July 5, 2020


A beautiful dark and starry night, perfect for going out, eating dinner, watching the stars, and a lot more. This night is perfect. Especially for the girl named Nikki Abarquez. For her, this is the night, the night that would change her life forever. She stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself and smiling, thinking to herself; "This is the night, the night of my life!" "Are you freaking done staring at yourself? You know I still have things to do after this." That was the voice of one of her best friends, Angeliz Reyes. She's mean to Nikki at times, but she's fully aware that she's just joking around. Nikki turned around and gave Angeliz a smile. Angeliz smiles back and says, "You know what, you look terrible and drunk. I don't think I can drive you to your date, I mean, would Marc want to see such ugly creature?" "Hey!" Nikki shouts. "Ugh, you know what, let's just go, you'll be late." Angeliz says in an impatient tone. Nikki agrees with her and they both walked going out of Nikki's house to Angeliz's car. They both got in the car and drove off to one of the most expensive restaurant in the world called, "Treasure Chest." It sounds like a great place to spend the night. Nikki felt, happy, excited, impatient, mad, basically a mix of everything. She couldn't focus; she was just too excited about tonight.


After a while, they finally arrived at their destination, Treasure Chest. It was huge, in width and height; it looks like it's been made of solid gold. The area was well secured; guards were walking around and patrolling around the place. Angeliz parks her car and goes out to open the door for Nikki. Nikki steps out of the car and turns to look at Angeliz. Angeliz waves farewell and Nikki smiles and waves back at her. She enters the restaurant and her eyes start searching for Marc. He wasn't there. Nikki's heart skipped a beat. "Where could he be at a time like this?" She wondered. Suddenly, she felt something warm touch her shoulders. She could already guess who it is, it was Marc. The guy she loved for years and more years to come. He was tall, had blond hair and ocean blue eyes. For Nikki, he was simply perfection. Marc whispers in Nikki's ear saying "Follow me." She nods in agreement, and he started leading the way. They went into an elevator, Marc pushed the buttons and the elevator went *Ding!* and they arrived at the top floor. The room was giant. There were only about five couples in the room, sitting down and enjoying the night. The walls of the room had shimmering pearls embedded on them. Marc walked out of the elevator and walked toward an empty table, Nikki follows him toward the table. From her face, it was obvious that she's amazed at what she's seeing now. She sits down and Marc tells her to wait for a while, while he was getting some champagne.


*BANG!* A loud gunshot noise fills the room, and the sound of shattering glass follows. The room was dark; it was obvious that People were screaming in terror running away. Nikki was also in shock, but she was worrying about Marc, wondering where he could be right now, or if he's still alive. From a distance Nikki could see a dim light, she follows it and she bumps into a person. The person steps back and aims a knife at her head. "I COME IN PEACE!!" Nikki shouts while taking a few steps back. The person answers back, "Well, I don't come in peace, bitch." Nikki runs away as fast as she could. Nikki could sense that the girl who she is running away from is chasing her. Nikki was running to anywhere she could get to, but to her disadvantage, the girl had some other teammates with her. Nikki started to lose breath, she couldn't run any longer, but she wanted to run, and find Marc, this night is supposed to be perfect for Nikki, but this had to happen.


Nikki had become tired of running, so she stopped, only to realize that she was being cornered by three masked girls, each holding a knife. All the girls had blue eyes; the first girl was short and had long, black flowing hair. The second was just right in size and she had short, black and straight hair. The last one was also alright in size, and had brunette hair. From afar, Nikki saw a man walking towards them. The man wore a mask, and he had blond hair. He raised his gun and aims it at my face. Nikki didn't want to die, not yet, not now. But if she were to die, she wouldn't want to die like this. Nikki finally decides on what she should do.


She jumps off the building.