn't he? He's so different from the other guys. But, I don't want him to suffer being alone all the time, waiting for nothing. He says that just seeing me would make his day, but now we don't see each other often, mostly on skype. Shouldn't people in relationships be together? I can't handle seeing him, the pain he's going through. I drive to his house one morning, the first time I get some slack in months. I get out of the car and walk towards the door. Before I could even knock, he already opened the door. He smiles at me.


"Hey." He says.


"Hey." I reply.


"Day off?"


"Yeah. Anyway, I have to tell you something."


"Go on." He says and smiles.


I didn't want to shatter his good mood. I didn't want his smile to fade. But, here goes...


"Let's break up."


"What? Are you joking?" He says and beams at me.


"I'm serious. Look, this isn't going to work out. I'm busy, and-" He interrupts me.


"Don't have time? We can make away, we can-" I interrupt him.


"Let me finish. I know we can make things work, but I'm afraid it isn't. After today, I'm going to Italy for five months because of work. Look, you're a really nice and cool guy, I love you, I really do, but this won't work out. People in relationships should be together, but we're doing the opposite.-" He interrupts me again.


"If that's what you want, I'll be with you, alway-" I interrupt him once more.


"You'll get hurt even more if I don't break up with you now. I love you and I don't want you to be hurt. I know that there's a girl out there who deserves your love more than I do. And she'll be one lucky girl. Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for sharing your love. I'll always remember it. But, I don't want to leave you completely. I'll always be on your side as a friend."


He put on a forced smile. "So this is friendzone, it hurts. But I'll also always be on your side, and I know that every guy in the world would want a girl like you. You're amazing in so much ways. If any guy dares to make you cry, he'll be facing me. Thank you as well for your love. Good luck and promise me that you'll do your best. Always."


Tears started to fall. He embraces me and says, "It's okay to cry. I'm here."


"WHA!?" I sat up straight. Why is my mind remembering that?


(POV: Blake)


After that, she left, smiling. I go back inside the house and slam the door shut and I throw the flower vase at the wall.


"What the hell!?" Angeliz shouts.


"I'm sorry." I reply.


"What happened to you? Did she...?"


"Yeah." I said while trying to smile.


"It's alright. She told me about this before, she was unsure whether to do it or not, but it was for the best."


"YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED HER!" I shout while delivering a punch to her face. She bends down in pain for a moment. She becomes furious and kicks my stomach. I fall to the ground.


"AS IF IT WOULD BE ANY BETTER IF I FORCED HER TO LOVE YOU." Angeliz says, ready to kick me again.


"STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU!' Nikki shouts.


Tears stream down from my eyes. Angeliz apologizes and Nikki helps me sit down. I was furious, joyous and depressed. I couldn't stop crying, I tried to stop myself, but couldn't. Nikki pats my back.


"It's okay to cry even if you're a guy. It just proves you're human and that sometimes life doesn't always work out." Angeliz says.


"What the!?" I sat up straight, shocked. Why the hell did I remember that just now?


"Blake, are you okay, what happened!?" Bianca says in a concerned tone, while tugging on my shirt.

I look, smile at her and say, "It's nothing really, just a dream."


"Oh, I thought something happened to you, thank goodness." Bianca says. Her head leaned against my shoulder and her arms were wrapped around mine. I stared at her, until she realized what she had unconsciously done. She immediately turns red and moves away. I smile at her and move closer.


(No POV)


"That would have been amazing for a movie." Jason says.


"I know, but its cliché." Angeliz replies.


"Anyway, thanks for telling me. I won't spread a thing." Jason says.


"Okay then, I guess we should wake everyone up. It's 2:30." Angeliz says.